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★Get this material if you suffer from psychic attack, spirit attachment and more

–  How to Build up Your Energies to Release Negative Energies and Attachments as a Basic Protocol?
– This material is good for people who suffer from any mental, emotional and physical symptoms.

————————————————————————————————————————————–Many people come to our school asking for negative energy release, spirit, demonic attachment release and sometimes, black magic and spell removals.

Causes and reasons of the attachments and attack can vary but there are certain things you can do on your end to release them and have a happier life with positive energy, whilst certain things are beyond your control, and you may need to ask for professional support.

This material is for people who suffer from:
–        Negative energies and emotions from self and others.
–        Possible or obvious symptoms of evil attachments whether you are aware or not.
–        Possible or obvious symptoms and effects of psychic attacks.
And so on.

It helps you, in the long run, to totally shift and transform your energy by building up the “Light” in your system and release negativities as a daily habit.

Even if you are attached and attacked heavily or black magicked, it is a good idea to practice things written here in your day to day life because a therapist cannot be there for you 24/7 and try to change your situations and vibration.

For further information, please click here. 

★May Newsletter – Reaction, Self-Sabotage, Abundance Attraction and more


How are you? Hope you enjoyed the hot weekend.

One of my interests and my background is in psychology, conscious mind and unconscious mind related to behaviours. Today, I would like to talk about reactions, subconscious mind and behaviours, using a simple example.

Many different people contact me for sessions and workshops. One of my students learned that “Energy starts working on you when you book a session”. He learned this but didn’t fully believe it until he experienced it and abundance started running better for him after he booked the abundance work and karma release workshop.

Why does it work?

When a client commits, not only I, Kei commit, but also the Hierarchy, the school resource commits too to support changes for the specific workshop or session. In another word, without your commitment, school resource would not start moving and running for you.

When I receive queries, booking request, etc, I feel people’s energies and understand where they are even it is not written there– eg.

–        They really want to book a session.
–        They just want to ask questions and want to have energies.
–        They just want to have attention and energies, not a session without any commitment.
–        They just want to have a free assessment and free session.

In order to facilitate a change, school asks clients to set a session date to book with advance payment, which shows a client commitment as a visible action.

During this simple booking process, some people book straight ahead, some others react and some others get upset etc, for examples.
–        Straightforward, no fuss, booking a date and making a payment by the due.
–        So many queries and questions by email before finalizing a booking.
–        Many emails, delayed response, sometimes with lies.
–        They book a date but don’t pay till the last minute.
–        They ask what is suitable for them asking a free assessment and reading without booking.
–        Just want to have attention by long email and no booking, just attention seeking.
–        Etc

It is rare but sometimes, some people react and try to create a mini drama with all sorts of reasons, but these are often triggered by past events, unhealed emotions and wounds suppressed in the subconscious mind, including a projection toward me such as “Kei should be so and so parson”, etc. If their wounds are deeper and suppressed, their reactions are bigger and create a bigger drama. Is it ideal?

Who suffers most in a drama creation?

Self-sabotage pattern at the subconscious level
Above is an easy and simple, day to day matter example. Money, payment, it is just simply the energy but as you can see, people make a judgement, give a meaning and create dramas even for such a simple thing.

Money, love and sex are very much connected with our strong desires, so if you look at how you react and behave with money, love and sex, you would be able to understand what sort of patterns you have. Lots of patterns are suppressed in your subconscious mind and you may not be even aware of your patterns and reactions, what triggers your reactions, etc.

They can be, just as an example,
- projection (you project your issues and emotions as someone else’s problems)
- Rejection trigger, wounded heart
–  Narcissism including self-pityness
–  Victim consciousness
- Passive Aggressive
–  Accusing, blaming and criticizing self and others-
- Avoidance
– Dependency and addition
– Neurosis
– Affect from attached spirits, evils, earth-bound, ancestral and family karma.
And so on.

When you hear a word payment, how do you react?

Financial Securities and Abundance
Above is just an example to look at mental, emotional, energetic blockages, karma and defence system in conscious and subconscious mind. If you have more of these, it is more difficult for you to manifest your financial abundance, security and overall abundance. Especially self-sabotage is a big one and sometimes you don’t know the reason why you cannot do something as it is not actually coming from “you” sometimes.

In order to make a change, whatever the situation you are in, one of the principles you can apply and practice in life is

“Regular investment in yourself and Self-development.”

As you know, there many Jewish millionaire in the world and rich people practice a certain thing when they are working on their abundance. It is this above principle. Invest in seminars, learning, obtaining university degrees, attending seminars, receiving sessions and mentoring, rather than buying ‘consumable goods’ such as BMW, expensive house, expensive dress and bags, and son on.

Self-developments starts from a small thing in a day to day life, such as
–        Be honest, do not tell a lie.
–        Pay by the deadline.
–        Be in time, not being late with excuses, work on your time management.
–        Be kind and polite to others, not arrogant and aggressive.
–        Think and feel positive, and stop blaming others and situation.
Just as an example.

Emotional wounds play a big part in our life and it gets triggered when something is said or happened. Even if you have all the amazing goods, house and jewelry, you would not be truly happy and abundant if you are still  wounded under your smile. Real abundance starts from getting rid of suppressed unwanted emotions and mental patterns and wounds by receiving sessions for YOU.

Some of the wounds and patterns are coming from your ancestors and your family lineage whether you are aware of it or not.

In this month, there is the strong energy to manifest abundance and love, so it is highly recommended for you to attend May 18th Abundance attraction and Kama release semi group session in a day time, and Love and Partnership attraction in the evening, or simply you can book a private session with us.

We also offers various special offers, private sessions and classes. For further information please see below.

Have a good week and looking forward to seeing you soon.


Psychic Reading and Consultation
You will have support with guidance and explore what can be the best option for you to create your life.

Special Offers
1) Special offers with CBH, NLP and EMDR for people who suffer from illnesses and pain.
Since we are humans, we need to maintain our physical body as well as the energy bodies. Once pain and illnesses are manifested to the physical body, it is usually difficult to remove symptoms and improve only with the energy work. It needs also to deal with belief, emotion, behaviour and subconscious aspects as well.

With this reason, I  would like to offer limited special offers to people who suffer from physical symptoms and illnesses with integrated Cognitive Behaviour Hypnosis (CBH), NLP and EMDR interventions. CBH and EMDR are tested and clinically proven as it generates better results than Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). Besides, we have been treating so far emotional issues fairly well with these approaches.

For this special offer, please have a look from the link. 

2) Psychic Reading Special Offer by school  initiates. 
– You can receive  2 x 15-20 min psychic readings from the school psychic initiates. If interested in, please book soon.  

Time and Date  May 13th  12:05 start, about 40 min
Liverpool st
Fee:  15 pounds  by bank transfer , or 20 pounds by Paypal after 10th 19:00 , non-refundable.

May 29th   – Full Moon Meditation and Galactic Crystal Transmission 
On the Powerful full moon day, release unwanted energies and receive the high vibrational energy transmission.  Come and join us.
★ Details from here 

★ May 18th – Abundance attraction and Karma Release 
Details from 

June –  Non-diluted Japanese Usui Reiki Seminar 1 
– Our Reiki training develops and cultivate your consciousness and love aspect as well as offers authentic connection and effective healing. Please contact us with preferred dates to book.  

★May 13th Special Offer. Energy Balancing & Reiki Healing 
– You can receive an energy balance and Reiki healing session from the school trainee and Reiki therapist. If interested in, please book soon.  

Time and Date  May 13th Sun 15:40 start, 45 min
Venue: Liverpool st

Fee:  15 pounds  by bank transfer , or 20 pounds by Paypal after 10th 19:00 , non-refundable.


0) 26 DNA Activation, 40 DNA Activation and Spark of Life
DNA Activation is the very first session we recommend to everyone as you can become connected with your own power and essence to fulfil your life.

If you received once, we recommend you to receive 40 DNA Activation or AK2 DNA Activation as well as Spark of Life, because….. every single time you receive more light into your core, you would be more and more awakening, which is based on our spirit awakening as well.

There are so many new age modalities out there, but we recommend the DNA Activation to receive first  as this was tested and verified by Wise King Solomon over 3000 years ago. It works for everyone beyond nationalities and colours, etc.

If you had a DNA Activation, Spark of Life remote session is highly recommended as it awakens your spirit side.

1) Clinically proven EMDR session special offers for you to release blocks and restructure your emotional and mental patterns.
 (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) was invented by a psychologist Francis S getting an idea from NLP back in 1987 and developed this EMDR modality. It has been clinically proven and there have been many successful case studies reported so far.

 Emotional Crystal Healing & NLP EMDR Hypno session

This session can be combined with EMDR
It will be good for people who cannot move on from the past, abusiveness, self-harm, trauma, lost love, bullied, redundant, anger management etc.

Further details ->


Class 1 level 1 Updated!
(Meditation and Energy Protection and Management) 
– Learn how to clear your energy, protect you thoroughly. In this dimension, there is not only the Light, but darkness is here too. You can book a class anytime you want.

Class 1 details -> 

 Massage and Reiki session
We need to maintain our physical body well as well as the energy field. Experienced ITEC 3 & Deep Tissue massage therapist, Kei, helps you release tension and pain from your body. It gives you good benefits to loosen your muscles and circulate the blood and energy better. Reiki can be combined if requested.

Massage – >
Reiki ⇒


For the up to date info, please visit the What’s on page.

★Our stand C8 at Mind Body Spirit Festival 2019 – May 24th-27th at London Olympia

26/28/32 DNA Activation, Cord Cutting, Reiki, Healing, Energy Balance, NLP & Life Coaching  by Galactic Federation Lightworker School


Visit our C8 stand to receive our special offers and love from the Galactic Federation Lightworker School in London. There are well-trained 3 psychic healers at our stand.

People ask us questions what sessions  would be good for them, and  we recommend you the DNA Activation together with the energy balancing session if you haven’t received it yet. If you received it in the past, it is good to upgrade to the next level and evolve to the next stage of your life.

**IMPORTANT** – Our session slots may be booked really quickly in the morning up to the evening like the previous year.  We highly recommend you to come as early as possible not to miss this special opportunity.  

Audio Explanation
You can listen to the audio explanation if you would like from the link below. Otherwise, you can see our sessions on site below.

Click here for the YouTube Audio explanation by the School founder Kei and DNA Activator over 11 years in the spiritual practice.

Photo Galleries from the previous festivals – More photos from here. 

You can receive our special 15-20 min sessions at a special price.
– If you click on the link with blue text below, you can see the standard session description as a reference.
– One person can receive up to 2 sessions.
Please pay by cash as we don’t have a card payment facility and no cheques.

  • Core 24/26/28/32 DNA Activation
    -Open up your gifts, power and fulfil your divine life purpose. More DNA is activated, you will receive more light and open up further your gifts and power.
  • Energy Balancing
    – Become grounded and balance your energy, emotion and have a peace of mind.

    • You can combine up to 2 sessions, so we recommend you to have this together with DNA Activation.
  • Emotional Cord Cutting
    Cut negative cords, stop draining energy and restore all your energy for your divine goal achievements. Good for those following or during a divorce or break-up. Negative cord can be heavy emotional cords, control cords, sexual cords etc.
    – Cord Cutting is highly recommended if you want to get divorced, split up or heal your emotional attachments towards your ex, damage from psychic attack, and heavy attachments from someone else.
    – There are 2 types of Cord Cutting.
    – LADIES – come and cut off emotional cords if you just split up. Otherwise, you will stay connected with your ex through sexual cords and your ex will keep draining your energy for free of charge for 7 years long!

    • Negative Cord Cutting – If you would like to know  what kind of cord is affecting you and getting connecting with someone, this is good for you. As we work on one by one, we will not have time to cut all but you will have a better understanding.
    • Full Negative Cord Cutting – If you really want to move on and don’t care what cord you are connected with, we will cut them in all together. If you don’t need any analysis and want to have more energetic session and its effects, this is for you.
  • Emotional Healing with Crystal and Reiki Healing
    – Express what you are distressed about emotionally. You will become healed and will gain peace of mind and calmness with powerful crystal stones and Reiki Healing. If you wanted to be listened and become healed, this session is recommended.
  • Original Usui Reiki & Ascended Master Reiki Healing
    – Our practitioners are all well-trained to practice the original and non-diluted Japanese Usui Reiki so Reiki will powerfully support you to heal. Come to  heal and ease your physical and emotional distresses.
  • Aura Healing & Repair
    – Your energy field around your physical body is called as an Auric field. We often have damages here and store negative energies and emotions. Let go the past and become healed and lighter emotionally and mentally by energy clearing and healing for your Aura.
  • Acupressure-Chair Massage, Indian Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage (with Reiki)
    Our ITEC3 qualified massage therapist will offer you massage. Release tensions and pain from your head, your shoulder and back. You can also receive a massage combined with Reiki Healing if you would like.
  •  NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
    Tell us what you want to solve and a qualified Master NLP practitioner helps you transform via your nervous system and sensors.  NLP works in a very flexible way to any issues and distresses. It is a short session so please come with one thing, not two,  you want to work on and make it better.
  • Intuitive Coaching to Maximise Your Potential
    Qualified life coach asks you insightful questions and you can explore within. Coaching is the best way to maximise your potential. (Please note that a coach supports you to find your own answers, does not giving them.).

** Please be aware we accept only cash payment. No cards.**

Visit our C8 Stand and transform your life.

Location and opening hours

Our Stand name@C8 stand : 28-32 DNA Activation & Healing

Olympia London
Hammersmith Rd, London W14 8UX
Nearest station is Olympia on Overground.

Hours –  24th – 27th of May, 2019
10.00 – 19.00 Friday, Sunday, Saturday
10.00 – 17.00 Bank Holiday Monday

Entry ticket online purchase to the festival
– Avoid a long que on site to purchase tickets. You can buy tickets online in advance.
* Any queries about entrance ticket and festival information, please contact the event organiser directly.


Looking forward to meeting you.

Kei and the Psychic Healer team


Galactic Federation Lightworker School, London
Founder, Senior Teacher, DNA Activator & Psychic Healer
Kei Nishimura

Phone: 07969 918772 (text or call only) – I cannot pick up calls during the Festival.

Our stand location,  C8
– From the Main entrance, turn right at the second corner and go straight down. We are on your left hand side.


Kei Nishimura, Naoko, Aldo Raffa