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★ April 8th Night New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse Breakthrough Zoom Live Session

On the night of April 8th (morning of April 9th in Japan), there will be a powerful energy influence due to the total solar eclipse, where almost all planets of the solar system and Chiron gather in Pisces, Aries, and Taurus.

If you look up at the sky, you may likely see them almost aligned in a row. This phenomenon, also known as the Solar Flash, conjuncts with the new moon, particularly a Balsamic Moon, marking a significant time for letting go of the past and embracing new beginnings. It’s an optimal day for healing deep emotional wounds and addressing things that have been hidden or avoided.

However, there is a possibility of phenomena such as storms, earthquakes, tsunamis and emotional bursts, so you may need to be mindful.

Based on the alignment of the new moon and major planets, you can participate in our live Zoom session to receive support in releasing past energy, healing, and starting anew.

This rare and powerful alignment is particularly significant for those who feel called to fulfil their roles.

Total Solar Eclipse Breakthrough Session
Session Overview:

Live Group Zoom Session – Participants will receive the Zoom link by Monday 6 PM.

Date & Time: UK – April 8th (Monday) 21:40  – 23:00 / Japan – April 9th (Tuesday) 5:40 AM – 7:00 AM

Booking Deadline: Booking and payment must be made by Monday, April 8th, 18:00 UK time (2 AM Japan time on April 9th).

– Explanation of energy, emotions, and physical effects based on astrological alignments
– Effects of the total solar eclipse, Balsamic Moon, etc.
– Energy work: releasing energy and emotions, mental decluttering, (trauma) healing
Accessing and transforming the subconscious mind
– Breakthrough planet meditation
– Subconscious work for manifesting dreams
– Bonus! Exclusive offer only for live Zoom participants, related to ancient effective methods of manifesting dreams. You’ll need a pen and paper.
Bonus! – Background music with Solfeggio frequencies to enhance energy effects. It’s recommended to use earphones for better results.
– Q&A

Preparation: Pen, paper (several sheets), something to drink, tissue/handkerchief, etc.

Participation Fee: Early bird discount available. Instead of £100, now £45 via Paypal from here.
– Prices will increase over time, so please make your payment in advance and inform via email.

– We’ll tailor the energy work based on participants’ energy. Please turn on your camera if possible.
– There are no refunds.
– Prices will increase closer to the event time.
– Please choose a quiet and private location. It’s also recommended to use earphones for better audio quality.
– Latecomers are allowed to join. If you’re unable to enter once the session starts (e.g., if your name can’t be confirmed upon entry), there will be no refund. Please enter in advance to avoid any issues.- You don’t need to share your privacy, so rest assured. If you wish to share, you can do so.

★ Additionally, for those interested in private sessions:
– If you prefer individual sessions over group sessions, you can choose any of our sessions on our website.
– If you want to release the past and embrace new energy, you can also receive the eclipse work in an individual session. In that case, choose the Quantum Empowerment session.