Feb 26 – Archangel Michael & Shambala Code Activation Night, AK2 Training Enrolment and Dates

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 This is about the AK2 seminar.

 Next week 26th night, there is the Archangel Michael Clearing Meditationand Shambala Code Activation. You can feel the AK related energy that night and please join us.


About Adam Kadmon..

Since 1997, Adam Kamon energy (AK)  has started coming down to this earth, and some people started transforming as AK gradually. Back in 2007 when I was still a very much a baby healer and was getting trained, I was said “The Second AK transformation wave, AK2, will be coming down sometime and you will start the light work as the AK2 Ascension technologist. You should start channeling and download all the modalities. Do it now.” The other day, this came up in my mind though I totally forgot it. In 2007, my energy and conscious level were not high enough to deal with the AK2’s high energy at that time, and I even didn’t understand what the AK meant at that time. But now it is manifested finally, gradually from the last year starting from 30-40 DNA Activation, and this year, AK2 DNA Activation (40+ DNA Activation). Currently, DNA Activation is available up to 50 DNA Activation now, however beyond 46 or 48, it is actually beyond our planned highest power and ability which we human can have (I found out that Japanese emperors can have up to 46 or 48 activated DNA). More DNAs are activated, energy becomes higher. Thus, things become transformed accordingly with God consciousness.


As part of the AK2 transformation, Archangel Michael Initiation came down in 2010 or 2011. I didn’t understand why it came down but now I understand it better. It can be offered to anyone who will not join the ARMMS lineage as an inner circle initiate, and the receiver can be protected by Michael. Already some people have had the Michael initiation so far and they receive protection individually by Michael. We often hear Michael’s name as a very common name. He is positioned at the very high level in the Higher dimension and in a normal case, he would not give any protection to individual humans all the time. So, this is the dynamism of the Mystery School’s service and lineage.


Before I was born and when I was a spirit, and also when I’m sleeping, it seems like I often fight against the darkness with Michael together. When I wake up, sometimes I notice there is a small scar or minor cut on my body. I have the strong connection with the Michael.  What he does will be taught in the seminar. If you are interested in what your aspect as a spirit, and gifts as a person, life purpose, etc, you can find it through the Life Purpose Reading by the way. Above is just part of my aspects as an example. You have your own special aspects.

Once you find out “who you are”, you will see yourself in a very different way and have a deeper understanding about your life and you.


By the way, regarding the AK2 seminar, it is consisted of the part 1 and part 2. Remote healing will be taught in the part 2. In the part 1, you will learn the esoteric matters and how to heal yourself and others face to face. Once you practice enough face to face healing, then you can practice how to do a remote healing.  

In order to attend the AK2 training and seminar, there are pre-requisite. You cannot become an AK 2 transformational healer overnight so it is essential to prepare your energy and consciousness step by step.


If you are interested in the AK2 training and seminar, please enrol the course first by email and take the class 1 first at least a month before of the seminar day. Then preparation assignment will be given for you to prepare your energy till the seminar day. Also some of the pre-requisites are better to take at least a month before, and please see the details below.  

<AK2 Training and Seminar >
 AK2 Seminar Part 1 – 5th of May Mon. 12-6pm @ Covent Garden
 AK2 Seminar Part 2 – Planned on July 16th from 19:15 for 3 hours @ Covent Garden or August.

 Among the Pre-requisites, please complete the below items before 5th of April.

Class 1 Protection and Energy Management (by Group, private or skype)
40 DNA Activation
(If possible, it is better to take AK 2 DNA Activation too at least 3-4 weeks before)
– *DNA Activation are two steps. Please leave 3 weeks in between.
March 29th Sat – Archangel Michael Initiation. This is the only date at the moment. This is not offered frequently within a year.

– ** In case you are black magicked and spell-casted, additional sessions to remove them will be required till they are removed in addition to the normal spirit release hypnosis.


AK2 Seminar Part 1
– After you attend the Seminar Part 1, please work on the assignment and submit a report. Then you will receive the attendance certificate.
Between the part 1 and part 2, there will be an AK 2 healing practice gathering.


AK2 Seminar Part 2
After your Part 1’s assignment report is submitted and it is approved, you can attend the AK2 seminar part 2.
During the part 2, part 1 review, practice, examination and energy check will be conducted as well. If you pass the part1’s examination, you will obtain the ARMMS accredited AK2 transformational healer certificate.
– After your Part 2’s assignment report is submitted and it is approved, and also if you pass the part 2’s examination, you will obtain the level 2 AK2 ARMMS Accredited Healer Certificate. Again, until you pass, you will be supported and take part in the re-sit. Otherwise, you can request a course attendance acknowledgement document.

<Enrolment & Booking>
Please email us to enrol if you would like to take part in the AK2 training and seminar first.
Please be aware what you have to finish a month before of the seminar, and also all the pre-requisites.
– After the class 1 attendance, preparation assignment will be given and please work on the assignment as much as possible before the seminar. Everything is written on the web site and please read it thoroughly. armsuk.com
– Please note that all the pre-requisites have to be completed before the seminar.

For details please go to the AK2 training and seminar.


Please feel free to contact us for any queries.

Love and Light