Abundance Attraction – Karma Release, Contract removal and Ancestral Healing Vol 4

Abundance Attraction – Karma Release, Contract removal and Ancestral Healing Vol 4 – Semi-private group work.

  • Day 1 – It focuses on how to attract and create financial, mental and emotional abundance by release blockages in various ways. Semi-private group work.
  • Day 2 –  After releasing the energy, you will re-pattern your energy, emotional and mental structures and create new blue print of the abundance. There is a bit of time of the energetic theory of the abundance, but it is mainly hands on transformational work for both days. 

    - For the Day 1, anyone can participate in.


Day 1
None (Class 1 level 1 is recommended)
This is the Volume 4 of  the Karma Release, Contract Update & Ancestor’s Healing Semi Private Group Work  focusing on the abundance attraction and creation.

There are rich people and poor people. Some people receive more money but others are not. Causes are various and there is no simple one answer, however, there are common patterns in emotional, energetic, mental and behaviours.

If you don’t do anything, nothing would change most likely.
If you repeat same things with the same mental patterns and belief system, nothing would transform most likely.
If you leave invisible energetic blockages to attract abundance, nothing would change either and you would keep get disturbed until you remove it especially karmic matters.

Good news is that everyone is born with a huge potential to be abundant, but if you have a deep seated feeling with “I cannot become abundant though I do everything”, unfortunately nothing would change either. If you are lucky and make million pounds tentatively, it would not be continuous if you don’t go along with the solid Universal principles.

Financial abundance is linked with various other things.
You can become truly happy only if it comes together with mental and emotional abundance.

Additionally, there seems to be a pattern in a family karma if a household does not earn sufficient income to support the family.. Spells, karmas and other obstacles, negative emotions which your ancestors created or received from others can be very much playing negative roles if you leave it alone.


4-5 ancestral healing sessions as a private session is about  900 pounds value, whilst this workshop offers the same value or more  in one day at much more reasonable fee.

Even if you received spirit attachment release hypnosis and Quantum Block release sessions, this workshop is highly recommended as this is another level of block release, mainly focusing on removing karma and negative inheritance from your ancestors.

Day 2 
Class 1 level 1 is recommended
Day 1 focuses on a block release, and Day 2 focuses on the positive aspect, how to create and attract abundance learning all the hands on tips including hands on experiential work. Your conscious and unconscious mind will be transformed. You will learn the basic law of abundance, and after this workshop, you can simply apply them into your day to day life and make a change.

Since the Day 2 has many elements of guided meditation and hypnosis to work on your energetic levels to make a deeper change.

It is highly recommended to attend both days to make 2018 the best year and be Truly-You, however you can attend only Day 1.

Abundance is not only about money but also;
– You can live and work happily in a country by obtaining a visa.
– Good opportunities are brought in from good relationships.
– You are healthy and have a desirable life style.
– You have people who support you in a good environment.
– You can feel you have peace of mind and happiness in life.
– You enjoy your work utilising your abilities and talents, and you are recognised.
– You engage in a desirable career,
and more.

Since the Day 2 involves a lots of hypnosis and guided meditation, it is required for you to attend the Class 1 level 1 and get used to a meditation and energetic work in advance.

In the Day 2, you will be paired up and do hands on work but you don’t need to say anything you don’t want to share. Your privacy is protected.

Since the seat is limited, each participant receives good attention as a semi-group work and experiences lots of transformational energetic work, rather than learning lots of boring theories.

For more information and booking, please see below.


<Outline of the Workshop>
Things to bring
– please bring a pen, colour pens and a notebook. 
– If a notebook is the one you like, anything is fine but a new notebook. A4 size recommended. 


Day 1
Part  1

– If you attended the Vol 1, 2 or 3 of the Karma Release and Ancestral Healing in the past, you can skip this part 1 of the Day 1.
1. 5 aspects of how to construct your life for better and its essential key.
2. Esoteric Theory – How we become humans.
3.Raise your vibrations – If your energetic vibration, mental and emotional patterns stay the same, it would be difficult to release karma and update your energetic contracts, therefore, you will have healing and block release work to rise your vibration.

Part 2
4. Light stretch time
5.How to maximize your potential and utilise your gifts and power fully.
— Potential blockages and issues for deeper insights – related to the self and the external factors.
6.Guided Clearing Meditation
7.Guided Meditation to heighten your consciousness.
8.Key emotional release & healing work – Crystal healing & EMDR are included to release blocks to attract abundance intensively. 
9. Energetic release, programming, negative energy and energetic contract release from a cellular level –  including 2 very important hereditary curse and spells related to health and illnesses, abundance.
- A) Release  from family lineage and ancestors.
- B) Release from psychic attack and spells.
- C) Release painful emotions, traumas, memories, old energetic blocks from your chakras and auras.
- D)  Release blocks related to  your career and money.
10) Group hypnosis to update your information and energetic contract written on your subconscious mind.
11) Energetic contract and information update on your DNA strands.
12) DNA strand works to receive the light after block release.

*Day 1 finishes here.

Day 2
Class 1 level 1 

Day 2 – Based on the Day 1, you will receive many secret works for you to become abundant.

13)You will learn the basic theory of how to attract abundance.
14)  Mental work – Hypno , NLP and energy work.
15)  Emotional work – Hypno , NLP and energy work.
16)  Behaviour work – Hypno , NLP and energy work.
)Transformation Coaching  to become abundant.
18)Sharing (if you want), QA
19)Hypno 5 & EMDR – Abundant work

* Contents may be modified depends on the participant’s energy.

Time and Date – currently we can change time and date with other dates (Sat or Sun only)
Day 1 Part 1 
Fri May 18th, 2018,  9:30-10:30
Day 1 Part 2  Fri May 18th,  2018,  10:35-18:00

Day 2 Sat TBC in June or July   10:00- about 17:30 (till it finishes.)

Liverpool st  or Bond st, London

Booking and payment deadline: May 17th, 10:00am

Fee: Early bird offer (fee will go up).
– If you and your friend attend together, each of you will receive 20 pounds off  for Day 1.
–  If you attend both Day and Day 2 – If you attend the Mind Revolution Course, or the Law of Attraction Seminar, you can have 20 pounds off (contents would not be the same so much, hands on application is the main)

– Until Mar 1st midnight, following fee is applied. 

Day 1 Part 1 & 2 – (Full Value£700)⇒ £370
Day 1 Part        2 – (Full Value£680)⇒ £355

Day 1 Part 1 & 2, and Day 2  (Full Value £1300)⇒ £700
Day 1 Part        2 , and Day 2 (Full Value £1280)⇒ £680

Only Day 2 attendance : (Full Value £800)⇒£360 (Day1 attendant), or £390(No attendance of Day1). From March 2nd, £440 by cash.

  • It is a semi-group workshop so first come, first served
  • Recommended to receive 26 DNA Activation and Class 2 level 1.

Terms and Conditions
- Workshop will be conducted from 2 persons’ attendance.
– Please make a payment by bank transfer. If by Paypal, Paypal charge about +5% will be added.

Cancelation Policy.
– Within 7 days, 100 pounds, within 4 days, 200 pounds, and within 48 hours, 320 pounds will be charged. Please notify by email if you need to cancel.
– Since it is a powerful work, you may have 7-20 days of post healing effects and re-processing.
– – Please drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol as much as possible. Meditation and exercise are the help as well.
– Since we are not GP and doctors, please continue to consult your GP if you have any physical symptoms.


Client feedback as a reference.

(Karma release Vol 1 effect after Dec. 2017)
”The Karma release has been very progressive for me. It was one of the most clearing and deep workshops I had ever attended. Felt like so many layers got realised and reprogrammed. Since then my fear, blocks and even actual physical issues cleared. It to me felt like a very intense day as if we had done a lifetimes worth of work in a day. ”
(English male, 20s, psychic consultant,  London,  April 2018)

”(Vol.1)I really thank you as I could spend such a wonderful time like the God sent me a present. Kei has cleared all the tangled strings in my life, my life experiences and my history very delicately and thoroughly, and I could move forward my shining-up inner self journey one by one. On the following day, I felt the total shift and freshness, which made me wondered what I was doing in the past. I feel so excited about my future. Thank you.”
(Japanese female, artist, 40s, Nov 2017) 

”(Love and Partnership version) I have a good news to share with you! After I attended the workshop, I intended to find a boy friend within 3 months, and I actually did! Thank you so much!”
(Japanese female, 30s, students, Oct 2017)

– “My ancestral family line dates back to a long time    ago and I felt something was released and feel much lighter.”(British female)

– “I feel much more positive and lighter”. (Asian female)

– “I wondered why I kept making the same mistakes and now I know it was    coming from my ancestors’ karma. (Asian female)

– “I feel much more positive and lighter”. (Asian female)

– “I wondered why I kept making the same mistakes and now I know it was    coming from my ancestors’ karma. (Asian female)