2022-Nouten Shrine – in Nara in Japan

This Nouten shrine is also a secretly well-known shrine among spiritual awareness development seekers. It is in the same site of Kinpusen temple. However, in order to get there, you need to do the hardwork as a training.

Nouten means brain and heaven

You need to go down 450 steep staircases and come back the same route again. There is no lift.

Once you get there there is a small shrine by a river, which deals with anything related to the matter above your shoulders, such as
– pass exams
– study well
– any illness and problems above your shoulders.
– improve concentration, and such.

Since this is a authentic spiritual awareness development place as a training like a monastery, just coming here and praying would not work. God here helps you if you are willing to work on yourself.

I was very lucky to be here as there was a special ceremony with fire going on. The mong was giving us a spiritual session and after that each person could come forward to the fire and make a wish while the monk was clearing the energy from your back.

There are not many shrines providing an energy-charged ring but here they do as a charm.

Previous palace
Palace was here used to be as Nara was the ancient capital long time ago.

Nouten shrine – getting there..
You go through so many small gateways.

Nouten shrine