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★Psychological work – ‘I am alone and feeling lonely.’  Is it really so?

You may be a ‘loner’, feeling lonely or not bothered.
You may be feeling lonely even if you are with your friends and family.

I found out the other day there are so many people feeling lonely in the UK, especially in the older generations, which causes many mental and social problems. For example,

  • Mental illness
  • Heavy drinking, alcohol addiction
  • Binge eating, causes obesity and diabetes
  • Substance use, leads to psychotic issues, and more.

‘Loneliness’ is a recognized social issue surprisingly, which is more so under the pandemic situation as we cannot connect with each other in a normal usual way as we used to be, like meeting up for dinners, drinks, travelling, though, in the UK, people are out now regardless the Corona situation.

Psychologists engage in researching psychological and social issues related to loneliness and how they can be eased effectively.

Very interestingly, according to some psychological research results, people who drink a lot at home alone, tend not to drink that much as they don’t feel lonely when they are around people and have interactions with other people (This is different from drinking heavily by peer pressure).

Interesting, isn’t it?

So IF loneliness causes excessive drinking to compensate for feeling ‘’empty’’ or ‘’lonely’’,

It can apply to other cases as follows

  • Loneliness causes excessive food eating and craving -> obesity
  • Loneliness causes excessive sex or sexual desire -> STD
  • Loneliness causes excessive spending -> debt
  • Loneliness causes excessive working/workaholic -> ill health
  • Loneliness causes excessive ‘something’.

as a reality avoidance and it compensates for loneliness with ‘something’ to fill the void.

Does it make sense to you?

It is a very interesting social phenomenon in modern society and it is a modern issue.

Since we have so many tools such as Facebook, Line, WhatsUp, emails, phone, mobile phone, internet, etc., we can connect with others anytime anywhere as far as there is electricity and Wi-fi, isn’t it?  It should be easier to connect with others and not feel lonely, isn’t it?

Some people don’t want to be bothered and they don’t want to have too many phone calls and messages all the time, and they quite often say, ‘Please do not phone me. If you need to, please text or message me.  

However, more and more people are feeling lonely as people disconnect themselves from their families, friends, work, societies, etc. and shut themselves out from others, emotionally, mentally or physically.

The reason is simple. They cannot stand their family members, friends, colleagues, or society. They don’t talk to each other and cut connections and relationships. This is very common even among family members. However, there may be a  dangerous situation, and they have to have some distance or cut connections from other family members or others not to put themselves in physical danger.

The first step to solving loneliness is to ask yourself,

‘Why are you creating a lonely situation?’

If you study with our school, you know what to do by utilizing classes 1, 2, and other tools you have learned. Utilized them and dig deeper.

There is always an answer and a reality is your creation, which can be changed anytime.

If you learn and change yourself, reality follows.

Saying is easy and practising may be difficult. But It is worth trying.

No action, no changes.

You know what you need to get over and then acquire.

If you need support and help, you can contact us. There are many tools we can help you with and one of them is a spiritual counselling or psychic consultation.

Enjoy your ride.