AK2/AK3 Activated Light Body Transformation Seminar – Theory

AK2/AK3 Activated Light Body Transformation Seminar – Theory
– This seminar is for people who have received AK2 or AK3 DNA Activation

Since you received the Light Body Transformation AK2+ DNA Activation, your body is changing and becoming lighter than ever.

Since the Ascension has been officially started in 2012 Dec, more and more higher vibrational energy has been coming down here, which means our bodies have to be transformed to become lighter as well. Otherwise, it can cause physical issues.

At the seminar, you will learn about the Light Body, its maintenance and necessary rituals to keep your energetic vibration and evolution.

- You have already received AK2 or AK3 DNA Activation already.
- Additionally, it is ideal if you have received the Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar.


  1. What is Adam Kadmon (AK) , its history
  2. What is the Ascension
  3. Why AK light body energy transmission is happening
  4. Structure of the HOL – If you are not an initiate, you would learn only partial.
  5. Human evolution
  6. Relationship between AK 2 and DNA Activation – only to the GFLS initiate.
  7. About the Light Body. Cell level transformation.
  8. Adam Kadmon Life style
  9. How to make an AK relationship
  10. Day to day energy
  11. AK2 rituals – some rituals will be handed down to the GFLS initiate only.
  12. Other ritual’s review – full ritual review is for GFLS initiates only. If you are not an initiate, this one is not relevant to you.
  13.  After the seminar, there will be an Galactic Federation Initiation for GFLS initiates.(Only if there is a permission from the Galactic Federation)

Time and Date
- please contact.

- Non initiate & Michael initiate:£410 (5.5h) on Sat.
- GFLS Initiate : £480 (6h 20min) on Sat.
–  * if weekday is available,  it is possible on a weekday. After 3pm on weekday, it will be additional 40 pounds.
* If by Paypal payment, it is additional 30 pounds.
*This is run only couple of times a year.

Deadline of booking: Booking deadline is 3 days before (with payment.)

 Terms and Conditions
- Seminar is conducted as scheduled so please come in time and wait in the lobby 5 min before of the seminar starting time.
- Cancelation and rescheduling policy: Within 7 days £60, within 4 days, 50% of the fee, and within 48 hours, 100%. Please notify us your cancelation and rescheduling request by email.
– If you are an initiate, please bring the manual.
– Please bring a notebook, pen and a water bottle.