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🌟 March  – April 2022 Spring & Aries Energy Activation & Guided Vibration-Work

The vernal equinoxes day of March 21st is very energetic, and it is the first day of Earth New Year’s Day, when the Aries star sign, the first zodiac sign of the 12 constellations, begins. It is a very important time of the new beginning of the energetic year for the coming 12 months.

Leveraging this spring and Aries fire energy, you will receive support to transform yourself from the energetic and subconscious levels, while unravelling the current energy, state, and collective consciousness, which is not unrelated to your consciousness.

If you would like to enhance the following quality in your life.

Be happy
In the lifestyle you want
Earn the income you want
Live in a desirable reality you want

This audio-video offers you energy work, psychological work, which you can listen to and watch at home whenever you want.  

The last guided meditation in this video, works especially on your energy and subconscious mind, and it is a recorded video, so you can listen to it many times you want.

Outline of the Spring & Aries Energy Work Video
– It is a 60 min recorded video. However, you will need a total of 2 hours to complete this video as you need to feel, think and explore.

  • Ukraine war – Affect from our consciousness
  • What can each one of us do to end it?
  • Psychological work to transform yourself
  • Spring Equinox & Aries energy
  • Energy work to transform  from your sub-subconscious mind and your energy

Video Purchase
Current Offer in March – £35 (standard price £70) by bank transfer, or from the Paypal link here.

– IMPORTANT Please send us your email address you register for your Youtube account to watch the video.

– We will send you a Youtube video link to the email address you used to purchase it (please note that there is no refund). You can watch the video for at least 3 months.
– Watch the video and enjoy an energy work session at home.

**If you would like to receive this session individually as an online live private session, you can book it including psychic consultation. (£240/for two hours. UK Bank Transfer. From abroad, £250 with PayPal Charge). Please send us 2-3 times and dates of your choice.

1) Free Video – about 10 min – 2022 March – Apr

2) Watch the video after purchase from the image below – your purchased video can be watched from here – please assign 2h.

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