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★Jan Newsletter – Ascension Up Spiral – Authentic YOU. ‘Meghan-exit’ – Galactic and Starseed Awakening, Reiki for Ailment, Jan 24th Remote Galactic Session


How is your new year start treating you? 

I came back in London on 14th night and am still jetlagged, but it will be fine next week. It was a very busy time when I was in Japan and one of the major things was the ancestral healing trip to Shikoku island with my mother. We visited 8 temples within two days, about 400 km by bus. Below is one of the temple photos we visited. Monk was on the bus and we were chanting and praying on the bus and at all the temples. I felt my grandmother in spirit with us. It was a kind of thing she wanted to do when she was alive but she couldn’t due to the severe arteritis she had suffered over 20 years.

People attended this tour was senior people (except me, replacement of my father as he didn’t want to go), and it seemed they have their own reasons to attend this tour. One of the aims of this spiritual tour is to reduce your sins and you should be able to go to the heaven quicker after you die. They were in a sense getting ready for the day which is coming sometime.   

You never know when each one of us would be called back to the spirit world but till then, what we are supposed to do and promised with the God, as No. 1 principle, is to live your life till you dropped, with unspoken words, ”whatever happens in our life”.

So, what is ”whatever”? There are couple of things. 

Struggles Starseeds/Galactic Souls face as human. Live your authentic life 
Since we leave all our memories of pre-birth time usually, we don’t remember who we are and why we are here. If your mission is to bring the light to a certain family, community, people or country, you are quite often placed in a difficult family or country, etc. to bring the light and transform darkness. In this case, you may feel quite often, you don’t really fit into the society and feel different from other people. 

Other case is, you are here from other planet(s), but not to bring the light to people, but you need to work on yourself as you have done a lot of dark staff somewhere else and you were sent here to straighten yourself and acquire more of your light aspect. In this case, life is very tough too. 

There are many other scenarios but either way, it is not easy as you are on a certain mission and it can traumatise you emotionally and mentally.

One of my clients in Tokyo is a Starseed but she’s been distressed a lot as she does not feel she cannot fit into the society and she knows she is different from other people. In order to make a change, she regularly receives a session and tries to improve her life and her self. This time, Galactic commander Asthar came down and explained she is here to heal her wounds and rest as she had been heavily injured at the war in the universe when she was receiving the Deep healing 3 and he helped her to get healed. I felt a lot of deep compassion and she was really assured she can take time as long as she wants, no hurry. This is a beauty of the energy session. 

In Dec at the Ashtar event, he revealed one attendant’s purpose of life briefly, which gave a relief to the attendant from the distress. 

In order to live your life in an authentic way, sometimes you need to know who you are and why you are here to move on in life. I found my life purpose two years after I had started my spiritual journey, and it gave me a good deep trigger to make a shift in my life. However, I still had many blockages on the way and within me at that time to shift totally to the divine path.

Whatever your path is, you need to iron your way first to get there, otherwise, you cannot fulfil your life really. 

If you are attracted to the idea of Starseed or Galactic soul, have a look at the Galactic Awakening course. You can start anytime you want.

Why Cancer? Usui Reiki for Ailments – for body, emotion and mind during the ascension process. 
Ascension is on the way, so the earth and humans are ascending step by step. But Ascension may not be easy for everyone as it means that we need to shed off old energies, beliefs, patterns, and have to restructure ourselves. Sometimes, the process can be very painful as it seems there is no choice. 

Since we are not a medical professional, this was not shared in public before. However, in our mystery school tradition, we understand that ascension brings more light, and accordingly, our energetic body needs to go with it and absorb the volume of light. If our energetic body stays dense and heavy, it cannot absorb the volume of light and becomes ill such as cancer. That’s why we are recommending people to receive the AK2 DNA Light Body Transformation and King Solomon Healing, as one of the reasons, and the Class 2 process to heal yourself is another reason as learning to become a self-psychotherapist (we have so much accumulated emotions to deal with. If you have a talking therapy to tackle these emotions, it would take forever to heal them completely). I cannot prove this dense-body-cause concept scientifically but this is what I was told during my energy healing  training. But I have experiences and am convinced related to this. I won’t accept things without experiencing them.  

Then how am I convinced as so? 

‘Dense and heavy energies’ are related to negative emotions, thoughts, karma, spells, curses, you name it. In the past, I treated someone who was diagnosed with a cancer. He came in a session, and I treated him with Reiki and Cord cutting and Reiki, simply, and it removed the karmic energy and more. He released the deep feeling of guilt which he had not been able to express in the past. It means he received more light into his energetic bodies. Later on, his medical check-up showed that his cancer stopped progressing. Maybe coincidence? Maybe. 

There are couple of other similar cases for terminal illness, so the concept may be true. Less densed, more light and less illness.  

Unfortunately we have loads of energies in many layers, and you need to work from the cause/root by transmuting them completely, so solving one simple issue of your life at the surface level is not really enough as you would repeat a pattern again in a different way with different people at a different occasion. 

I do Reiki healing to myself everyday as I know its beneficial. You can learn how to do self-reiki at the Reiki level 1 seminar or come and receive Reiki sessions privately. Remote and Face to face available. Our school offers you a lots hand on practical skill for you to become an own therapist and you can fix your issues and make a better sound decision. 

If you suffer from any mental or physical illness, have a look at our non-diluted Usui Reiki healing.

‘Megxit’ and Brexit. 
We had a big news in Jan,  ‘Megxit’ as well as Brexit. There are lots of stories announced everyday about why the royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan, decided to leave for Canada, but the key point is Meghan could not take whatever the things she did not like here and decided to go back to Canada (probably so,  just as one interpretation). 

Many of us do not have courage to ditch whatever the things are not working in life, suppress our feelings and pretend we can cope with it. It would lead to an anxiety disorder, depression or illness. It would not fulfil our lives if we do not allow us to live as our spirit wants us to do. You lose the passion and wonder without a sense of living. 

I went through my life-falling-apart process before my awakening in 2005 and started a restructuring from a scratch. 

If things are not working, you need to work on that by changing your behaviour, attitude, removing your own rules, etc. and give some time to work on that. However, if things are fundamentally not meant for you, whatever you do for months and years, it may not work out as ‘oil’ and ‘water’ would not be able to mix well. I did it for about 5 years, experienced a lot of heavy karmic energy, which had to be shredded off. I should have realized the path at the time was not meant to be, but didn’t know so I tried hard and hard, but in the end, it didn’t work and I burnt out literally. I learned many valuable lessons though heart-breaking pains I had gone through. 

You need to take time and see what you are selecting is really suitable for your future or not first and for most. If not, whatever it is not working after you are making a careful assessment and making efforts, it would be probably time to leave it and move on. In this sense, maybe Prince Harry was too much in a rush for his mate selection, whilst Prince William had about 6 years to select his future queen carefully and Kate had a good transition and fits well in the Royal protocol. It did not happen over night for her and she tried and adjusted herself well over years. She was not born as a princess and royal, but made efforts well. For her it looks like she is not after fame, money and personal ambition, but seems to have accepted to serve to the people in the UK as a Royal family member and keep a lovely family with Prince William.

For you, it can be about your partner, your job, your family, your friend, your business model, etc. Ultimately, it is your old pattern which is not serving for your highest good to get rid of.

If you are in a situation where you may probably have to move on, this year is the time to look at it and assess it. 

Energy works quicker. When I get stuck I do work on my psychology, but at the same time, on the energy as well. It is quicker to move on. Think  about receiving an energetic and psychological session to move on? 

Quantum Psychosomatic Emotion Detox Session
This quantum psychosomatic session works on you 360 degree (mind, emotions and body), including this life and past life. After detoxing, you will have time to restructure your energy. 
For further information, you can find it from the link below.
Have a good week,  and looking forward to seeing you soon

 Offers in Jan.
It’s in January and please check and book your seat from the what’s on page, details from the link here..

  ★Offer- 24th Fri 11:40 – 12:05/12:20,  Psychic Reading Offer by our psychic initiate.@ Bond st.
– You can have a 25 min psychic reading face to face. Non refundable 10 pounds by Paypal payment here to book. Please email us to book your seat. First come, first served.
* Additionally, you will also receive a free 15 min counselling session too on this day!. 

★Offer-  Phone Talking Therapy at a special rate by Kei in Jan on Tue and Wed 10:30am, 11am  
– You can have a 25 min phone session at 35 pounds only by Paypal. Please email me to book with 2-3 preferred time to book (Please note it is not a psychic counseling, and available at this rate only for these limited time).  
Events in Jan, onwards  Please find more details from the link here.  

★23rd  Thu 22:30-  Galactic Light Transmission  by Remote Group Session including the Sacred chakra block release 

★ 10th Mon 16:30 – Leo Full Moon Guided Meditation & Galactic Light Transmission. @ Covent Garden
★22nd Sat 11:15 – 14:15 Sacred Geometry Site Protection Workshop at Covent Garden—————————————

Class 1 – protection and energy management  – online or face to face. 

Life Consultation You can book a Psychic Reading


How to book our session  – please check our Contact page and send us an email. 

★New Year 2020 January Meesage and Guidance

Happy New Year and may your every day be filled with joy and happiness. 

  How was your winter holiday? Have your already made a new year resolution together with setting the energy?

Year 2020 is the one to build the solid foundation for your life with love and stability. In order to build the foundation, first and for most, you need to review your life and how you are building the foundation. If you are trying to build a castle on the sand, it would be collapsed easily.

What makes you insecure and unstable?
What triggers you to get destructed and tempted?
How do you want to live your life without living in someone else’s expectations? 
How are your loved ones supporting you or not supporting you? 

We can help in you various ways, especially if you feel you may be related to the Galactic or starseed energy. There is support for Galactic energy or Starseed Awakening course. Asthar work is highly recommended. 

Family/relative relationships
I  hope you had a good family time but I am aware that realistically many of us maybe experienced some kind of family dramas especially at the Christmas time or a new year time. It takes time, maybe with tear sometimes,  to create an amazing relationship and family bonding with love. Not all the family or relatives are lovely (quite often) and not easy to communicate with, but this is also part of our (karmic) lessons to become more loving and compassionate to yourself and your family.

Family unit is the base for each one of us, and hope we can get over any difficult situations and people with a healthy boundary. In order to do that, it is quite often effective to sit down, talk to each other face to face and communicate what each of you is thinking and feeling, especially, projecting and misinterpreting.

I often do this sit-down long conversation with my family when I get home. Sometimes I bring up a very sensitive subject which I cannot really communicate over the phone and Skype, and it creates tensions and triggers lots of emotions between us, but in the end it is better for us to create a deeper bonding with better understanding, even though some situations may not be able to be resolved completely. You need to get over your ego, fear, and need to have two big active ears and small mouth with love. If your have a wonderful relationship with your family, your life would be even better as you can feel you have a secure and loving base for your life. 

This world is nothing perfect. Humans are not perfect. You need to create what you want with love and joy. 

New – Jan 10th Fri- Remote Cosmic and Galactic Transmission on the Full Moon day. 
One of the Cosmic Ascended Masters, I call her as J, will help you remove negative energies. She was the very powerful queen ruling 13 tribes at the Stonehenge day, and used to conduct the full moon ritual to expel negativities and spread the angelic love and light at that time. On this day, she will support you in the same manner, and after that, you will receive the Galactic light transmission to set the energy for this year 2020. 

Since I am still in Japan, this remote transmission is conducted midnight in the UK time. You can sleep and do not need to be awake. 

For more info, please click the link below.
★ 10th Fri – 1am – New Year Full Moon and Eclipse Day Cosmic and Galactic Light Transmission.

★Quantum Psychosomatic Emotion Detox Session
Any stress and emotional upset you experienced is better not to supress, not avoid but express to heal yourself and become lighter with more love and compassion. Emotions can be stuck not only in your heart but in parts of your body, which can cause mental or physical illness.  

This quantum psychosomatic session works on you 360 degree (mind, emotions and body), including this life and past life. After detoxing, you will have time to restructure your energy. 
For further information, you can find it from the link below.

Jan 12th Sat – one last session slot in Tokyo – face to face. 
In Tokyo, there is one last session slot available on Jan 12th Sun from 18:30, face to face.
It’s good to have a DNA activation to set the energy for 2020.

Jan 15th – Session will be available in London time. 
★ 10th Limited Skype session is available at UK time 12 midnight till 2am.
★15th -16th – Skype session is available. UK time 11am – 15:00/16:00
★17th Fri, 21st Tue onward – Face to face session is available in London
★ 18th Sat 16:15 – 18:45ish – Archangel Michael Initiation Group Seminar @ Covent Garden
★23rd  Thu 22:30-  Galactic Light Transmission  by Remote Group Session including the Sacred chakra block release

Have a good new year start and looking forward to seeing you again. 


★ Jan 10th Fri, 2020 – Remote Full Moon Cosmic & Galactic Transmission – by the Cosmic Ascended Master

Happy New Year and Wish You an Amazing Year!

Jan 10th Fri is the first Cancer full moon and Lunar Eclipse day in 2020, in the month of Capricorn. Year 2020 is the year to build the solid and secure foundation of your life in many aspects with love, and the ascension energy is even getting stronger.

Sometimes love is not always tender and it needs to be stern and sets the boundary. Saying yes and accommodating everything is not a true love.

We humans are not perfect and there are some aspects of us to need to get developed to become closer to the God consciousness in the physical body by even one small step closer.

What is stopping us is usually ourselves, our own mind, ego and emotions. If you feel in a certain negative way about yourself and your identity, whatever you do, it would not really have a full power to make a change to turn around 100%. We need to feel emotions without suppressing, however, we need to be in managing our own emotions, otherwise, you are not managing your life.

Shape your mind and emotions, then shape your life.

Question you need to ask this year is

How are you managing your thoughts and emotions, especially the dark ones?

Any manifestation in your life is based on your own energy and you also need to take a total responsibility of what is happening in your own life without accusing anyone else. This may be one of the hardest universal principles as many of us do not want to confront our own darkness, mistakes, and negative ego.

Darkness means: anger, shame, guilt, fear, jealousy, competitiveness, selfishness not caring others, etc. here.

At this remote group session, you will receive support to transform your dark aspects to light and manifest more positivity. In order to do this, one of the Cosmic Ascended Masters, ( I call her as J), will support part of the process to remove negativity. expel darkness, and download the full moon energy.

Outline of the remote session
– Cosmic Ascended Master J who used to be a powerful queen managing 13 tribes and expelling the dark energies together on the full moon day, using the full moon power in the stone henge day.
– After expelling the energy, they will remove their black gowns and release angelic energies to spread the light to heal you.
– After they finish, you will receive the Galactic Light transmission to fill the void with the light and set your energy for the new year 2020 to awaken your further.

– IMPORTANT Terms and Conditions – please read before you book. 
– This is a group remote session, so you can stay home or somewhere quiet, and receive the transmission.
– There is no individual QA sessions, Skype , phone or Zoom interaction, and separate QA private messages.
– You can do anything but please avoid driving a car and use a heavy machinery (as you may get sleepy).
– Once you sign up and pay the fee, please note that it is not refundable.
– After the session, you will receive a group short message (no private message).

Time and Date: Jan 10th, Fri,  2020. – UK time 1am- 2am in the morning.
Japan time 10am – 11:00am (60 min)


Jan 9th, Thu,  2020. – UK time 14:00. Japan time 9th Thu 23:00

Please book and pay from the Paypal link below. Paypal charge is included, no additional fee.
– Once you pay and book online, you will receive a Paypal payment confirmation as your booking confirmation.
– On the day when it starts, please intend to receive the energy.
– After the booking completion, please be aware it is not refundable.
– Please email us your full name, birthday, and address / post code of where you will be at as your responsibility. If  you don’t provide the info, we may not be able to redirect the energy to you properly even if you make a payment. In that case, we will use the address you registered for the Paypal payment.

Booking and payment by Paypal  – – Early Bird available. (Full price is 150 pounds)