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★June 21st – Summer Solstice Entities release & Shadow Transformation Session – Sun God Ra Fire Clearing, Goddess Amaterasu Shadow Transformation, Entities release & Galactic Transmission Remote Group Session

– Anyone can book.

On the Solstice day, June 21st, the sun’s power is very strong in the Gemini month. Due to the Corona pandemic, many of us feel what will happen to the future and feel the future is so uncertain in terms of finance, business, school, relationships, etc. However, we need to stay positive as each one of us has THE KEY to creating a desirable future based on WHAT WE THINK. We need to stay positive and strong mentally, emotionally and physically.

Gemini is about the mind, intelligence and communication. Solstice is about the Sun, fire energy, and you need to give yourself and especially to your mind the fire energy, which is passion, and joy and laughter to get over this depressive pandemic difficulties.

Especially, current energy is good to
– Release carried over negative energies and transform the shadow aspects.
– Heal psychic wounds and emotional wounds

You can join this group remote session or can have a private session you would like to have.

– Clearing negative energies with the energy of the Sun God Ra in many energetic layers and Chakras.
– Release carried over negative energies
– Entities’ attachment release
– Protection
– Clearing Your Mind with the Sun God energy.
– Activate your heart chakra energy with the Sun God Ra energy
– Goddess Amaterasu’s shadow transformation to the Light
– Receive the Galactic Transmission to evolve your consciousness further.
– After the session, you will receive group feedback by email within 1-3 days.

Time and date: 
UK time – Wed June 21st 20:00 – 21:00 (It may take longer).
Japan time – Thu June 22nd 4:00 –

Location: Remote session, so you don’t have to go anywhere, nor log in online. After the session, you will receive a group feedback message by email. (It’s not Live. You can stay at home or somewhere else preferably private).

Booking and Payment
– Please pay by Paypal from here.
– Fee will go up closer to the solstice day.
– An early bird offer : 220 pounds till June 20th 23:30.
– An early bird offer : 240 pounds till June 21st 14:00.
– An early bird offer : 260 pounds till June 21st 18:00.
– On the day after 18:00 till 19:00 – 270 pounds.

– IMPORTANT: To send the energy remotely, your full name, postcode & country and your birthday info in advance is required. Please send the info altogether by email.

Deadline: 1h before.

Terms and Conditions
– Fee will not be refunded after payment unless we cancel this remote session.
– You can do anything and you can be anywhere but please avoid driving a car or using machinery in case you become sleepy.
– Group session will be started on time so you can set your intention to receive the remote session. Depending on the number of people, it may take longer to finish.

★Mid May – Possible Corona After Effects – Critical Time Now to Evolve Your Consciousness While Protecting Your Body

How are you?

Flower is from the park near me over the last weekend. 

Hope you are coping well.

Four important planets are retrograding now at least till June 25th/Sep, then lastly till Oct 5th, so even though the lockdown itself is not easy, this may give you further challenges in your relationships, work, money, health, life or death situation, etc. 

Is this a coincidence with the lockdown situation??? 

This time is not the time to expand or go outside, but stay inside, in another word, really, the suitable activity is to stay home, meditate and stay sane. I don’t understand why the UK contracted cases and the number of death is so increasing even now and over 3000 people die daily even under the lockdown over 2 months, whilst the Japanese government could curb down the contracted cases and the number of death over a month without legal enforcement, though it is not totally contained yet.

UK and Japanese governments started easing the lockdown/stay home because they chose balancing it with the economy rather than life saving totally. But the virus is so deadly and it’s still out there, so you need to stay alert, protecting yourself with masks, washing hands and taking any necessary pre-cautions.

Four critical key points under this crisis to get over.

1) Physical side
You may suffer from the after effects of Corona for the rest of your life…
There are lots of news, reports, opinions, etc. going on but we need to be aware of the negative impact of the Corona virus if you get contracted. This virus has a lots of unknown factors and effects, so we don’t really know how to deal with this virus fully, which means that this gives us a good reason we have to be extra cautious as there may be unknown further damage revealed even from now. 

So far, according to my own research as for your reference, I found some medical people including doctors, have reported that you may potentially suffer from the aftereffects of the Corona virus for the rest of your life, as the virus in your body starts attacking your blood vessels, your internal organs or your brain, creating a blood clot, etc.

I know there are some people protesting in UK to lift a lockdown, but the question is

A) Would you be able to stay home, social distance, with a mask, until the virus is combatted (it can be potentially for 1-2 years) as your health is your upper most important priority, and then enjoy the rest of your life being healthy?

B)  You start going out like before, without a mask nor a social distance, then risk yourself to get contracted and suffer from the aftereffect for the rest of your life? It can be 30-60+ years long, isn’t it? 

Looking at the key planets retrograding, especially Jupiter, it is time for us to get connected with your inner self, and work on you now. 

Psychological work
Studying for skills and knowledge

is very much suitable at this crisis time. 

2) Energy and Spiritual side
You are in a critical period whether you can ascend or not
I don’t want to sound pessimistic, however, depends on how much the collective consciousness can get evolved as well as your own evolution, each person will experience a different reality in the future. 

Some people may experience the worst depression,  even more aggressive  and mutated virus’s 2nd wave, financial crisis, high unemployment rate, total life style change, etc. 

Whilst some other people would get into a totally different dimension and have a more peaceful and supported life. 

One key is 

We need to develop our consciousness, beyond the self-centred ego, short-term desire driven gratification, and work on our shadow psychological aspect of ours

Knowing and acting are two different things. 

Our school offers the class 1 and 2 to work on the energy clearing, protection, transforming shadow aspect of psychology, and these are really needed currently. 

If you can transform the shadow aspect, you can have a higher chance to get ascended, which means your world is lighter. If not, you may still stay on this planet’s current dimension or go into somewhere else. 

If your life is still very related to;
– dramas
– addiction, fighting, arguing
– having many relationship issues with your own family and your partner
– psychic attack and evil spirit experience
– DV
– criticize and blame others in many different ways,
– depressed, anxious, ill

It’s really seriously time for you to work on yourself and wake up.

3) Family/Partner Relationship
Under this lockdown, many people are experiencing relationship difficulties. As I shared in my second podcast, I am no exception as couple of my family members were so invincible and they were outing nonetheless.

I’ve done a lot of work for my family and also the relationships with them to improve over 15 years with the energy and psychological work. It means a lot of work on myself too to transform my shadow aspect. If you avoid it, it would be still there and you would be still accusing your family, others and yourself, not learning nor growing. 

If you work on yourself, not others, your reality gets changed and you become happier, simple is that. 

This time, now, this moment, can be your last chance to seriously work on yourself and make a change for an ascension, either

to move onto the lighter dimension
to stay in this dimension with the darkness.

Choice is yours. 

4) How to make a change under this critical period
You need to think about what ultimately matters to you. 

Our school offers a lots of tools and energy work for you to transform your life, with some special offers, as you know. 

– Dimensional work to create a desirable future
– Class 1 to protect you and clear your energy 
– Class 2 to work on your shadow aspect to transform 
– Spark of life to activate your spirit side and get connected with life – priority if no DNA Activation has been received so far. 
– Quantum Block release – to release evil attachments and create your life as you
– Asthar work to activate your star-seed energy. 

Receive a guidance and become connected with Higher self by Class 1 level 2 (NEW)
Many people are asking me how to become connected with the light beings, angels, ascended masters, and become a psychic. We don’t take it lightly and offer a step by step training for you to be safely connecting with light-beings by avoiding all the dark beings to get you confused. 

For this, the first step is to clear your energy by class 1 and clear your shadow aspect by class 1 level 2 of the Higher self Connection. 

We need to be strong enough not to get swayed, but looking at the climate, there is a possibility we may get hit even further by far more damage like depression, disasters, financial crisis in the coming couple of years. Unfortunately, I would not deny its possibility. That’s why this class 1 level 2’s Higher self Connection Class is critical to let you stay at centre even in the huge storm potentially coming in the future. 

You can start from the class 1 level 1 (currently offer is available). 
For further information of the class 1 level 2 Higher self connection, have a look from here. 

May- June Events
Everything is available by online Zoom or Skype now and you can join our events or sessions. 
– Remote Galactic Transmission is a monthly event to clear your energy next week, and
– Weekly Guided meditation helps you to maintain your energy only from 6 pounds. 
– Offers on counselling, psychic consultation, etc to keep you sane. 

★ Every Mon, UK 8:30am  / Japan 16:30  – Remote Group Reiki session 
★ Every Fri UK time 9:00 am / Japan time 17:00 – Online Live Guided Meditation
21st Thu 7-8am UK time –  Galactic Light Transmission  by Remote Group Session including the Throat Chakra block release  

★ On your request – Class 1 – Energy management, protection and meditation (Skype)
★ On Your Request –  Online Live Dimensional Transformation Work – Shift Your Reality and Start Your New Chapter in Life. 
★ On your request – Psychic Development Course (level 3) – from the beginner to advance level. 
★ On your request till May 22nd – Law of Attraction for an Ideal Partner/Mate Attraction & Venus Magic

5th  Fri  9:00 am UK time – Online Zoom – Sagittarius Full Moon Mindfulness Meditation & Galactic Transmission
Join us on Jun 5th for the Sagittarius Full moon 
– We will release some blockages on the mental aspect..


*Second podcast, ”WHY Corona and Life Transformation”
You can click on the link below and enjoy listening. 

– April 2020 – ” Why are you experiencing Corona and how to transform your life?”

*YOUR Own Future And Direction
Join us for the Dimensional Shift Work by utilising the special offer.

Or utilize a psychic reading, Coaching session, etc., special offer.


Offer on the Class 1 – till the end of May
– Since many of us have to stay at home, Class 1 can be booked up to 3 persons at one person’s fee by Zoom. It’s important to protect you especially under this crisis. 
– Payment should be made by one payment and please sort out how each of you make a payment in group. 
– Booking by email.

You can utilize any sessions and courses for you to transform your life. 

Stay safe and feel free to contact me. 

Have a good weekend!

Quantum Psychosomatic Emotion Detox Session – SKYPE
This quantum psychosomatic session works on you 360 degree (mind, emotions and body), including this life and past life. After detoxing, you will have time to restructure your energy. 

Vibrational and psychological work is like a very new concept I think but it is essential. That’s why in this session, it is integrated. It works on the vibrational level and you may not even realise how it is working. 
For further information, you can find it from the link below.

Life Consultation You can book a Psychic Reading


How to book our session  – please check our Contact page and send us an email. 

★Class 1 -Level 2 – Higher self Connection Guided Meditation For Your Life Creation and Psychic Development

Class 1 – Level 2

Many people are asking us questions of how to connect with the higher light-beings as they want to become connected with them such as higherself, angels, ascended masters, Asthar and Higher-beings.

They are out there but their energy and vibration is higher than ours. If you don’t clear your negative emotions and energies, attachments, and heal your wounds, your connection would be most likely not the light-beings but the dark-beings and so called “shape-shifters” as pretenders. I saw so many cases where many people become connected with non light-beings, and their energy or sometimes their lives are messed up.

In any energy work,

there is no short cut.

If you want to have a higher light-beings’ guidance and connection, you need to learn how to discipline yourself and clear your own energy first and for most, step by step to reach to the certain vibration without a huge ego, dishonesty, lies, arrogance, competitiveness, rudeness, judgements, manipulation and a sense of taking care of others people beyond your self- centeredness and desires to seek for a short-term gratification without a mental disorder, substance use and alcohol addiction.

We help you to transform your vibration and build up your energy step by step.

This level 2 helps you to build up your energy step by step and become connected with your higher self, not being disguised by other shape-shifters, and receive guidance and support from them. If you want to develop your psychic senses, this is the first gate-way for you to become connected with the higher dimension in a very safe manner.

In other words, we would like you to understand it is nothing fluffy dealing with the energetic-beings, and not heavenly all the time, so you need to learn how to safely and securely develop your vibration and become connected with the light-beings.

This course is designed to heal your wounds and develop your vibration, and raise your awareness. Higherself connection helps you to guide you, heal you and live as who you are.

Our school method requires a proper meditation to clear and manage your energy with a regular meditation practice as the essential daily practice. If you are interested in, please sign up from the class 1 level 1.

For further information, please visit the class 1 level 2.