Monthly Archives: November 2020

★Awaken Divinity Within Programme


Hope you are well under the restricted situations.

This year, I have taken advantage of the pandemic and went into a lot of my inner world. It was time for me to make a change and upgrade my self-identity and align even more with what I want to do and what my life purpose is asking me to do. In life, there is a season, and some stages of your life are suitable to go within and make a fundamental change about you and your life.

I have finally come up with ideas on what I really want to pursue. Galactic energy awakening is one thing but more psychological work is the one I would like to pursue to set you free from restrictions and mental prison.

I will update the programme and will post all the available information sometime in Dec and January 2021.

If you would like to re-evaluate your own values, upgrade your identity and transform your life with more love and passion, have a look at the Awaken Divinity Within Programme from here.

Thank you and Have a good day