★What’s in the Universe in Nov? – 10th Meditation & Unlock the Power, 12th Psychic Reading, 19th Michael Initiation, 26th Reiki Seminar and more..

How have you been?

Do you wonder what’s happening in the global universal flow?

This year 2016 so far, has been probably pushing you to a certain direction and certain consciousness in your life, removing all the weeds, rocks, hardships and even unwanted old energies and relationships. I could see more and more people are awakening gradually in a spiritual sense and start embarking on the real purpose of life and mission.

Having said that, since our dimension is a bit complicated dimension, there are some attachments, unwanted energies and even carried over karma from the previous life and current life seem to be blocking some people to open up and move onto the next stage of life.

In Oct, there were many people receiving Quantum Block Release and they experienced changes in life emotionally and mentally and even physically. We have our ‘Free Will’ but we are often interrupted by invisible beings as well as our own limiting beliefs and past negative experiences. What we think ‘us’, may not be the true representation of YOU.

This is really the time to open up your True-You, and access your God-mind consciousness in the physical human body. 26/40/ Adam Kadmon 2 DNA Activation helps you to accelerate your energy and consciousness to the next stage of your life. More you are connected, more light you receive, then more fulfilled your life will become.

I would like to ask you a question to you,

What do you really want in life?
What is stopping you?

Lots of people say
I want this ‘but’…

When ‘but’ follows, it is the place you may want to really ask yourself if that’s what you really want.

2016 will be finishing in 2 months, and another new year will start but this time, autumn, is the critical time for you for your own ascension. Many of us are ascending and the earth is also ascending but the question is

Where are you now in your life?

Would you like to stay where you are not or move on?

In Nov, there are various major events offered,
10th- Meditation and Unlock the Power. We will work on the Heart energy especially.
12th – Psychic reading special offer.
19th – Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar
26th – Reiki Seminar level 1

If you would like to go closer and have a higher consciousness….
As you know and many of you have received, DNA Activation, you can move on and receive 40 DNA Activation and Adam Kadmon 2 (AK2) DNA Activation.

AK2 DNA Activation is to accelerate your consciousness to the God consciousness in the human physical body. If you would like to have a higher consciousness and accelerate it, this is a good one for you. For further details, please visit the AK2 DNA Activation.

Christmas Campaign – Voucher as a gift is available…..
Would you like to send a massage, Reiki, or DNA Activation, Tarot Reading, Healing session as a Christmas present as a voucher?

You can pre-pay and send a voucher by email to your loved ones and friends with their names.

It is issued in Nov and Dec, and valid to use by 27th of Dec, 2016.

For further information, please contact me.

Please feel free to make a query and book a session.

Have a good week.

Love and Light


★10th Thu 18:50-19:30 Clearing Meditation & Inner Connection (part1)@ Covent Garden
★10th Thu 18:50-20:05  Unlock the Power Within! – Galactic Light  Empowerment Group Session with High Frequency Meditation (Part 1 and 2 both) @ Covent Garden
★12th- Psychic Reading Consultation
★ 12th 15:15 –  Emotional Healing Clinic day and GF Gathering @Bond
★18th  (Fri)10:00 – Remote Reiki Group Healing 30 min Session
★19th 9:30 - Sacred Geometry Space Gridding & Protection Handdown Workshop (Deadline by Nov 12th)@Bond
★19th 13:30 – Michael Initiation seminar@Bond (Application deadline by Nov 15th)
★20th (Sun) 10:00-18:00ish Channeling Seminar Level 1 @ Liverpool st London (Deadline )
★26th Sat 10:00 - Reiki Seminar Level 1 – Introduction @Bond (Application Deadline by Nov 19th )
★26th (Sat) 13:00 – 14:00 – Mind Body Detox Meditation and Muscle Relaxation Learning Class @Bond. Deadline for booking is Nov 24th 18:00

Dec 22nd Wed  –19:20 – 20:05, Healing Clinic by our School Initiate and Reiki Therapist @ Covent Garden (Emotional healing by Crystal healing and Reiki at 15 pounds. Please contact me if you would like to book. Non-refundable)

★Sacred Geometry Workshop – Nov 19th  (Only 2 more seats)
In the Sacred Geometry Workshop, you will learn how to protect the energy of your room/space. If you are healer or psychic, it is essential for you to learn how to set the energy of the room and protect it.

Sacred Geometry Site Protection

★Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar  – Nov 19th (Only 2 more seats)
In this seminar, you will learn how to protect your own energy and the space from the ancient method. You will be initiated under the Michael Office and will have protection from them.

Michael Initiation Seminar

For further details, please check our what’s on page.