March 1st from 16:30 – 18:00. UNLOCK your power and essence. Special Activation Day on the New Moon Day


Nice day today again.

By the way, this Sat March 1st is the New Moon Day of the Aquarius era. This means that there is the energy to live as you independently in your own unique way. On this New moon day in the Pieces month, we can release old energies and start the new cycle with the completely new energy coming down from this day.

However, March 1st is the special day. It is the first day of the 7 years’ cycle, so it is the very first day of your new start. How are you going to spend time on this special day? It is like the New Year Day. So, we will do the special work on this day which I don’t usually offer. We will do

– Energy Clearing Meditation
– Aquarius New Moon work
– Unlocking Your Special Code within by the ancient wisdom
– Activating your energy by special meditation

Seats are limited and please book your seat by email.

PlaceEuston, or Kingscross. 6 min walk. At Univ London.
Location will be notified after you book on Fri night.

Time: 16:30-18:00

Participation fee:
£ 16 (Booking and payment within midnight)
£ 25 (Booking and payment until Sat 12:00)
£ 30 (Booking and payment after 12:00 on Sat by door by cash)
Please make a payment by Paypal. After your booking request email, paypal account information will be emailed to you.

Deadline for booking: Sat 14:00

–  There is a meditation and please come 5 min before.

–       It is non-refundable unless we cancel the workshop.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Love and Light