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★New Year 2021 Dimensional Transformation Session – Shift Your Reality and Create Your Heaven on Earth Microcosmos

Do you know there are so many dimensions and so many ‘realities’ existing at the same time? We are experiencing different realities in different dimensions, and one reality is not actually everything and we have the power to change our reality. However, the issue is we are giving away our powers and may feel powerless over years and dwell in the state of mind with limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.

This session helps you to raise your frequency, see the situation from the higher dimensional view, and find out why you are experiencing it, what it means to you, and transform your vibration to make a change in life.

This Dimensional work helps you to experience different dimensions, energies. and to help you to experience and shift your reality, which means you are creating what you want in life.

Emotionally you will become more positive, uplifted, more motivated.

At the beginning of the new year 2021, this energy session will set your energy to manifest your wishes and life purpose.

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★NEW!★Quantum Re-Birth Session with an offer ★★

Quantum Re-Birth Session

Ascension is being in progress even though its process is slow. There are various sessions we offer and this Quantum Re-Birth session works on the very roots of your existing as a human, a soul and a spirit and transform your consciousness and your mind. We are more than a human and are energetic-beings, though many of us have been trapped in the physical reality mostly.

Why were you born in your country?
Where are you here as a human?
Why did you come to the earth?
Where are you from?
and such.

Most of the people cannot answer these questions as they don’t remember who they really are and they have lost the divine connections within themselves. That’s why we fight, kill others, bad-mouthing on social media, work for money without passions, and don’t stop and think why things are happening for us.

-IF you haven’t awakened your inner divinity,
– IF you don’t know why you are here and you are not on your divine path.
– IF you don’t know what you want to do and wonder what life is about
– IF you feel stuck and cannot move on in life with passion

what do you want to do?

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★Dec 21st 2020 Winter Solstice Heaven On Earth Portal Gate Opening Transmission with the Air Creative Energy, Heave on Earth Creation with God, and Karma Clearing Group Session.

Dec 21st 2020 Winter Solstice Heaven On Earth Portal Gate Opening Transmission with the Air Creative Energy, Heave on Earth Creation with God, and Karma Clearing.  

In Dec 2020, there is a various major planetary movement happening in the sky starting from Dec 14th’s New moon day, till the Dec 30th’s full moon.

One of the major events is the Winter Solstice on Dec 21st. On this day, the veil between dimensions is thin and the gate will open, which will allow streams of high-frequency energies to come down for us. It is also a day to start a new season and new cycle, but this year’s Solstice has the major energy as the Earth Era is finishing after 240 years, and the Air Era is starting for the next 200 years as the Air Mutation Era, which means we will have a total transition elemental-energy-wise, and we will transcend our consciousness and our view to the world.

This shift will be amplified by the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the air sign of Aquarius at the zero degrees of Aquarius, which means the energy of limitless possibilities. Do you know the significance of this meaning?

It’s already happening more and more and anything becomes possible, and impossible becomes possible, and we are operating more and more from the collective consciousness and its support. The Great Conjunction in the air sign will happen for the first time in 200+ years means a totally new opening of a new ear we are getting into.

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