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★Mar 4th Sat – “How Psychic and Healer Are You?“ Workshop

“How Psychic and Healer Are You? Workshop

Someone said you have a psychic sense?
Someone said to you, you are gifted to heal others?
Do you have a strong intuition?
Do you want to heal others?
Do you want to become connected with Angels and Masters?
Do you feel your life purpose is related to the spiritual world?
Do you wonder if you have talents in reading and healing?


Then, come and join us to experience the energy and spiritual realm.
You may be at your turning point in your life.

I personally had a turning point in life back in 2005, and attended a psychic and healing experimental workshop in Japan. I explored reading and healing with experienced teachers, and at the end of the day I was convinced I was gifted though I couldn’t believe psychic people did a reading for me as I was.

It changed my life and I pursued to get trained as a psychic and healer gradually shifting from my long working corporate life style.

If you feel you don’t really fit in the “normal and conventional” job and society, allow yourself to give it a try and experience the energy and how you actually feel through your own skin under the experienced psychic teacher.

No prior experience is required and you will have fun with other people.


  • What is a meditation
  • Clear your own energy through meditation
  • Importance of your own energy protection
  • Feel the difference before and after the protection
  • Feel the energy
  • What is a Healing
  • Feel someone else’s energy
  • What is a Tarot card reading, Psychic reading
  • Read others by one card tarot reading and experience it.
  • Psychic art – express the energy
  • What is a Higherself
  • Receive a message from Higherself

Time and Date – Sat 4th of March 11:00 – 13:20
Venue: Bond St (or Liverpool st). Location will be notified 2-3 days before by email

– Early Bird offer available from the Paypal link below.
– On the day, it will be 8 5 pounds by cash payment.

Booking: please book your seat via the Paypal payment from this website.
– Minimum attendance is 2, up to 6 people.


Cancelation policy
- Within 10 days, 60pounds, within 7 days 70 pounds, within 4 days 100% will be charged. When you cancel, please notify by email.

★Feb – Law of Attraction for Love, Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage, Spiritual Consultation, Reiki Seminar, Meditation and more


How have you been?

How is your new year resolution?
How is your career progressing?
How is your finance?
How is your love life?
How is your spiritual development?

During the last year, I saw the seeds to step further in various fields. Towards the end of the year 2016, things have been developed in an unexpected way. Information and opportunities were brought in from the good network and people I resonated well with trust and love.

I didn’t see much of the final outcome within last year yet, but from the early Jan, things started being finalized and many things which I was working on for 6 months to several years were completed in a well form smoothly.

What I would like to share here with you today is that opportunities and information, etc are brought in through good relationships with other people and you may need to inject your energies and efforts constantly with positive outlook and sincere attitude, so it is important for us to build a good relationship with other people. This means that we need to be understanding, honest, respectful and compassionate to others, and also be sincere and caring to other people’s feelings and thinkings  as well as yours.

This year has already started completely as a new cycle and a new energy as ‘1’, and I hear lots of people are experiencing massive changes or wishes coming true already, such as

– getting a job offer from the desired organization.
– finding an ideal partner and start dating or a relationship
– receiving a desired opportunity.
Therefore, at the beginning of the year, I would like to offer you in Feb below to support and expand your horizon,
– Law of Attraction seminar for finding love and partnership
– Spiritual Psychic Consultation for you to find out your career, money, love direction and more.
– Reiki seminar to improve health and emotional state for your self and others.
– Michael Initiation Seminar to become connected with the Michael office for your spiritual development
– Remote Reiki group session for you to receive Reiki healing anywhere you are
 and more.
Separately Deep Tissue Massage and Indian Head Massage are also available to have a better physical and mental state.
If you utilize our sessions when you needed, that would be great.
For further information, please find it below.
Please feel free to make a query or book.




0)Spiritual Psychic Consultation: Limited Special Offer
Do you need to find  a direction, solution or advice where you need to head to?
You can receive a psychic reading and consultation.
Time: between Tue  -Fri 10:00 -12:00  over the phone. (Other time slot may be available depends on a day)
– 3-5 days before advance booking is
30min at £35 by Bank transfer.
Within 48 hours booking, is 30 min at £40 including Paypal charge from below.


1)Feb 7th Tue  18:30 – 20:20 (80分)
- Law of Attraction to meet an ideal partner and build a good relationship. (@Bond St)
If you are still single and looking for a good loving partner, would you like to find one this year? There is a way to find a good partner but if you are not aware of your pattern, you may experiencing similar bad cycles. Get out of the cycle and start a new cycle with new energy and habits.

- What is blocking you to meet a good partner? Why is your relationship not lasting long? Why are you struggling to find one?
– Learn the Universal Law.
– Look at your psychology and subconscious mind.
– Understand what you really want.
– What is a key point to meet an ideal partner and build a good relationship – 3 key points.
– Mini Coaching session for you to meet a partner and build a good relationship (about 20 min)
- Love and Beauty Aphrodite Goodness Energy Transmission with love.

Fee: Early Bird offer available. £59( By door £80 by cash). Non-refundable unless we cancel the event.
*By bank transfer by Feb 3rd. After that only by Paypal payment at £69.

Application: By email

2) Feb 9th 10:00 – 10:30 – Reiki Remote Healing
If you have physical, emotional and mental dis-ease, you can receive this remote session wherever you are.

Fee: 30min at £35 by Bank transfer by Tue.
( By Paypal payment, please pay from the link below £40 including Paypal charge )

* Please let me know your email address, full name and the address where you will be at during the session.

3 )Feb 24th  / Feb 25th Reiki Seminar Level 1
You can choose a day either 24th or 25th to learn Reiki. Our Reiki is the Original Japanese Reiki so it is very powerful and authentic to be attuned with non-diluted Reiki energy and Authentic Lineage.

For further information please check the what’s on page.

4 )Feb 25th  & 26th Reiki Seminar Level 2
You can also become a Reiki Practitioner after the level 1 and heal yourself and others. Information is also found on the What’s on page too.

5 )Feb 26th Michael Initiation Seminar

You will learn how to protect you with the authentic Mystery School powerful ritual. Please note that this seminar is conducted only couple of times a year so don’t miss it if you are interested in.

Information is also found on the What’s on page too.

6) Feb 26th Sun – New Moon Meditation

Details will be posted on the website soon.

Please feel free to make a query and book your seat.

Have a good day.


2017 New Year Message & Jan Events


How are you?

I stayed in Shiga prefecture in Japan to see my relatives over the weekend when it was snowing massively. Even with 35 cm snow on the ground, it was a good time to catch up and spend time with them after long time.

How have you been so far?


2017’s January’s message

From the last year to this year, there was another energetic shift happened and new cycle has started. This cycle and energy will push you to find who you really are with your born gifts and purpose of life.

Many of you may feel to start something new, or try something new.

If you are feeling you want to do something but you feel like you cannot do, take your time and do clean up you house and toss away unnecessary old things.

–        Clean up your house thoroughly including kitchen, bathroom, toilet, bedroom, reception with a hoover and wiper.
–        Toss away your old clothes, old shoes and any other personal belongings you don’t use any more or you don’t feel comfortable any more.
–        Things and gifts you received but you don’t like them.
–        Tidy up your closet and drawers.

Your environment also has energy so if you clean it up, you will also have the positive influence by that.


After cleaning up, you can have something with images such as
– What kind of house do you live in or what kind of clothes you wear when you are happy and successful.
–        What kind of life style you have with what kind of things and energy around you.

This is an easy thing for you to make a change in your life whilst you can also have support from other people.

This year is important to balance yourself and then manifest who you really are in order to have a stability and consistency. Without a good balance, nothing can last long. Building the foundation and making a constant efforts may be boring but the solid foundation would help you build something solid.


I started sessions in Tokyo and ask a below question to each client when she/he comes in

“What is it if you don’t do, die and regret after your death?”

Some people have clear ideas and others have vague ideas. Some people take actions and others don’t take any actions. It depends on how serious it is, how urgent it is, what kind of resources they have, how capable they are, when is a good time, etc. but all of these are influencing each other as complicated causes, and can generate a flow.

If we aim to go one more step, then you are closer to your goal one more step.

From the next week, you can book sessions and events in London face to face.

We are still at the beginning of the new year, our events will be focusing on setting your goals and energy, and make a balance to reach your goal.

Our monthly meditation event will include more transformational ritual and energy work for you to make a change.

Further information is below.


Have a good day and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Love and Light



1)   Sat Jan 28th 12:00 – 13:20 : 2017 New Moon Meditation & “4 World ” Energy Balance Work @ Bond St

We are still at the beginning of the new year, so this event focuses on set the goal and energy for the new year with good balance. - Set the goal and energies for the new year.
- Clearing Meditation
- Make a balance and work on metaphysically by “4 World”

Fee: Early Bird 29 pounds (on the door 40 pounds)

Please book your seat and make a payment from the below link.
* Refund is not available unless we cancel the event.
* Address will be notified 3 days before.

2)     Sun 29th Jan 11:20-12:35 Healing Clinic (75min) @Bond St
– Emotional Release, Reiki & Crystal Healing Session

You can receive a healing session from our school accredited level 4 therapist and Reiki practitioner.

If you would like to receive a session, please book it by email.

Fee: Early Bird 25 pounds
(non-refundable unless we cancel the clinic)


3)New Year Psychic Life Consultation

What do you want to achieve this year?
How do you want to make a change?
What steps will you take to go closer to your goal?
How confident are you?

You will receive support through a psychic reading and consultation with a limited new near special offer by Skype of phone. (Face to face session is at the standard offer)

When you would like to have a session, please email 2-3 preferred time.

Period: Mon 23rd –Thu 26th, 30th-31st of Jan, between 10:00 – 13:-00.

Fee: 30 min at 30 pounds, 45 min at 45 pounds.

 Within UK: you can pay by bank transfer in advance.
–  Overseas: You can pay by Paypal with additional 4% Paypal charge.

Cancelation Policy
–        Within 48 hours cancelation and rescheduling request, please be aware that 100% cancelation fee will be applied. Please email us when you want to cancel or change.


★Happy New Year – 7 Lucky Gods’ Visit, Tokyo sessions, Spark of Life

Happy New Year!

Wishing you the blessed and happy year!

How was your New Year start?

What New Year resolutions have you made?

I’m still relaxing with my family, eating, sleeping and relaxing. My family and I visited the shrines for the New Year day, got together with relatives and cousins to celebrate the New Year and more. My uncles and unties are getting older so it will be a good memory to spend time with them.

So, here is the year 2017.

What kind of year do you want it to be?

What life do you want to get?

Next week, I will be visiting Tokyo and will visit the 7 Japanese Lucky Gods to pray for happiness, abundance and good health. If you would like to remove possible troubles and receive happiness and abundance, I will pray for you and you can see the details below.

Separately New Year remote sessions will be starting from Jan 16th such as Spark of Life or Quantum Block Release and psychic reading sessions, and face to face sessions will be from Jan 25th in London.


Wish you a good year’s start and have a good day!





1)   7 Japanese Gods’ Visit

Special focus is placed on these seven deities in the New Year. The gods arrive each 31 December on their treasure ship to dispense gifts of happiness and luck to believers.

During the first seven days of the year, whole families will visit temples and shrines to pay their respects to the 7 Japanese Lucky Gods, Shichifukujin. Many of these places are dedicated to just one of the gods, so people often make a tour of seven shrines to see them all, to ensure they benefit from all types of luck.

This pilgrimage tour (shichifukujin meguri) is not restricted to the New Year and usually takes place in the same neighbourhood. The tradition has been popular since the beginning of the Edo period (17th century).

Although people travel to Buddhist or Shinto altars, they aren’t necessarily religious. Most Japanese have a relatively casual attitude toward their religious affiliations,

For some people, visiting them epitomizes all the virtues of God, whereas for others take is casual.

  • Ebisu (or Ebisuten)

Ebisu is the patron of fishermen and favours them with a good catch. He also ensures safe journeys for all seafarers since he himself arrived into Japan from the sea. Ebisu is for prosperity in return for their hard work. Ebisu has a cheerful smile behind his neat beard and wears a pointed hunter’s cap (kazeori eboshi).


  • Daikoku (or Daikokuten)

Daikoku is another god who ensures prosperity and wealth in commerce and trade. He is also guardian for cooks and all kitchen workers. People who dream of financial riches tend to worship this god.


  •  Benten (or Benzaiten)

Benten is the goddess of luck, love, eloquence, education, the arts, science, and patron of students, artists, geishas, and entertainers in the eating-and-drinking business. Her virtues also include happiness, prosperity and longevity. She can protect us from natural disasters and gives wisdom to succeed in battle. Benten is the only female deity among the 7 gods. Often she sits or stands on a lotus leaf, and sometimes rides a white dragon, sea serpent or snake.


  •  Fukurokuju (or Fukurokujin)

Fukurokuju is renowned for performing miracles, particularly in the field of longevity and prosperity. Therefore he is the deity of wisdom, good luck, happiness, wealth, virility and longevity. Fukurokuju’s appearance is similar to Jurojin’s. He is a symbol of longevity.


  • Hotei (or Hotei osho)

Hotei, like Daikoku, is a god of abundance. He is also the god of laughter and the happiness you can achieve by being satisfied with what you have. He is the god of joy and satisfaction in trade. He is depicted as a laughing man with a huge belly symbolising his benevolent soul.


  • Jurojin

Jurojin is the god of wealth, wisdom and happiness for our long lives. He is sometimes flanked by a stag or deer (shika) as his messenger, a tortoise (kame) or a crane (tsuru), all of which symbolize longevity.

  • Bishamon (or Bishamonten)

Bishamon is a protector of the righteous and a symbol of authority. He is one of Buddhism’s ‘Four Guardians’ (shi-tenno) and carries a small ‘treasure tower’ or pagoda (tahoutou) in his left hand. Bishamon is the god of prosperity (symbolised by the ‘treasure tower’), the god of war and patron of warriors (symbolised by the defensive armour and offensive weapon). He brings good luck in both battle and defence. He uses his skill to protect them from evil and guard their treasure.


Time and Date: About 2h in the morning of Jan 14th, 2017.(London time midnight of 13th)

–        I will visit 7 Gods and pray for you to remove potential troubles and receive happiness and abundance for this year at each 7 shrine.
–        You can do anything anywhere, and don’t have to do anything.

–   Please book and pay from the link below.
–  Please email me your full name, address and birthday by deadline. 
– please note this is not refundable unless the event itself is cancelled.


Payment: £29

Deadline: Jan 12th 11:00. UK time.


2)   Tokyo and Osaka Sessions

–        If you have any of your family members, relatives or friends, they can receive private sessions and classes in Tokyo and Osaka. Details is below but in Japanese. For further information, they can contact me directly by email.

–        Tokyo’s available slots are now limited only to Jan 11th, 13th and 14th for couple of each.




3)   Remote session – Spark of Life

–        It is a good time as while you are relaxing at home, you can receive the remote session at night in the UK. This is to activate your DNAs on the Spirit side.

–        Available session time: 18:00 or 19:30 on Jan 16th or 17th UK time.

–        For further information please check the link below.


Spark of Life (Remote)



Have a good day!