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★Sep 23rd, 2022 – Autumn Equinox – Sun God Ra & Goddess Amaterasu Energy Transmission & Connection, and Support for Individual Prays 

This week, the autumn equinox day will come on the 23rd (Fri.), which is different from the usual autumn equinox day. And then the new moon will follow on the 25th.

In the Upper floor (higher dimension) which affects the physical/human world in which our human bodies currently exist, changes are happening.

It is like,
– An annual assessment
– Changes in personnel assignments, dismissal, new appointments, etc.

It didn’t happen just recently, but there was a pre-movement which was leading to this huge change, the turning point. It has been happening gradually over the last couple of years.

It will take some time to settle down and a new shift or cycle will be starting fully, but this energetic shift gives an impact on each one of us.

As we have messaged so far, each of us is making a decision/or not making a decision in relation to certain dimensional matters whether we know it or not. For example,

  • Some people choose to stay in the same cycle of clearing unfinished karma rather than entering into a new ascension shift, or
  • Other people actively practice self-development, move to the next shift or the stage, and enter the flow that allows them to ascend further.

to put it plainly

Guides and (light/dark-) beings that support us are changing depending on what each of us thinks and behaves in our daily lives and what motives we act from.

We are at a crossroads. Let’s see where we are at currently. For example,

  • Even if something happens that makes you want to shout or raise your voice, did you calm down and communicate with love?
  • Are you taking the position and behave like someone else is totally wrong and you are not wrong at all?
  • Material world gives you an illusion. How much are you aware of that, and act to support yourself and others beyond material benefits?
  • How are you tackling with your own shadow/dark aspect emotionally, mentally or behaviour-wise?
  • How dependent are you to others and give away your power to others by depending on others and circumstances, not creating your world pro-actively?

There is no right or wrong, or there is no fixed ONE answer for anything. There are various ways to tackle and create your reality with various choices. Depending on what you choose or not to choose, your guides and connections will be changed.

It’s easy to say in words, but when you put it into practice in your daily life, it’s not easy because you have to face your own psychological and energetic darkness, ego, pride, and stubbornness and such. Think of your family situation, marriage, work situation, friendship, or any other relationships, there would not be anyone who are perfectly free from any issues or conflicts, which is very common.

There are plenty of materials to develop ourselves spiritually and mentally in our daily life, but if relationships and situations are too much to deal with or difficult, you may want to run away or avoid dealing with it/them, isn’t it?

In the midst of the energy shift, Sun God Ra and Goddess Amaterasu support us to develop our spirituality and vibration.

  • Sun God Ra: The Sun God Ra is the supreme god of Egyptian mythology based on sun worship. In the ancient Egyptian dynasty, he was respected widely as managing various multi-talented gods. There are many people who belong to this Sun God Ra and have connections with him. However, if the energy has not yet awakened, you will not be able to utilize it. His energetic characteristic is the light, fire, divine love excitement, and a positive attitude to tackle things boldly. You will also go into the flow of building a solar empire while helping others.
  • Goddess Amaterasu: Goddess Amaterasu is a multi-talented and compassionate goddess with great love, who can help you in any situation. If the Sun God Ra, has a masculine dynamic energy, Amaterasu offers deep compassionate divine love. In addition, Amaterasu herself, in cooperation with the Galactic Federation of Light, has become the cornerstone of the ascension of the Earth and humankind. Amaterasu is resided at Ise Shrine in Mie in Japan, but she supports various tasks and gods widely.

The Equinox energies can also strongly influence 7 days before and after the Equinox, so our offer spans between the equinox day, 23rd, and 26th. (Sep 25th is a new moon day).

We will offer energy work in a remote group session on 23rd Equinox day, and additionally for an individual person, communicate your wishes to Ra and Amaterasu, and pray for you to support your wishes and ascension.

For further details, please see below.

We will reply to each of you with individual messages regarding your concerns and prayers, but since it is a remote session, there will be no individual questions and answers after that. 

Overview – Includes all of the following.

  • Advance preparation
    • Please send us an email up to 500 words (up to about half A4 size paper) about what you want to pray for and your concerns in advance. Please make sure to send us what you want to happen/make it come true.
    • Altogether, please let us know your full name, date of birth, and the prefecture and city where you live by email.
    • In addition, please complete the payment in advance using PayPal from the link below. If the payer name is different from yours, please let us know who wants to have a session by email.
  • Remote group energy transmission
    • September 23rd (Friday) – planned at 0:30-1:00 am (UK time)
    • Receive energy, love, support, and energy transmission from the Sun God Ra and Goddess Amaterasu in a remote session.
    • When it’s time, you don’t have to do anything and just intend to receive the transmission.
    • Please avoid driving a car and using heavy machinery just in case as you may become drowsy.
  • Individual remote prayer support work
    • We will do the work for you sometime on the Sep. 23rd, 24th, or 26th, please email us your concerns and wishes to communicate to the Sun God Ra, the goddess Amaterasu, and the Hierarchy of Light which supports you to transform. We will communicate to them and pray for you.
    • We will reply to your wish with a message by email within 7 days.

Date and time:

  • Remote Energy Transmission: Friday, September 23, 2022, 0:30-1 am UK time.
  • Individual prayer support work: This will be conducted for each of you individually sometime between the equinox and Mon after the new moon on the 23rd-26th.
  • After completion, we will send you a message by email within 7 days.

Participation fee:

After the session

  • After the session, take a piece of paper and a pencil and write down what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it, and put it into action.

Please read in advance.

  • Please note that there is no refund after booking.
  • When booking, please be sure to email us your real name, full name, country and city of residence, and date of birth by the deadline. Please note that if you do not send the info, we will send the energy via your address which is included in the Paypal payment confirmation.
  • Please avoid driving or using a machinery during the remote work session. We recommend that you stay at somewhere private as much as possible, but no matter where you are or what you are doing, the energy will reach you. Please be prepared to receive it when it is time.
  • After completion, we will send you a message by email. Please note that there will be no individual live online sessions or phone conversations.
  • Since it is a powerful work, we recommend that you take a good rest after the session and drink plenty of water.

★ 2022 Sep – Ujigami shrine – Uji in Kyoto

Ujigami shrine and Uji shrine are related each other and the resided god here is called 菟道稚郎子命(うじのわきいらつこのみこと) / Ujino waki irastu kono mikoto.

He was the second prince. His eldest brother succussed the position of the ruler but some staff around them recommended this second price to become the ruler which he did not want to.

This prince was affected by the political situation and he did not want to be in the position to threat his loving brother and make the country insecure. After three years of turmoil, this second prince decided to kill himself to settle the situation. It is not common as usually there are loads of ugly politicial situations and blood shedding even among family members.

After his death, he was mourned by his brother and the people, and he became god to protect his people and the country.

What can you learn from this?
In the human society, there are many conflicts among family members including brothers and sisters as they compete each other to inherit a house, family fund, assets, fame, attention, love and more. If everyone behaves like this prince knowing his position in the family as the second son, not competing against the eldest son who is supposed to be the inheritor with respect and love, many family conflicts could be settled.

Unfortunately, many people seek for power, money, assets, attention, etc. based on ego, rather than family love and respect. This second prince supported his elder brother and the country by killing himself. There is love and humbleness.

What can you change about you related to your family?

★2022 Sep – Tribute to the Queen and the Energy change


We would like to express our deepest sympathy to the Royal Family following the sad news of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

A beacon of calm and stability: World leaders pay tribute to the Queen (

The 8th of September when she passed away, was the day of ending one cycle by the KyuSei Kigaku analysis which is like a Japanese version of western astrology. She died on the last day of the period with full of imperial energy right before the beginning of a new cycle started.

She was a much loved and respected figure across the globe, and we join the nation in mourning her death and in recognising her long service to this country.

While there are still very few women in the world who can reign as queens, become prime ministers, or stand at a top position and serve in the world, she was the one who was the catalyst to break the old tradition where women were expected to live in a house cooking, cleaning, delivering babies at home and being child-rearing personnel, and to create a flow that allowed women to play an active role in a local community, the society and the national level.

There were problems like Prince Harry and his wife’s books with full of disrespect to his own family’s privacy, but nonetheless, she focused on stabilizing the UK as a nation. Even if you don’t like royal families, we can respect her rein over 70 years for such a long time with commitment and dedication to people.

What can we learn from this?

Wish her to rest in peace and reunite with her husband.

Since the ascension started in 2012, the flow has been changing drastically. While changes have been fast, what is becoming noticeable is a recent change in space and time. It is becoming more obvious which dimension each individual chose, which shows differences in reality.

Some people continue to learn in the same cycle with the same karma not settling yet.

Others have settled some karmas and moved on to the next dimension.

It’s already coming out energetically and clearly in the reality.

Either way, learning is learning.

Are you stubbornly thinking only of yourself and continuing to act with no consideration for yourself or those around you? (Not in a superficial sense).


‘How’ do you understand why you are alive, and how do you utilize of what you are born for and are alive to live your life and contribute to society?

 These are just polar opposite ways of ‘being’ just as an example, but they are making huge differences in reality.

There are underlying psychological patterns involved underneath, but in the case of the first pattern, it would be difficult to notice it yourself, as it is a human nature, and we don’t want to see our own darkness and avoid looking at them.

Summer is over and we are entering into a new cycle, fruitful autumn.

Hope you become rested well and utilize the new energy in a new cycle.