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★June 2018 Newsletter – Current Energy, Special Events and Offers

How are you?

It is getting sunnier and we receive more Sunshine, Vitamin D.

Summer is coming up and would you like to shine more
– by getting a new job and becoming more fulfilled?
– by releasing anger, sadness and fear and moving on?
– by a nice summer time fit/beach body to feel comfortable and become attractive?
– by making more money and becoming more abundant?
– with an attractive loving partner?
– by learning further about you and your patterns and making a transformation in life?
– by learning how to become peaceful and develop your psychic senses?
and more?

Vibration and Astrological Key dates in June
When you want to make a change, you need to change your frequency, vibration, way of thinking, feeling and acting. We offer your a high frequency energy as many of you experienced, and it is a catalyst for you to utilise and make a change in your life.

If you stay at the same vibration, it is difficult to create a different and desirable reality.
With a higher vibration, you can shift and transform your life for better.

One guy who received a 20 min short session of the abundance block release and NLP session the other day, said,

‘This is the best ever session I have received!’.

You can choose how you want to change your life, and attend either our events, private sessions or classes.
You can book classes and workshops anytime you prefer.

In June, important mile stones astrologically are  
– June 21st Thu – Summer Solstice day
– June 28th Thu – Capricorn Full Moon day

We have special events for these days, customised with life transformation intention for you.
These events will work with the universe and planet energy so you have a special booster to make a change.

Event in June & Special Offer – Early Bird Offer available
You can come and join our events in June and can spend more time in the spiritual space to learn and transform YOU.  Please click the links for further information.

Friday   Psychic Reading Day from 25 min short session. > Only June 15th afternoon is available now. 

–  21st Thu –  Remote Group  Session – Block Release, Clearing and Galactic Lightbody Transformation and Transmission.

– 21st Thu –  Summer Solstice Break-Free Mindfulness Meditation & Breakthrough Coaching Group Session 

–  28th Thu –  Part 1 Capricorn Full Moon Emotional Detox Meditation, Abundance Block Release Psychological Work & Galactic Light Transmission

–  28th Thu – Part 2 Capricorn Full Moon Emotional & Galactic Light Transmission 

Fri Jun 29th-   – Japanese Original Usui Reiki Seminar Level

–  Fri July 6thKarma Release Work Vol 5 – Heal your Inner deep wounds and Karma release. 

Sat Jul 7th  – Archangel Michael Protection & Initiation Seminar – first step for the ancient metaphysics.

Please visit, or email us.

NEW! – Past Life Kama Release AND Conscious Shift with Crystal Healing, EMDR and NLP  – Special  Offer
It is quite often carried over karmic energy from our past life is affecting to our current life and it is manifested troubles, injuries or illnesses. You will be guided to regress to your past life by a professional and qualified hypnotherapist, Kei, and you will understand what was happening in your life and receive support to release karma and move on in your life.

After the regression, carried-over energy and its affect in this life time, emotional pain will be processed and get healed with EMDR and NLP. After that you will also have time to reset your energy and life and shift to achieve your goals with NLP and energy work.

This is a very powerful session for you to transform your life.

For first 3 people in June – Early Bird Offer.   –> 2 more slots are available in June.
It takes 2h 20 mins. As a special offer, first 3 persons can receive 50pounds off , and it is 220 pounds currently. After that, price goes up to 270 pounds normal fee.

Please book your session by email.
NEW! – Psychic Consultation, Full Cord Cutting and Usui Reiki Healing /NLP &CBH session Package deal.  –
Psychic reading is great and you can have a clear mind.
If you receive a Cord Cutting, it is even greater as you can cut the ties from the past and regain your power.
It is even better if you receive our powerful non-diluted Usui Reiki, you can get healed and move on easier.

For first 3 people in June – Early Bird Offer.   > Only 1 more slot available in June. 
– 80 min at 150 pounds – 15 min consultation, 15 min Cord Cutting, 40 min Reiki and Feedback.
– 110 min at 210 pounds. – 30 min consultation, 20 min Cord Cutting, 50 min Reiki and Feedback.
* Or you can combine a psychic consultation with Coaching/CBH/NLP at the same fee.

How to book our session  – please check our Contact page and send us an email. 

Please feel free to contact us for bookings and queries.

Thank you and have a great day!



★Full/Max Cord Cutting – Updated as of June 2018


Some of the website pages have not been updated with testimonials etc,  on each page. We are trying to update as much as possible.

As you may be aware, there are 2 types of cord cutting sessions.
– Full Cord Cutting session to cut off cords as much as possible by one go fully.
– Partial negative cord cutting session to detect one by one and understand better how you are affected by cords.

Many people choose Full Cord Cutting and we also recommend this as there are many cords usually people have, and it is better to cut them fully and move on in life.

Contents is updated with testimonials. There are loads of testimonials for this but we cannot place all.

Have a look and receive it especially if you are splitting up, getting divorced, got redundant, bullied etc.


Thank you.