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★Nov 22nd (Mon) Afternoon – Brighton Beach Outing Energy Work

November 22nd Mon Afternoon Outing

Due to the planetary position, this month, November is a very difficult month for many of us. You may be experiencing difficulties and troubles in business, relationships, money, work, sex, family situation, health or something else. To ease all the challenges, this event aims to release negative energies, emotions, stress and restructure your energy with a higher vibration on the beach!

Since the weather this month is still warm for this season, we are planning to do the energy work on the beach in Brighton. I actually went there for the energy work last week and it was still nice and warm.

If you want to
– release anxieties and worries, and relax in nature with fresh air.
– want to hear the ocean wave, smell the sea air, and feel the sand.
– detox old energies, patterns and negative energies
– want to win a court case, or resolve financial, sexual, or health issues
– want to reconstruct your life
– want to cut old ties and relationships
– want to release stress and negative energies such as anxiety and worries
– want to have a better life, etc.

you can join this hands-on energy session on the beach.

We will be getting together at the railway station at the destination, and will walk towards the beach for about 10 min, then will do the hands-on energy work.

If you are interested in please read the below and book your seat.

Time and Date: Nov 22nd Mon, 2021. 11:30 am gathering at the station, 11:40 leaving (with toilet access).
* If you are late, you need to join the event location directly. Once the event starts, I may not be able to assist you with the phone, so please be there on time.

Event hours: 12:00 noon – 14:00.

Location: in Brighton. Once you are confirmed to join, you will have further details.
* In case of rain, we will be moving to a cafe nearby to continue after we did the basic work on the beach. Please bring an umbrella and also wear something for the rain. We won’t cancel the event unless it is a storm.

Outline of the energy work
It will be in a group but the energy work is done independently.
Detoxing – You will be standing on the beach without shoes and socks(not too long). If you want, you can dip your feet into the water. So please wear your clothes accordingly.
– Cutting cords/ties with unwanted energies – Kei will help you with this.
Psychological work
– Talking time to find solutions, peace of mind, or a direction for the future. If you want to share and talk about your issues as Q&A.
Restructure your energy and mental setting
Light stretch and exercise for detox
Tea time for sharing and learning from each other’s case – if it is cold to stay outside for long, we will move to a cafe somewhere nearby (possible on the beach) after 40-60min. Please bring cash or a card for your drink and food (if you want to eat). Please buy a drink at a cafe when we get in as we will be staying inside.
Optional – Explore the beach and the area after the event for a while.

Fee: By Paypal 60 pounds (Early bird offer).

Booking: Please email us if you would like to join us. We will check your eligibility first.

What to bring
– Picnic mat or equivalent to sit on the ground (a big plastic bag can do).
– Small towel
– Hand gel to sanitize
– Umbrella (and a raincoat)
– Water, a snack if you wish.
– Wrap up really warm with a hat and gloves.

Application Deadline: Sat 20th, 16:00

Eligibility to join
– You need to take a free NHS rapid home-test at home on EITHER Sat or Sun no later than 12 noon to join this event. Please send us the result from the NHS confirmation email and the white test bar as a result. No exception for all of us to interact safely.
You are required to wear a mask during the whole event.
– You have had no cold and Covid symptoms free in the past 14 days.
– You don’t suffer from Long Covid.
– It should be at least a good 2 months passed since you received the jabs.
– It should be more than 3 months since you recovered from Covid.
– It should be more than 10 days if you came back from overseas with the required PCR test completed (Day 2 and/ Day 8).

* When you book, eligibility will be checked with the above points. Please make sure you meet the eligibility and agree to join the event in advance. Otherwise, you will be excluded from the group event even after we get together if you show the covid symptoms or don’t meet the eligibility. The participation fee will not be refunded in that case.

IMPORTANT – Please read below before you book.
– Please take a Covid test first either on Sat or Sun before Sun 12noon.
– Fee does not cover any cost like public transportation, food and drinks.
– Before and after the event, it is your free time and you can explore the area or stay if you want.
– Please wrap up warm with layers as the outside air can be cold staying for a couple of hours. Hat and gloves are recommended.
– Please wear something you can stand on the beach barefoot and bring a towel. If the sand is dry, you may lie down on the beach if you wish. Casual and easy-to-move around clothes are highly recommended.
– Please bring your own drinks or snacks if you wish.
– Please wear a mask all the time for everyone’s safety just in case. However, while we are outdoor and have 2m away from each other, it is fine you can take off your mask.
– You can share only what you want to share about your distresses and situations.
– Please bear in mind what you hear during the event will stay in the event, and keep privacy for other participants.
– Once you book and make a payment, it is not refundable unless you get the Covid symptoms on Sun or Sat with the positive test result.
– There is toilet access on the beach.
– If the event should be cancelled, you will receive a refund.
– Please bear in mind that this event will not be cancelled in case of rain.
– Any personal questions should be made only during the event, not after. If it is for a psychic reading, please book a session as I cannot open up in the public space.

Kei’s test result on Nov 19th Fri