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Special Limited Offer: 32 DNA Activation upgrade, Adam Kadmon 1 DNA Activation and King Salomon Healing’s Starseed Sound Healing


How are you?

It was such a lovely weekend with the Sunshine. I saw lots of flowers everywhere. Hope you had a good weekend.

I receive queries about DNA Activation upgrade and also this is the important period of time, so decided to offer you something special only as a limited period offer.
Usually, after 26 DNA Activation, 40 DNA Activation is recommended as it does not put to much pressure on the body when your are transforming, and also you can create the energy system to attract and manifest more abundance and fulfill your life.

Then, you can have 52 DNA Activation which is the Adam Kadmon Light Body 2 Activation. Since you are step by step graded up energetically, energetic transformation is smoother.

However, this time – for people who want to have a regular DNA Activation more than 28 DNA strands activation – and also want to transform their energetic body to become Adam Kadmon Light body. – you can skip 40 DNA Activation, and have this session

Here is the offer, and please have a look.. .

1) Special Limited Offer: 32 DNA Activation upgrade, Adam Kadmon 1 DNA Activation and King Salomon Healing’s Starseed Sound Healing.  

Pre-Requisite: 26/28 DNA Activation
What’s included
- Short psychic consultation
– Cap Removal for grade up
– Energy Balance
- 32DNA Activation
- 24 DNA Activation FOR Adam Kadmon Lightbody
– King Salmon Starseed Sound Healing (package deal to combine this, and more reasonable  offer)
- Holy water, Holy Oil Anointing
- Feedback, (and more if needed like aura healing within time)
Limited Offer till April 20th

Location: Covent Garden (PM, Thu night), Bond street and Liverpool st, Sat pm, Thu and Fri night.

– If you had 26/28 DNA activation, 80 min full session before:  240 pounds (1h 50 min)
– If you had only a core 26/28 short DNA activation, 300 pounds (2h 20min)
DNA Activator: by Kei Nishimura
* Cancellation: and reschedule: 60 pounds within 3 days of your appointment, 120 pounds within 48h and 100% within 24h. Please notify by email if any changes are required.
* If you had 26/28 DNA Activation, please allow one month.
* After you receive this session, completion of King Salomon healing is recommended to transform your body.

As a reference,  about the Adam Kadmon 2 Light body DNA Activation (There is no link for 32 DNA Activation. )

Any other event information can be found below or from the website. Please feel free to contact me for queries and bookings.
Have a good day.


★AK2 DNA Activation and King Salomon Healing
Separately, if you already received 40 DNA  activation, next step is AK2 DNA Activation and King Salmon Healing. This modality will transform your body to the Light Body, which means you rill become a clearer “channel” whatever the work you do. You will gain more joy, light, love and your connection with the Higher dimension will be purified and stronger.
For the up to date info, please visit the What’s on page.

★28th Tue 15:30 -16:10 Part 1 New Moon Meditation and Mindfulness @Covent Garden ★28th Tue 16:10-16:55 Part 2A Galactic Light Transmission @Covent Garden

★ 8th Sat 9:30 - 12:00  Reiki seminar level 1 @Bond
★ 8th Sat 12:40 19:30ish Reki seminar level 2  – Practitioner level
★ 16th Sun 8:45  -15:00 GF Gathering & Level 6 Training @ Liverpool st
★16th Sun 12:00  -14:00ish Healing Clinic –  @ Liverpool st
★20th Thu 19:15  -20:45 Psychic Reading Practice Closed Group  @ Liverpool st

★ TBC – Sun 15:00-17:30 – Michael Initiation Seminar @Bond
★ TBC Sat afternoon Sacred Geometry  – Space energy setting and protection

★ TBC – GFLS Outer Circle Initiation Seminar 

March 20th Spring Equinox Soul Activation Remote Group Session (Part 1 is FREE)


How are you?

I have just received a message from the Hierarchy of Light so would like to share it with you.

March 20th is the Spring Equinox day and it has the energy of the new beginning and new cycle for you to start. This year itself has the special energy but this Equinox day is the special day.

It is one of the special days for you to become connected with the Higher dimension and start fully playing your role, and your purpose of life from this day. Following day, Aries month is kicking in, so it is very much a day for you to start having a new beginning, new cycle with this special energy.

So, here is our support.

If you are not sure what to do, what your gifts are…

You can book a psychic reading or private coaching session for you to find the direction next week.

(Please note that I can reply only till Sat 18:00. After that till Mon morning, I will be busy with the special work)

If you know what you want to do and want to have a fuel to activate your energy…

You can join our Remote Soul Energy Activation Group Session on March 20th.

Anyone can join this.


For further information, please have a look from below and book your slot.


Part 1 – FREE! Energy Clearing Violet Frame Remote Group Session. We will work together with St Germain and send you remote energy to
–        Clear your energy
–        Clear karmic energy which is ready to get released
*  * Only limited number of people can join this. First come, first served.

Time and Date

AM: March 20th Mon : 10:30-10:40
PM: March 20th Mon : 22:00-22:10

Participation Fee: Free
Booking – Please send us an email

–        Let us know your full name, where you will be at the remote session, and your birthday. Also Am or PM.

*There will be no feedback after the session.
* This session is short but the clearing process will be continuing for 7-21 days. During the process, please refrain from alcohol, and do work out, meditate and rest well.

Part 2) Soul Level Energy Activation Remote Group Session

If you book the part2, you will be also automatically join the part 1.

Below is the outline of this remote session but the Hierarchy said they will send additional necessary energy depends on who will participate.

–        Align the Mind, Body and Soul, and balance them.
–        Energy activation at the Soul level to manifest your life purpose and missions.
–        Transmit the Higher dimensional energy for you to fulfill your life purpose.

–   * After the remote session, you will receive a short feedback and message within a couple of days.
*  * Number of participation is limited. First come, first served.

Time and Date
AM: March 20th Mon : 10:40-11:10
PM: March 20th Mon : 22:10-22:40

Participation Fee: Please make a payment from below and book your seat.

 Deadline: 3 hours before of each session.

Please email us with the below information after you book.
–        Let us know your full name, where you will be at the remote session, and your birthday. Also Am or PM by Mon 8am.
–        Please note that fee is non-refundable.

Thank you so much.


Love and Light