Adam Kadmon 2 Activation (AK2) – 52 DNAA

AK 2 Activation (52 DNA Activation) – Light Body Transformation

It is important for you to become connected with Ensof, the God, and the universe. Then you will be transforming yourself as Adam Kadmon 2 (AK2) through the light body transformation. You will become connected with the universe, planets and the galaxy which you are related to. Each individual has the different connection and background, so the connection source differs from others.

This AK2 Activation (40+ DNA Activation), is a private session and is customized to make it suitable for each individual. You will become connected and activated further to transform yourself and others as Adam Kadmon.

– As of Dec 2014, we can upgrade ourselves up to 56 strands of DNA currently, AK3 DNA Activation after AK2 DNA Activation,  and the latest modality came down for us to transform our Light Body even more to the Higher vibration and energy.

– Please receive the 40 DNA full Activation first if you haven’t. This will open up your dormant gifts and power, as well as raise your vibration.
This AK2 activation cannot be received from the beginning, and it requires two-step activation process as above.

AK2  (52 DNA Activation and Light Body Transformation)
– It is consisted of 2 sessions. First session is 80 min @ 210 pounds. Second session is combined with the King Solomon Healing’s Starseed session for 2h 15min @ £340. in Total£550.  (By Paypal, £575, if you book 72h/3days before).
– Since you need to have the Starseed session soon after the AK2 DNA session, it is combined in the second session. If you don’t want to combine and can have the starseed session within a week, you can have 2 x 80 min AK2 DNA sessions @£420 (by Paypal £435).

In order to receive this AK2 DNA Activation’s Part 2, you need to finish below first to raise your vibration higher.
– 40 DNA Activation
– Spark of Life remote session: 40 DNA Activation is the DNA strands activation related to the physical dimension whilst Spark of Life is the energetic activation related to the spirit dimension. They are a set.
– Deep 1-3,
– Class 1
– Class 2: level 1 and 2
–  Quantum Block Release  1-3
to clear your energy as much as possible.
–  the AK2 Lightbody Theory Seminar to learn how to treat and manage your Light Body.

After the AK2 DNA Activation
– complete all the King Salomon Healing to complete the Light Body process. It is recommended to have it weekly or bi-weekly.


”Since the AK2 DNA activation I have noticed a shift in my vibration, my meditation has improved and I am able to go deeper into void, and I have been able to manifest into my physical reality at a quicker rate. I have felt generally much lighter and happier, and a noticeable increase kinesthetically working with the energy.”
(English male, 30s, business owner, London, Oct 2020)

(AK2+ King Solomon healing) 
”The Ak2 and King Solomon healing has had such a powerful and progressive effect on both my mental and spiritual body. It has supported me to shift my vibration, allowed me to be in my power with love and total compassion. Highly recommend this beautiful journey of awakening and transformation. I still feel it’s activating and transforming effect and we are about 8months on. Amazing.”
(English male, 20s, psychic consultant, London, April 2018)