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★★Dec 25th, 27th & 29th 2021 – Christmas Special Offer! – Psychic Reading, Reiki, Cord Cutting, Core 28 DNA Activation, Massage, and NLP.

Christmas Special Offer!

It is Christmas time and this year we can celebrate Christmas! (Fingers crossed!).

How are you ready to get ready for the new year of 2022?
How can you transform your life by releasing old energies and becoming healed?
How do you plan for the new year and transform yourself?

You can utilize our special offers below. First come, first served!


★★Private session Xmas offer (50 min) @ Online or Face to face at Bond St.
Dec 25th Sat 16:-00 – /17:00- (Online)
– Dec 27th & 29th – You can book your preferred 80 min+ session @ 20 pounds off
(Online/If face to face, at Bond st 12:00 start / 13:30 start) .

– You can utilize Christmas offers to transform your life. It is either a face to face session at Bond street or a Zoom online 50 min session.

– You can give this offer as a Christmas present for your loved ones.

First come, first served!

– Psychic Reading / Tarot:
- New client: 50 pounds, Existing client: 80 pounds. (Standard fee is 95 pounds)

– Reiki Healing & Cord Cutting inc short counselling
: New client:
50 pounds, Existing client: 90 pounds.
(Standard fee is 140 pounds)

– Core 28 DNA Activation & Healing inc short counselling
: New client:
60 pounds, Existing client: 100 pounds.
(Standard fee is 210 pounds)
-> this is available only face to face.

– Deep Tissue Massage on your shoulders, neck and back (No oil)
: New client:
50 pounds, Existing client: 60 pounds.
(Standard fee is 70⁻100 pounds)
-> this is available only face to face. Please wear something not too tight and bulky.  

– Any other NLP, EMDR, Psychological work combined Mind and Emotional Healing: New client: 50 pounds, Existing client: 80 pounds.
(Standard fee is 120 pounds.

What about….
– Psychic reading:
– Reiki:
– 28 DNA Activation and Healing:
– Massage:

★★How to Book
– Please email us to book your slot. Face to face session is at Bond st.
– Please pay in advance by bank transfer. If by Paypal, it will be plus 10 pounds.
– Cancelation & rescheduling Policy: Within 48h, 50 pounds, within 24h, 100% charge.
– Earlier booking is better. It may be difficult to book you on the day on the spot as I will be working on clients.
– Please note we will start as scheduled and finish on time. We need to have 10 min in between to prepare for the next session and ventilate the room.

To book a face to face session – please read in advance.
– Please take a free Lateral NHS flow test at home and send us a negative test result coming from NHS as confirmation with the white bar picture when you book, no later than Fri 18:00.
– You need to be free from Covid, cold and flu symptoms such as coughing, fevers, runny nose, etc. in the last 14 days.
– It should be after two months after the jab you received.
– Please wear a mask during the event.
– If you show symptoms of Covid and cold, you will be refused to receive a session face to face. It will be changed to a remote session.
– Room and all the equipment are sanitized and it is ventilated well with a window. – – Kei has a regular covid test in advance and makes sure she is also negative.
– In case of a lockdown within 24h, counselling, Reiki healing, NLP& Psychological session will be switched to a Zoom session. Massage sessions will be refunded. 28 DNA Activation can be switched to Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation remote session if you would like.

Please feel free to contact us.