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Karma Release, Contract Update & Ancestor’s Healing Semi Private Group Work

Karma Release, Contract Update & Ancestor’s Healing Semi Private Group Work
– Anyone can attend. 

Even if you make efforts or even if you try to find out a cause of your issue, you cannot really find a reason or cause which is troubling you?

Your troubles are, not limited to;
– your career isn’t progressing forward.
– you are not making money from your business.
– you are experiencing difficulties in a relationship, love life, marriage, divorcing
– you are having health and illness issues.
– you somehow cannot get motivated and cannot finish your projects, study, exam, qualifications, etc.
– you have a pattern to get bullied or abused, or addicted to drugs, alcohol, etc.
– you often get attacked energetically and are blocked to advance in your career.
– you don’t know what is going on, but don’t really feel well.

In order to manifest our dreams and wishes, each person needs to make efforts, for example,
– to take time, invest your time to work on what you want to manifest.
– to learn how to communicate with others and self better, with more love, not in an offensive way.
– to balance your time and energy in work and private time.
– to develop your consciousness and get more disciplined in all aspects of your life with love and respect.

Even if you do the above, sometimes things are not moving forward and you repeat the same patterns and somehow, you cannot exit from the vicious cycle. Reasons for this can be complicated but one reason can be
– your karma
– your energetic contract, possible out dated, or not requested to upgrade it.
– your ancestor’s negative inheritance such as spells, curse, family karma, earth-bounded ancestors, etc.

I’ve done many ancestors healing and negative energy block release in the past but there are patterns and many people and their ancestors have similar patterns and similar issues. Therefore at semi-private group work, you would be able to have opportunities to get rid of these and have a better life by removing unknown and disruptive elements to you.

Additionally after release lots of elements of the above, you will have time to upgrade your energetic contracts at the conscious and unconscious levels and upgrade your energetic DNA strands as well. These work and decisions will be done by the Higher dimension but we need to make a request and do some work on our physical dimension’s side too.

This group work on the common issues which often are seen in many people as a common issue and it is better to attend at least three times as the volume of the karmic matters and negative inheritance from the ancestors is huge. This work is the updated version of the previous Ancestor’s healing session as a group version. For individual’s unique needs, it is dealt by the Quantum Block release private session.

This group work covers  in one day, the contents of the previous ancestor’s healing 4-5 sessions (1000 pounds value), so it is an intensive work but it is economical for you. Even if you had a spirit release hypno, Quantum Block release and Ancestors’ healing sessions in the past, this is highly recommended to receive it and to remove blocks out of your divine path.

In Nov 2017 – Volume 1
Since we run this group work in Nov, Pluto’s ruling time (Life and Death), it is a suitable time to work on your karmic and ancestor’s healing.

Group work will cover the entire aspect of life, not a specific segment such as love, career, money,etc.

Fee: Early Bird Offer. Price will go up when it gets nearer.
– if booked and paid by 13:00 on Oct 23rd Mon.
  – 320 pounds
*If you book with your friend or a family member, each of you will receive 30 pounds off.
– It will be for limited number of people, so first come first served.

– Booking after 17:00 on Nov 3rd, please pay £450 by cash on the day.

  • Recommended to receive 26 DNA Activation and attend the Class 1 level1 in prior.
  • In the future, volume 2-5 are planned. Volume 1 is a pre-requisite for all the future work.

Terms and Conditions
-Minimum 2 person’s attendance to run this group work.
–  Once you book your seat, please make a payment by bank transfer. If by Paypal, additional Paypal charge will be added +5%.
– Cancelation Policy: before 9am on Oct 23rd, charge is 70 pounds. After 18:00 on Oct 31st is 200 pounds. After Nov 3rd 9am, it will be 100%. Please notify your cancelation by email.


Client feedback as a reference. 

”(Love and Partnership version) I have a good news to share with you! After I attended the workshop, I intended to find a boy friend within 3 months, and I actually did! Thank you so much!”
(Japanese female, 30s, students, Oct 2017)