About us

Kei Nishimura (MSc in Psychology & Health Psychology. Performance Coach)

  • Psychic psychologist (MSc in Psychology)
  • Galactic Federation Light Worker School Founder
  • Psychic Healer and Trainer
  • Cognitive Behaviour Hypnosis (CBH) & EMDR
  • Hypnosis and Past Life Hypnosis (Dip. Hypnosis)
  • Reiki Master and Teacher
  • Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach
  • ITEC3 Holistic Massage Therapist
                – @ London, UK, (born in Japan.)

Kei offers integrated holistic sessions for you by transforming your mind, body, energy and your psychology with deep psychological insights and psychic energetic analysis to support your awakening and empower you to become YOU.

Kei has gone through many lives as a spirit and has a mission related to the ascension of human beings and the Earth. Previously, she used to absorb negative energy and karma from people and suffered from that effect, without knowing what was going on. With this experience, she learned she was an Empath (very sensitive psychic to feel and understand people’s thoughts and emotions) and realized the importance of energetic cleansing, protection and healing.

She works with light beings and the Galactic energy. These light beings come through to help you to release old patterns, heal your wounds and raise your awareness to shift your consciousness and manifest your life purpose. She offers group work, esoteric teachings and tailor-made private sessions to support your transformation. She has been on the self-development journey for over 30 years and helping thousands of people as a psychic healer and teacher for over 17 years internationally, having left her professional global financial and marketing career path.

Currently, she helps various people (especially women) to awaken their inner divinity and embark on their divine journey of ‘Know Thyself’ which means getting to know who they are and why they are here with deep and thorough integrative training as an esoteric and metaphysical trainer. This is a divine path to awaken their inner divinity and enhance their vibration with a higher vibration stage by stage with humbleness and the consciousness to serve humanity with love, trust and compassion. These candidates hold the true capacity to become the Galactic soul leaders in the future via our training, willing to leave human egos and dramas behind and will be ready to serve the human with humbleness.

Her school system is not a mass-group, quick-fix commercialised school so, you will have mainly one-to-one private/semi-private sessions and classes to heal yourself first, raise your awareness and build up your knowledge and skills to become a high-quality, compassionate and capable lightworker or whoever you want to be. Each session and course is designed to give the maximum effects for your transformation with subtle but high vibrational light.

If you wish to get out of the physical dimension’s material-driven life and maximize your potential as a lightworker, then you are ready to receive our support.

What is the future direction? 
Her approach has changed drastically and stopped offering spirit release and exorcism sessions. Instead, she helps you to release negative influence and spirit attachments by downloading the high vibrational energies, and also teaches you how to clear your energies and protect them as self-care management. Her school teaches you how to become independent emotionally, mentally, energetically and financially and enjoy your life by fulfilling your life purpose.

In order to do this, she studies all the time and deals with various energies to provide the best possible tailor-made session for each person. You can request what you would like to have and she will customize  a session to get the best outcome at each session.

Previous Career Background
After she had graduated from the university in Japan, her first job was as a speculative forex trading and research assistant in the sub-division of a major oil company in Tokyo in Japan. She changed jobs and worked in some Forbes 500 listed international companies, such as in the derivative trading division in a French Security company, an American production company, an English Asset Management company in the ING group in the marketing, international credit company as a sponsorship-marketing manager and the Japanese megabank professionally in the operating system’s customer service in Tokyo and London. 

Lots of these work experiences involved international projects, customer relationships, people management and international travels to NY, LA, Europe and more. She and her team had success with various projects, though she was also aware of the downside of the corporate path and its politics affecting her negatively. She has vast life and work experiences and an understanding of different fields with cultural diversity, and can understand many people’s issues to support them. With this background, she attracts various clients with diverse backgrounds.

Academic Background
Her parents sent her to the 6-year private junior and senior high school which was well known locally as a high-level Sparta school aiming for students to go to the top state and private universities. She was a geek and went to one of the top state universities in the field, Osaka University and Foreign Language University in Japan (current Osaka university), though her senior high school teacher didn’t think she could make it.

Her intuition told her she could make it ONLY if she studies hard. This experience gave her the foundation to become disciplined, research well and organize sessions and classes to meet clients’ needs. 

After she moved to London in Jan in 2008, she converted her BA degree and obtained a Post Graduate Diploma and BA degree in Psychology, which is accredited by the British Psychology Society (BPS) to become a psychologist. After this, she completed the  Pre-MA foundation programme of the Psychotherapy and Counselling course at the university in London but she realized she did not want to deal with this industry and returned to the psychology path. 

In 2019, she received the MSc award in psychology with distinction on cognitive coursework and her dissertation project on the bilateral eye movement effect based on EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). She is combining the energy work with the psychological shift to generate the maximum transformation effects for each person.

Academic Background
– British Psychology Society (BPS) accredited MSc in Health Psychology from Aston University in the UK. 
– British Psychology Society (BPS) accredited MSc in Psychology from Birkbeck, University of London.
– British Psychology Society (BPS) accredited BA and Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology from the University of East London
– Regent’s University Pre-MA Postgraduate Psychotherapy & Counselling Foundation course
– BA degree from Osaka University of Foreign Studies in Japan (current Osaka University).
– Study Abroad for one year at Binghamton State University in NY. Political Science and Economics major.
– Summer-time English Programme at California State University at Hayward in San Francisco in the US.

Her Life Change Experiences
With an embedded ethic of working smart and enjoying life, she developed her career, performed on dance stages, travelled to over 38 countries, and enjoyed what life offered. After an unexpected huge life crisis situation she encountered in 2005, Kei was given a clue as to who she really was and discovered the purpose of life and its meaning. This led her to transform her life completely and now she works with gods and light-beings to serve and support awakening humanity as the ascension technologist and a psychic psychologist.

Since her childhood, she has had the ability to understand and sense people’s minds and emotions through Clairsentience (Full Sensory Perception). When she visited Bali in Indonesia, a “Baliyan”(full body trans-channeler and healer)  gave her a healer and a channeller symbol as Kei was also recognized as a ‘Baliyan’. It was added to her original Japanese healer symbol which was given to her when she was born.

Kei has gone through many lives as a spirit and has a mission related to the ascension of human beings and the Earth. Previously, Kei used to absorb negative energy and karma from people and suffered from that effect, without knowing what was going on. With this experience as an Empath, she realized the importance of energetic cleansing, protection and healing.

Various Professional Training
Her life transformation started back in 2005 when she faced death and a life crisis. She started receiving many healing and psychic guidance sessions and also professional holistic training in Japan. She got trained by mystery schools and became initiated as an Adept initiate, Teacher, Ritual Master and Guide by the authentic Western esoteric traditions and by the traditional esoteric groups in the UK.  She received various training such as healing, psychic development, astrology, magic, tarot, channelling, psychic reading, tarot reading, mediumship, exorcism, energy work, anatomy, alchemy, divination, ritual magic, Qabalah, meditation and more.

She has also been trained as a teacher and practitioner of Usui Reiki Healing (Original Usui Reiki Healing with no modification), a qualified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, EMDR & Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapist,  ITEC 3 Holistic Massage therapist to support people’s daily life matters and mind re-setting. All of these are proper training over months or a year, not like a couple of days of cheeky training.

Her transformation has been supported, mentored and trained by many internationally renowned and experienced experts in each field and they helped her awaken and develop its process. Especially in the academic psychological professional training, many professors with PhD and experts in this field taught her how to support people psychologically with depth knowledge and expertise, and inspired her deeply, especially highly intelligent and compassionate female professors.

With this in mind, she believes environment and learning from the expert matters, and this is why she does not support the idea of a mass-healer/psychic production school and a quick-fix one-day training with over 30 students as it cannot deal with each person’s energy, psychology, their ego, wounds and life deeply enough to transform themselves to serve as a lightworker/therapist.  

She has had rich experiences in the 3rd-dimensional world. Utilizing these rich experiences as well as the higher guidance, she provides guidance for people to balance their life, and gain abundance, be it through the material, mental or physical body, for them to gain peace of mind and happiness, and live their divine lives with joy.

She has an excellent reputation for practical, straightforward, compassionate and effective guidance in career change and development, business development, life purpose, love, and relationships.

She offers sessions in both English and Japanese.

Professional Qualifications
– Metaphysical mystery school, Guide, Teacher, Initiate (Adept), Healer, Psychic, Channelling, Psychic Surgery Practitioner and Ritual Master
– Accredited Usui Reiki teacher and practitioner
– Reiki and Seichem Association Accredited Master Teacher and Practitioner
– Richard Bundler Accredited Master NLP Practitioner
– Personal Performance Coach from the International Coaching Federation Accredited Diploma course.
– Trained to offer Behaviour Coaching from the Coaching CPD Standards-Office.
– BSYA Accredited Psychic Counselor
– BSYA Accredited Advanced Crystal Healer
– MASC Accredited Advanced Stress Management Consultant
– Licensed Hypnotherapy Practitioner(Dip. in Hypnotherapy)inc. Spirit release and past life.
– Accredited EMDR and Ego State Therapy Therapist
– Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist
– Mental Health First Aider (MHFA England)
– ITEC Level 3 Holistic Massage Practitioner
– Certified Deep Tissue Massage Practitioner
– Certified Hands-Free Deep Tissue Massage Practitioner
– Certified Indian Head Massage Practitioner
– Certified Acupressure Seated Chair Massage Practitioner

Media Exposure, Exhibitions and Public Work
– Women’s Radio station (2019-2020)
– Occasional psychic mediumship platforms (2017-)
– Mindfulness Meditation, Emotional Intelligence & Stress Management Workshop at NHS – Nov 2019 in London.
– Japanese magazine articles
– 2012 -2019 Exhibited at the largest psychic fair in London
– 2015- 2016 Exhibited at the largest psychic fair in Tokyo, Japan
–  2008 -2010 – Exhibited at the local psychic fairs in north London.

Volunteering work
– Well-beings phone support call for HIV patients at a charity organization (March 2022-)
– NHS check-in check-out phone support service (2022)
– Mindfulness meditation at a day centre in South London