2022-Kinpusen Temple

Kinpusen Temple is a spiritual gateway for all the spiritual mountains for spiritual awareness trainings from the ancient time in Nara in Japan. This place is not for a sightseeing but it is a well-known place for people who want to develop their mind and body.

From Yoshino station. You can use a cable train or walk up a steep hill. Energy-wise, it is very stoic, deep and powerful here. Hundreds years ago, there was a regional war in this area and at difference time and space, Samurai and soldiers were walking around to fight and defend, and at other times all the spiritual seekers were here gathering to go for a training in the mountain. That was a massive number of people passing by in front of me sitting in the square tuning into the energy in the past here.

I used to see a vision of spiritual training walking up in the mountain with my partner at that time wearing all white clothes (as a Japanese pilgrim version). I could feel this was the place.

Isn’t it interesting to visit place you used to visit in past lives? Beyond time and space, you visit the same place and know it is not the first time you ever be there.