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★Update on our activities to combat the Corona Virus. Recruiting people who want to join the Energy Clearing Project.


If you are worrying about the virus and the future, first thing you need to do is

Breath in, and breath out to calm down.

No need to panic. Virus is a Neptunian energy and brings a lot of illusions, in this case, fear! Stop worrying and keep focusing on building your immune system stronger. To help you, there are some free videos already posted from Kei, so please watch them and do what you can do, not getting overwhelmed and panicked. No need to panic.

Kei is working with the school initiate together and combatting the virus energy regularly. If you come to the What’s on page, there are some sessions and videos you can utilise to get over this difficult situationsl.

Last week, Kei channelled the message from the higher dimension, and one-being from the Chinese dynasty came over and showed massive slaughtered pig energy in China to clear. We injected a lot of clearing energy and it was gone. Not only China, we are working on clearing the energy from the entire UK now everyday.

On Mon, news reported that the death number in China reduced down only to 19, and today, ZERO, excluding the number of death coming back from other countries to China.

We cannot prove if it was related to the cleared energy of pigs, however, it is a good news anyway.

Now, we continue to focus on clearing the energy in the UK mainly. At the moment, it is just a couple of us doing a regular clearing everyday. In order to get it cleared quickly, we need more help.

If you are interested in clearing the energy, you need to have the basic tools already learned to join the energetic clearing project. This is an opportunity for you to work with the Higher dimension and it is a very rewarding service to the humanity. Please do not misunderstand, you won’t get paid, you won’t be under the light on stage and such, but you serve to the human as a tool to support and transform the world.

This level of work does not include any demonic energy combat, so do not worry about it. At this moment, focus is to combat the virus. So if you want to join to combat the Corona virus, tentatively it is a 6 month you can join and you can leave after that if you want to.

Once it is cleared, work mainly focus on clearing the 4 elements and keep the energy cleared for the ascention once a month.

However, you need to know how to protect you, clear your energy and have the proper connection with the Hierarchy of Light, which is done at the Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar.

If you are interested in more, further training is available for the future. Please check the healer and psychic training course.

If interested in joining the clearing project, please see below.

Have a good day.


Energy Clearing Project Participation Requirement.
– Since it is the energy work, you need to have received at least the below sessions and classes and raised your vibration and conciseness.
– Upon completion of the minimum requirements, you can join the project,
– Assessment will be placed for the participation,

Minimum Requirements
– 26 or 40 DNA Activation
– Quantum Block release 1-4 (Spirit attachment release session)
– Deep healing 1
– Class 1 – with assignment completed
– Class 2 level 1 assignment completion
– Reiki level 1 completion
– Sacred Geometry space protection workshop or Archangel Michael Initiation seminar attended.

On-going minimum session requirement to complete after you join.
– Psychic development course level 3 – lecture 1-6.
– Deep healing 1-3
– Mind Revolution course to start
– 40 DNA Activation
– AK 2 DNA Activation
– King Solomon Healing
– Mind Revolution course to finish
– (Reiki level 2 is ideal)
– Spark of Life
– Class 2 level 2 with assignment completion
– Sacred Geometry space protection workshop
– Archangel Michael Initiation seminar attended.
– You continue to receive minimum 1-2 sessions/classes a month to continue your initiate training.
– Monthly Online Archangel Michael Initiate Guidance and Light work session (55 min at 50 pounds) – You will have about 10 min time to speak about your learning process (not counselling), have a guidance and guided clearing meditation, then void meditation time, then clearing energy work. This is not for your counselling, psychic reading or therapy session. If you need a counselling, psychic reading or energy work, please book the standard healing or energy session.

Terms and conditions
– Energy assessment will be placed in prior joining the project.
– You need to be emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically healthy to join the project. Any anxiety, neediness, fear, anger, attachment, attention seeking, etc, please work on that by the class 1 and 2 attendance.
– Daily meditation is required so if you cannot practice a daily meditation, please do not apply.
– This project participation is offered only to people who continue to receive our trainings in the future to provide services to the humans as a well-being practitioner (whatever your job category is), so no one-off tourists are not eligible.
– We will be working as a team. If your energetic vibration is not suitable, the school reserves the rights to dismiss you from the project anytime without detailed explanation. Vice versa, you can withdraw When you apply and participate, we understand you agree with this point.

★ Radio show on air till Mar 21st Fri – ”How to Get Over Life Challenges and Awaken”.

My talk on how to get over life challenges and awaken will be on air every morning 7:30 and 19:30 twice a day till Mar 21st Fri.

You can tune into the Women’s Radio Show, or visit the website below and click on the right bottom animated icon ”’Listen Live Now’ at 7:30 or 19:30 till 21st.

Enjoy listening!


★ Limited-time offers – We are here for you to support you to reduce anxiety and stay away from Corona Virus.


We provide our services so you can have a session or class with us both for face to face session and skype session.

If you are coughing and or having a symptom, please book only a phone or skype session, not a face to face session. 

This is a good time to learn how to meditate and manage your emotions and thoughts, so please have a look at the classes, especially the class 1.

★Limited-offer ONLINE Talking therapy / Coaching session / Psychic Reading phone session.

– Since the sentiment is bad world-wise and anxiety is really heightened with a self-isolation suggestion, we offer you special services to help you to reduce anxiety and worries.
– This offer is by Skype or by phone, not by Face to face session. 

For further details, please visit the what’s on page.

Thank you.

★Sign up with the Free Anti Corona Virus protection session on Mar 20th Fri

It’s fully booked now. Thank you.

Free ANTI-CORONA Protection REMOTE GROUP SESSION ON MAR 20th by Galactic Federation Lightworker School. 

Hope you are managing your daily life well not being soaked into the fear of spreading Corona Virus contamination.

If you haven’t watched my video of how to protect you from Corona virus, you can watch it from here and have a guided-protection meditation for you.

I’m working on stopping the virus spreading into London and UK in various ways.

If you would like to have a free session to protect you from Corona Virus, please see below.

Please note:
-This protection is the energetic protection as a prevention, and it does not guarantee you would not contract the virus. So, please take any possible precautions and actions such as washing your hands and mouth, avoid people coughing, keeping your immune system strong, etc. 
– Please note individual questions will not be answered so if interested in, please sign up and you will receive the protection. There will be no post-feedback, replies to individual questions, etc. Thank you for signing up in advance. 
– Please forward this message to your loved ones, More is better to stop spreading the virus.

It’s fully booked now. Thank you.

Details are
Time and Date: 2020, March 20th Fri Spring Equinox day. 10:00 -10:20am UK time.
Format: It’s a remote session and you can be anywhere.  
What is included in this free session: 
– Anti-virus protection: multiple protections
– Clearing your energy field
– Strengthen your energy field and the mind. 

How to Sign up – Please email us your full name with your birthday.  

During the session
– You can be anywhere, office, working, home, sleeping, eating, shopping, etc.. However, just in case, please avoid driving a car and using a heavy machinery and such. 
– Please just intend to receive this session. 
– Please forward this message to your loved ones, More is better to stop spreading the virus. 

1) Private session on March 20th and 21st to activate your energy or get healed with energetic booster from the Spring Equinox on 20th, for about a week.
– If you would like to get rid of fear, and get out of stuck energy, it is highly recommended to receive DNA Activation, Quantum Block Release or Cord Cutting session.

2) Group session – Spring Equinox Night Remote Sessions on Mar 20th night,
it is a spring equinox day. If you want to have further sessions, please have a look and join the sessions at night on Fri. Guided healing meditation, and Galactic transmission sessions are available (both remote). 

★ 20th Fri – 21:00 – 21:40,  Zoom online Spring Equinox – How to Create Your Dream Life Group Workshop, followed by the Remote Galactic Transmission Session. 

★20th  Fri 22:00-23:00  Spring Equinox Galactic Light Transmission  by Remote Group Session including the Heart Chakra block release 

3) Free 3 videos to get over challenges.
If you want to get over challenges, there are free 3 videos available. Whole contents will be podcasted by the radio station next week. Details will follow but you can watch videos from the school website,

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a good day.

Thank you.


Galactic Federation Lightworker School

★3 New Videos posted – How to get over life challenges and awaken by 26 DNA Activation.

How to get over challenges in life and awaken by 26 DNA Activation.
DNA Activation shifted my life totally and helped me to get over challenges. It helped many others awaken and transformed their life, too. This topic has two other videos following.

Video 1 – How DNA Activation can help you to get over challenges and maximize your potential.
Video 2 – 2 key points to get over challenges and its process.
Video 3 9 dream manifestations triggered by DNA Activation, as one example. Kei’s case.

For more information about 26 DNA Activation, please visit the website below.

★March 20th (Sat) 2021 – Online Spring Equinox – Awaken your Divinity and Shift Your Future to the desirable dimension by Sun Gods.

March 20th is a Spring Equinox day and the spring season starts. Day time is getting longer and the Sun God energy gets stronger day by day. Under this ascension time, this day is another special key day to transform your energy by releasing the heavy earth elemental energy and moving into more air elemental energy. Especially emotion-wise, it’s suitable as the Sun is in Aries, and the moon in Gemini position on this equinox day.

This day is a good day to receive support from the Goddess Amaterasu and Sun God Ra to awaken your Divinity and shift your future in the desired direction as they initiate the ascension together with the Galactic Federation. Clearing and Activation on this Spring Equinox energy can support you to become true you and take you to the next stage of your life.

This Spring Equinox Day has two parts. Ideally, you can join both of them but it is up to you if you want to attend either one of them.

Part 1 – Online Zoom Group Intuitive Coaching Session with an individual one card tarot reading to transform your life and reach your goal.
– This is a 80 min Zoom Online Group session. You will receive both guidance and the energy to transform your life.

– Outline
– Identify blockages, old patterns, old habits, emotional and mental wounds.
– Identify what you desire, desired goals and direction.
– Brief QA time
– Individual short one card tarot-reading as a guidance
– Key points to transform your life from a channelled message from Goddess Amaterasu.
– Short guided meditation to transform your vibration with the Equinox energy.

Time and Date:
Part 1 March 20th, Sat., 2021. 13:00-14:20 (Japan time is 20th, 20:00 – 21:20)
* Limited only for 10 people.

Fee: Early bird offer – £45 by Paypal below.
– Fee will go up closer to the event day.
– Deadline: 3h before.


Part 2 – Remote Group Session to clear old patterns and blockages and receive galactic energy transmission by the Sun God Ra, Goddess Amaterasu and the Galactic Federation.
– Remote group session.
– After you attend part 1, this part 2 session will help you to receive further energy to clear your energy, balance you and shift your vibration to reach your desired goal.

– Outline
– Please visit this web page.

Time and Date: After Part 1 on the same March 20th, 2021.

Terms and Conditions
– There is no refund after you book unless the event is cancelled.
– Please download a free Zoom software in advance and test it for you to be able to log in, not to struggle to log in on time on the day.

*March Newsletter- Corona Virus Prevention Channelled Guidance Video. March 10th Full Moon Meditation, 11th Zoom Group Healing to remove fear, 20th Spring Equinox Remote Galactic Session


How have you been? 

Corona Virus news is everywhere. Some people become very fearful and talk about it. We don’t really know what it is and the medicine for that is not ready yet. I would like to share a prevention guidance coming from the Hierarchy of Light and I created a quick video. You can watch it from here and it would be great if you could share it with your loved ones. Fear energy circulates quickly and we need to stop it.

Fear = energy 
You may laugh when I was very young in my early 20s, getting on an airplane for a long distance to the US was very scary and I was bothering a travel agency, asking a question like “What if my airplane falls? What should I do?”. I don’t remember how she answered. At that time I was serious but how hilarious it is  now right?

Depends on where you are coming from and what you experienced, what you see, how you things are totally different. Two different people, for example, can give a totally different view on the same thing, let’s say including Corona Virus. 

Human is designed to feel emotions such as fear and worries. If we don’t manage our emotions, your life would be managed by something else, like Corona Virus as Virus has its own intelligence and has its power to invade you if you allow them, and to write over your system, that’s why some people may be dead, however, that is not the only reason.

Learn bow to manage your emotions, energy and become a master of your life.

Class 1’s energy management is your life management tool (once you finish, you will be able to receive a class 1 attendance certificate within the assignment completion within 5 months). Class 2 is the tool for you to manage your emotions and evolve your consciousness, which comes with the universal wisdom learning to apply to your life and make a change in life. Or receive a Quantum Psychosomatic and Emotion Detox session. 

If you don’t do anything with your emotions, or deal with emotions only on the superficial level, they would be still sitting there operating in the back to create your reality based on that. Girls who came in the other day realised how deeply seated anger and fear emotions were still there without their awareness. 

Mercury is still retrograding till March 7th-ish so be aware of checking emails, text messages, public transportation disruptions, etc.  This is a good time to retrospect what is going on within you. 

★ March 10th Full Moon Meditation-  Regain Your Feminine Power on the Virgo Full Moon in Pieces month. 
February’s Leo full moon meditation focused on regaining your power. In March, we will focus on the feminine power. If your feminine energy is imbalanced,  for example, it would not be easy to attract a desirable male partner or build a good social network. This event is both for guys and girls. 
Further details and booking is from here. ——————————————-

★11th Wed night – Online Group Guided Healing Energetic Session – Get Healed and Release Fear, Fear of Success including the prevention against Corona Virus

So much fear is out there triggered by Corona Virus.

However, is it the Corona virus people are fearful? Are you also fearful about other things? Is it triggered by some events or memories happened to you in the past?

It is a handy guided meditation before you go to bed.

★26 DNA Activation – to awaken your gifts and power  –   Private session. 
I am now writing a script for the coming online broadcast about my experience of the DNA Activation. I realized how powerful it is after I had received it in 2006. Major 8 dreams came true I realized. (immigration, visa, soulmate, life style, time freedom, etc.)

If you haven’t received it yet, it is highly recommended to receive it. 
If you received it before, it is recommended to upgrade to 40 DNA activation to receive to power up your creation power.

Details is from here.  


★Quantum Psychosomatic Emotion Detox Session
This quantum psychosomatic session works on you 360 degree (mind, emotions and body), including this life and past life. After detoxing, you will have time to restructure your energy. 

Vibrational and psychological work is like a very new concept I think but it is essential. That’s why in this session, it is integrated. It works on the vibrational level and you may not even realise how it is working. 
For further information, you can find it from the link below.

Have a good week, and look forward to seeing you soon. 

☆Offers  and Events
– please check and book your seat from the what’s on page, details from the link here..