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Thur 4th of June – Emotional Block Release and Energy Clearing Meditation

Transform your Life and activate your divine energy by an ancient method.

In order for us to manifest our dreams, if we carry negative energy, pain, negative emotional patterns, energetic blocks, we would not most likely manifest what we want. At this event, we will simply release whatever pain, frustration, anger, stress, energetic blocks you have within, and bring in more light and energy to attract and manifest what you want through gently guided meditation and more.

– Energy Clearing Guided Meditation
– Hypno coaching to release emotional blockages and to unlock the power within you.
– Group coaching for manifestation
– FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL block removal – if you haven’t received it yet.
FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL – Ascension Energy, 8th Dimensional energy transmission to shift you to further higher dimension.
– Divine Energy Activation Within you to create what you desire in life by an Ancient Proven Method and Sound

Time: June 4th, Thur 18:00 – 19:00
Covent Garden, 3 min walk. Exact location will be notified around June 1st all together.

Reservation and payment
– Please reserve from a paypal link below and pay in advance.


Please note
– Please wait on the ground floor level 2-3min before and I will come to pick you up.
– In order to attend this event, you need to pay in advance. No advance payment, no entry. (No entry would be available by door)
– It is non- refundable.
– If you are late more than 10 min, you cannot join the event. Please make sure you will come in time.

Tue 16th of June – Gemini New Moon Dream Manifestation & 8th Dimension Energy Transmission

Participants said
“Feeling so relaxed”

“I was totally cleansed”
“I had massive bright light coming in.”


At the beginning of April, 8th dimension gate has opened up in the UK as handful of human beings are ready to ride this wave, but majority of us are still attempting to ascend to the 4th and 5th dimensions. New shift is continuing and we can grow spiritually and consciously.

At this gathering, we will be focusing on clearing your energy and manifesting what you want by using different dimensional energies on this powerful New Moon day in the Gemini month.

Additionally, another main thing is the energy transmission from the 8th Dimension for you to release blocks and shift higher.

This workshop supports you to release your blocks within you which stop you to move on further. You will learn in a group coaching session how to move your energy and to manifest what you want in your life at a spirit level.

We offer a lot of energy work at one event to support your transformation in life, and hope you will join us and experience it to shift your energy and life. 

–  New Moon channelling message and guidance related to the new 8th dimensional gate and its shift.
– Energy Clearing meditation and Hypno coaching to release emotional blockages and to unlock the power within you.
– Group coaching for manifestation
– FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL block removal
– if you haven’t received it yet.
– Multi dimensional regression for your dream manifestation.
– Ascension Energy, 8th Dimensional energy transmission to shift you to further higher dimension.

3 min from Russell Square Station. Location will be notified once your payment is confirmed.

 Fee :
please pay from the Paypal link below.
– Early Bird Offer is available. Advance payment is required to attend this event. No advance payment, no entry.
– Fee will go up towards the event day.
– It is non-refundable.


– Please go through the reception, go downstairs and arrive in time and wait around the room at the basement till the door will open for you to enter.
– Without an advance reservation and payment, you cannot attend this event.
– Door will be closed at 18:10. After that you cannot enter the room not to disturb other participants and the clearing meditation time.


(Only 1 Slot available)10 Year’s Anniversary Special Offer – Core DNA Activaion, Healing, Reading, Massage and more


MBS 6bIMG-20150316-00832-smaller

Since I started offering Healing and Reading in Japan and London, it’s been 10 years this year 2015. As a 10 year’s Anniversary, I would like to offer you our popular Mystery School sessions at a special rate on Sat 6th of June.

Our clients has given us lots of comments on our sessions such as It is very powerful, they feel bright light, things shifted, relationship has been improved, pain on a thigh was gone, etc. Our clients are not only healers, psychic, massage therapists, but also corporate workers, expats, students, housewives, artist, musicians and more.

If you haven’t had a DNA Activation yet, this is the most recommended session as it opens up your true-essence, your gifts and power within you. If you are healer and psychic, it is even better to receive it as it would support you to become even more to open up your gifts.

Wise King of Israel, King Solomon said over 3000 years ago,
“Until you receive a DNA Activation, your power and gifts stay dormant”.

I received 22 DNA Activation back in 2006. At that time I worked in the finance professionally. Since then, my life has been totally shifted and Metaphysics, Esoteric and Healing world opened up as my divine path, so I have experienced really what King Solomon said. I started Healing back in 2005 but Life Discipline Study and Self-development practice over 20 years.

If you feel your life hasn’t been fully blossomed yet, or you are stuck, come and receive our session.

Utilizing this opportunity, you can experience and feel the energy from the Mystery School Lineage which has the origin from the Atlantis day, and the energy coming from the Higher Dimension which governs this dimension spiritually, for you to become happier with joy and fulfillment. (Please note we are not related to any religions, occults and secret society at all, and simply retain the connection and lineage with the Higher Dimension)

Slots are limited, as it is a one day offer. For further information, please have a look at below information.

Thank you and looking forward to meeting you.


You can choose one item from the below options and let me know which one you would like to have.
* All the sessions are special shorter 55 min session which includes a short counselling and feedback time.
1)  Core 26 DNA Activation and Short Healing Session
2)Emotional Block Release Healing & Manifestation Coaching
3)All Emotional Cords Cutting & Short Healing
4)Full Body Deep Tissue Oil Massage with a Holy Oil (Essential Oil) & Reiki Healing
5)Head, Neck Shoulder & Upper Back Acupressure Seated Chair Massage & Reiki Healing:It is on a normal chair
6)Tarot Card Reading
7)Psychic Reading or Channelling
8)  Coaching & Consultation
9)Multi Dimensional Hypno Work & Dream Manifestation Energy Work

Date & Time
Sat 6th of June
1) 10:00-10:55 (55 min)
2) 11:00-11:55 (55 min)

3)12:30 – 13:25 (55 min)
4)13:30 – 14:25 (55 min)
5)14:30 – 15:25 (55 min)

6)15:45‐16:40 (55 min)
7)16:45-17:40 (55 min)

* Session will be conducted and finished as scheduled. Please arrive in time and wait in the lobby at least 2-5 min before of your session time.
* Toilet facility is near the reception
* You may have to wait for extra 5 min or so depends on how previous sessions flow, but you will have 55 min session.
* I cannot pick up any phone calls and reply text messages during sessions. Please make sure and check how to come to the venue in prior your session.

5 min walk from Bond Street tube station. Once you complete your booking with payment, location and direction will be notified.

Fee & Payment
– only Paypal payment is accepted – £65 for new customers (50%off), and £90  for exisiting customers. 

– One person can book one slot.
– Once your session time is confirmed, please make a payment within 24hours by bank transfer. – Please make sure to add your full name as a reference when you make a payment.

Cancelation Policy
* Slot change request and cancelation fee within 72hours of your appointment is 50%, within 48 hour is 80% and within 24 hours is 100% charge.
* Please email us to notify it, not by phone call, nor text messages, till you receive our confirmation email on your cancelation email. .