April 8th onward – AK2 and AK3 Ascension Energy Transmission. (Remote or Face to Face)


Since the new 8th dimensional gate will be opening up which is related to the Adam Kadmon Light Body Transformation, AK3 DNA Activation’s energy, you can receive its energy from April 8th 2015, onward remotely or face to face session.  

This energy transmission is available only for one or two persons a day as it is such a high intensive energy.

If you are interested in, please send us an email and book your session.  

Remote session is available only in the morning London time between 10am-13:00 Mon to Fri.  

For the details of the session please visit the website.

If you haven’t received AK2 or AK3 DNA Activation, please visit the link below.



If there is anything else I can help, please feel free to make a query.  

Have a good day.