AK 2 Revolution! Adam Kadmon 2 Transformation Healing – What does it do for you? Feb 26th: Michael and Shmballa Code Activation night (Early Bird Offer £10-).


While I’m sending out the AK2 remote energy, there are various messages coming together for the person who is receiving it as well as the transformation healing energy.

We often hear the phrase in the IT industry, “This is the next generation’s model,xxx”, so as the energy world. “Next Generation” is happening, which is the AK2 Revolution.

3000 years ago at the King Solomon’s time, it was up to 22 DNA Activation.

Reiki was coming down to Japan and Mr Usui received it. It went to the world.

About year 2000, DNA Activation was upgraded up to 24 DNA Activation as the Adam Kadmon Light Body session.

In 2014, this year, next negation, Adam Kadmon 2 transformational energy has been revealed here for us.

Together with this AK2 energy, new Ensof Ray healing, which is the upgraded version of Reiki, was also revealed.

Then what the AK2 energy does for you?

You will learn the details in the AK 2 training and the seminar. It is not only healing but it is transformational for you to evolve to the next energetic level.
You will be transforming yourself mentally and energetically, and move onto the next stage of your life. In order to make it possible, the AK2 Activation will transform you to have the Adam Kadmon Light Body over time after you receive the activation, and also you will have the connection with your own “source” to fulfill your life purpose.  

If you want to make a change in your life, AK 2 DNA Activation is recommended.

If you want to make a further change, in the world, come and join our AK 2 training and seminar.


There are many people who are receiving the AK2 transformational healing energy, and you can find a couple of testimonials here and also on our AK 2 seminar web site.

Age is just a reference, but there are many Indigo kids or the people who have the indigo energy within them, have life purpose to make a change in the world and transform people with more love and light. For this purpose, AK 2 transformational healing is the most suitable Ascension tool.

Here are the testimonials from two indigos and please have a look.

<AK2 remote session testimonials>

”Thank you so much for the 20 min session and the feedback. First 10 mins, I felt the warm energy coming to me, and the remaining time, I felt it was chilly. When I received the feedback, I found out that I have the elemental energy within me and I understood better why I felt it so. I wasn’t confident enough before but I will take an action and will offer my healing sessions for others. Thank you.” (Japanese massage therapist and Mystery school healer, in her 30s, Feb 2014)

——> In her case, AK2 transformational energy was coming down but at the same time, there was the information coming down together for her to understand her energy type, purpose of life and also the history of the AK energy trend.


”Thank you so much for the remote session. After the session, I felt so refreshed and so much clearer. I’m more energized but my entire body is so relaxed. So I came from this planet xxx. I never heard about this planet but it is interesting!” (Japanese, Music uni student in her 20s, Feb 22014)

——> In her case, she received the energy from her source, her planet where she came from. It was to support her AK 2 transformation as she is here to transform people as AK2. It’s one of the main life purpose.


AK2 Healing and many of our healing and activation are not only healing but it is transformational and have more energy to transform you with more Light and love to the next level.

There is a special AK 2 remote session offer from £26 only now, and the AK 2 training and seminar available. Please have a look for further details.
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Feb 26thArchangel Michael Clearing and Shambala Code Activation Night.
Early Bird is available from £10.Experience the AK energy and have fun with us!

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Love and Light