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★Special CBH &NLP offer for people who suffer from physical symptoms from April 15th


Hope you have a good week.
This Sun, I would like to offer limited sessions for people who are currently suffering from one or two physical symptoms below to treat at a special rate every 1-3 weeks for total 3 session.
I would like to measure the result so if you or your family, friends have actual physical symptoms and such, please contact me. So this offer is available for symptoms which can be measurable.
– smoking
– BMI is over 30, suffering from obese symptoms, need for a serious weight loss
– drinking or substance addiction
– health issues such as diabetes, cancer (cancer but not receiving any operations and chemotherapy so far and not next 3-4 months). I will ask you for an actual blood test or medical check up results for any changes and improvement.
– Please note we cannot treat epilepsy and Asthma with EMDR unfortunately.
–   Addiction – drug, alcohol, shopping.
–   Chronic Pain
–   Dysfunctional behaviours and habits
–   Eating disorder
–   Phobias
–   Weight Loss
It is a combination of below interventions:
Cognitive Behaviour Hypnosis which finds out dysfunctional and illogical core beliefs, emotions and behaviours, transform them to more healthy and logical ones.
NLP which mainly is used to disassociate negative beliefs and emotions, and re-programme your brain with healthier ones.
EMDR which is clinically also proven and helps you desensitise  painful memories and events and improve your symptoms.
These are integrated approaches and will be combined for your needs, and work on your mental, emotional and behaviour patterns, subconscious mind, all aspect of you.
We aim to create and transform your belief, emotion and behaviour to go forward, not stuck in the past, stay there or go backward. If you would like to make a change with new functional habits and pattern with positive change and results.


Special offer – 3 sessions x 80 min – Early bird offer for limited numbers. 
* You can utilise the special offer below. Please note that the standard rate is 180 pounds.
– If you pay 3 sessions in advance by one payment, 230 pounds by bank transfer currently. (by Paypal,  245 pounds) 

-Or you can pay the first session at 85 pounds, and the remaining two sessions at 180 pounds by bank transfer (By Paypal, 90 pounds, and 190 pounds each).

  • You can have a cheaper offer if you pay all sessions by one payment.  
  • Please read the terms and conditions below when you book sessions.
  • If you have a long time chronic issues or severe conditions, recommend you to book 6-15 sessions though you may not need to.


Conditions to book this special deal
– Your symptoms should be able to measurable by a medical check up, weight, pre and post blood test and such by numbers.
- You will send us your feedback, testimonial after the sessions. (we keep your privacy to place it on our web site if that happens).
- You agree to receive a session every 1-3 weeks and finish all within 10 weeks.
– Please note that this is not a counselling and psychotherapy or CBT session, so you won’t be talking about your issues for a long time till the end of the sessions. You will have time to talk about your issues and symptoms but it is also for us to understand you and your conditions for generating improvement and we need to gather information by asking you questions efficiently. So  please be ready it is an interactive sessions.
- Face to face session only this time.

Time and Dates
– 1st session: Tue – Fri between 12:00 – 4:00, Sat 11:00 – 3:00. (weekdays after 4pm is plus 15 pounds per session). in April.
– 2nd session and 3rd session – in May and June. 3 sessions will be finished by the end of June/July.
Location: either one of the places
– at Bond st, Liverpool st, Farringdon or Covent Garden
* We need to confirm a room booking and payment, so please request your booking with time and date at least 3-7 days before.  If you request earlier, it is more likely you can book at your preferred time. 

Terms and Conditions
– .Payment is by bank transfer. By Paypal payment, you need to pay additional Paypal charge +4.6% (Japanese cards, *7%)
– Once you book sessions, it is not refundable.
– Since it is a special offer, we ask you to monitor your process and give us feedback as a testimonial in 1-3 months as a requirement to participate in. (no need to expose your name, and you can keep your privacy).. 
– We are not here to guarantee any cure  and don’t give any diagnosis as we are not a medical doctor. Please continue to see your GP accordingly.
– There is an individual difference of how you feel the energy. You agree to join this to take a full responsibility whatever the results would be.
– Cancelation and rescheduling policy: After your booking and payment, it is not refundable. Rescheduling is allowed up to 48 hours before for the first time, no fee, from the second time, with 10 pounds fee each change. Within 48h change request, it is regarded as a cancelation, so fee is not refundable. You can rebook a session at 100 pounds. 
If interested in, please contact me by email. 
Thank you and have a good day.