★Galactic Clearing (AK3)

Galactic Clearing (Adam Kadmon 3)

  • 50 min Remote Group session including group feedback@ £110  (by PayPal £120) – Schedule is on What’s on Page. Deadline to book with payment – 3h before. 
  • 50 min Private Remote session (no Skype) @ £150 (by PayPal £160) – Email us what you are distressed about. After the remote session, you will receive a brief feedback. 
  • 60 min Private Skype session  @ £150  (by PayPal £160) – includes brief 10 min psychic counselling, energy balancing,  galactic clearing and 5 min brief feedback time. If you need to talk longer, please book a 110 min session.
  • 80 min Private Skype session  @ £230 (by PayPal £240) – includes brief 10-15 min psychic counselling, energy balancing,  galactic clearing and 5-10 min brief feedback time. If you need to talk longer, please book a 110 min session.
  • 110 min Private Skype session  @ £270 (by PayPal £290) – includes 30-40 min psychic counselling, energy balancing,  galactic clearing and 5-10 min brief feedback time. 
  • 80 min Face-to-Face session  @ £290 (by Paypal £310) – includes brief 10-15 min psychic counselling, energy balancing,  galactic clearing and 5-10 min brief feedback time. If you need to talk longer, please book a 110 min session.
  • 110 min Private Skype session  @ £330 (by PayPal £350) – includes 30-40 min psychic counselling, energy balancing,  galactic clearing and 5-10 min brief feedback time. 


Currently, as the Earth undergoes dimensional ascension, we are entering a flow to move beyond the Earth’s dimension and shift the vibration to Galactic Earth (joining the Galactic community). Therefore, the vibrational frequencies of us humans also need purification and clearing to align with the corresponding frequencies of the Galactic Universe.

Since 2012, there has been a change in the energetic flow:

  • Awakening to divine consciousness while having a physical body,
  • Transforming to embody the vibration of the divine,
  • Taking on the role of supporting dimensional ascension (the 2nd Adam Kadmon of humanity). This flow has been actively starting since March 2014.

To facilitate this transformation, receiving light from the Galaxy and undergoing purification  by this Galactic Clearing session, allows us to learn love, light, and tranquillity. This process leads to self-understanding, progressing into the flow of fulfilling our inherent roles.

Galactic Clearing involves energy coming down from the 8th dimension of the Galaxy, simultaneously progressing conscious shift. In individual sessions, particularly, you connect with the energy of planets or Galaxies most relevant to you. This allows the removal and purification of energies and blocks that hinder your awakening and growth.

Obstacles may include various attachments, dark extra-terrestrials, energy cords, emotional blocks, and pain. By removing and purifying these factors through individual sessions or courses, you can work on various energy areas tailored to you.

If you wish to download the necessary Galactic energy, encourage clearing, purification, healing and awakening, gain continuous awareness, and receive support to change and maximize possibilities further, you are welcome to participate in the course.

Since it is such high vibrational energy, this session is available only two sessions a day.

For those aspiring to achieve Galactic Light Body transformation,
As part of the process of human Adam Kadmonization that occurs in alignment with dimensional ascension, it is necessary for the human body to transform into a Light Body of light, undergoing Light Body transformation. This is similar to the evolution of life.

Amid the imperative transformation into a body of light, traditional healing therapies cannot directly facilitate the transformation into a Light Body of light. To complete the Light Body transformation, an advanced level of AK2 DNA activation is required within DNA activation. Galactic Clearing coming from the 8th Galactic dimension is an energetic purification and clearing necessary for Light Body transformation. It supports Light Body transformation and provides energy to approach Adam Kadmon consciousness.

Unlike the AK activation using the traditional solar system’s energy for Light Body transformation (old 24 DNA activation), Galactic Clearing directly involves individualized, high-vibrational sessions where energy descends directly from planets in the cosmos that are deeply related to you.

Galactic Starseeds
In alignment with dimensional ascension and human Adam Kadmonization, there exists a race known as Starseeds within humanity, coming from other planets. When Starseeds, considered to be from AK3/8th dimension, undergo Galactic Clearing, energy and necessary galactic energy from the planets closely related to them are downloaded. This provides the required information and energy to fulfil the original purpose and role of life. For instance, those coming from the Andromeda galaxy see the activation of Andromeda’s energy.

The energy for Light Body activation is potent, so Galactic clearing energy itself can be received in sessions lasting a maximum of 30-60 minutes. This is beyond Western Reiki, Usui Reiki, or other healing methods, representing the latest and most powerful healing and transformation energy coming directly from the cosmic level. As each individual has a unique energy constitution, the connection with planets and where energy descends may vary individually.

This session releases various blocks and brings down high-vibrational light. For continuous transformation and stabilization, it is recommended to undergo at least 5-12 sessions, not just a one-time session. Moreover, please understand that the main focus is on clearing rather than identifying which planet the energy is descending from, as multiple necessary energies often descend, varying from person to person.

Overview of the Session
This session is facilitated through the unique gifts of AK3 and Galactic mystery school Guide, Kei as an original energy work. 
– For those interested, please inform in advance of any physical or mental discomfort.
– We will clear and heal various aspects of you with Galactic energy.
– The first session will involve comprehensive clearing.
– From the second session onward, for those interested, we will deeply work on each area (refer the details below).
– We will clear energies related to the three areas (Spirit, Soul, Body) and perform four types of energy work in each area. By receiving each session through stages, you will be cleared overall.
– Before receiving this Galactic session, it is recommended, if possible, to undergo the following energy sessions related to the material dimension to maximize the session’s effectiveness.
– 26/40 DNA Activation, Galactic Spark of Life, AK2 DNA Activation & King Solomon Healing
– In the course, sessions will begin with the area most needed within the mentioned regions.  While it is recommended to complete all cycles, the number of sessions varies depending on personal energy. Some may finish in 12 sessions, while others may take longer. However, it is up to you if you would like to receive further sessions. 

Benefits you will receive from these sessions are;

  • Raising awareness and consciousness further
  • It purifies and clears your energy with the Galactic energy and releases blockages which are stopping you to awaken your galactic consciousness. 
  • It also supports you to step closer to the Adam Kadmon energy (god consciousness within a physical body).
  • It downloads the galactic energy which you need to receive.
  • Psychic sense development
  • Energy supply to promote becoming a light body further, possibly a galactic-being with the Galactic energy, after receiving the AK2 DNA Activation (you need to be aware that 8th Dimensional Galactic transformational Healing does not guarantee you to have a full light body and become Adam Kadmon, but it processes to make a body lighter. It is more effective if you receive the AK2 DNA Activation first if you would like if your intention is to have a light body fully).

Galactic Clearing Course

  • 1 cycle takes 12 sessions as follows.
    • Physical level (related to the physical dimension)
      • Physical level 1 – Healing you and your father side relationship.
      • Physical level 2 – Healing you and your mother side relationship.
      • Physical level 3 – Healing you and your relationship with the god, earth and the universe.
      • Physical level 4 – This will be done at the 12th session, towards the end, more likely. Aligning you to your original energy and have a harmonious energy overall.  If possible upgrade it (if permission is given by the higher dimension, so this is case by case in terms of upgrade).
    • Spirit level
      • Spirit level 1 – Healing you and your experiences before you decided to come to the earth.
      • Spirit level 2 – Healing you and your experiences after you decided to come to the earth.
      • Spirit level 3 – Healing you and your experiences after you have made all the spiritual agreements with the non-physical/spiritual dimensions, such as galaxy and God.
      • Spirit level 4 – Healing you and your experiences after you have made all the spiritual agreements with the physical dimension
    • Soul level
      • Soul level 1 – Healing you and release blockages stopping you to awaken with your gifts.
      • Soul level 2 – Healing you and release blockages stopping you to utilize your gifts.
      • Soul level 3 – Healing you and your mind.
      • Soul level 4 – Healing you and release blockages stopping you to become connected with the higher dimensional-beings you are related to.  
  • Others – energetic balance, grounding, protection and more. 

– Please email us with 3-4 preferred time to book ( in UK time)  and book a session.
– Advance payment by bank transfer/Paypal is required.
– It is better to leave minimum 5-7 days in between sessions.
– Please read the Terms and Conditions below before you book. 

Please read in advance

  • Online Skype session- After the counselling by Skype, Kei will send you energy to you remotely without Skype. Once she finishes, she will call you by Skype to give you feedback before finishing.
  • For remote session(no zoom or skype counselling, and you just want to have it remotely without talking over the skype) –  please send us your full name, your birthday and postcode where you will be at.
  • During a session, you can do anything but it is better if you can sit or lie down in a quiet environment receiving the energy.  Please avoid driving a car and using machinery.
  • Since this is very intensive energy, please take it easy for a couple of days, rest well, drink plenty of water, refrain from alcohol and substance for minimum 5-7 days. 
  • Important – since this transmission has such a high vibration, it is highly recommended for you to have other sessions such as DNA Activation or healing session in prior to this session within 1-3 months beforehand at least couple of times with us. Otherwise, your energetic status is quite often not high enough and you may get very tired, feel fatigued, dullness or sleepy more than usual, and get a symptom like a cold as a detox processing. However, it’s totally up to you how you want to proceed. 


”Since the session, I have felt connected to the galactic energies. I have been able to notice the difference during my meditations by practising connecting to the galactic energy, and have also been able to use during my Reiki practice also. I have also started to feel like I am discovering my true “galactic self” during meditation. ”
(English male, 30s, business owner, London, Nov 2020)

”I feel tired and smarter. I also have a lot of cravings. That’s how I feel for now”
(American male, 20sView Page, construction, US, Oct 2020).

”My chest became warm and I felt lighter in my lower back. I feel I have a stronger connection with the galactic energy. ”
(English male, psychic consultant, 20s, London, 2020 Sep)

”I feel lighter in my chest and heart. ’’
(Japanese female, education, the 40s, Tokyo、2020 Sep)

”(Remote)I felt my third eye felt something, chakras were opening up and receiving the energy to each cellular in the body from head to tows. I felt very connected with the universe and felt my energy has cleared a log. I also felt angels were contacting me. Thank you. (Music teacher, Japanese male in 30s, 2014 Feb)

“(Remote) I felt I became more myself and my heart is widely open up. I feel less stress when I’m speaking in English and can communicate more comfortably. My lower back and knees are heeling better. (Shop assistant and healer, Japanese female in 30s, Feb 2014)

“(Remote)After I received a session, I felt like a log till 15:30 on the following day. I felt I received the energy to unlock the key within me and move on with divine life purpose and skills. I feel more convinced to do what I can do with my gifts. Great work” (Nurse, Psychic and Healer in 40s, Feb 2014)

“(Remote) Thank you for the session and feedback. At the first 10 min, I felt the warmness within me and it became colder. After I read the feedback I thought it was related to my elements. (Shiatsu therapist in her 30s, Feb 2014)

“(Remote) Thank you for the session. I feel I’m more energized and relaxed so much. Prototype means Archetype? Very amusing.” (Music univ student in 20s, Feb 2014)

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Terms and Conditions
– If you have any severe psychological issues, personality disorder and physical illnesses, please continue to see your GP.
– There is an individual difference on how you feel and what you sense during and after a session.

Cancellation and rescheduling policy:
– Within 48 hours of your appointment date there is a 50% cancellation charge, within 24 hours there is a 100% cancellation charge.
– Farringdon is from 8 days before if it is after 4 pm on weekdays.
– Please email and notify us as soon as possible when you need to make a change.
– Please arrive in time, 5 min before. If you are late, you will waste your session time as the session will be conducted as scheduled.
– We recommend you to travel with plenty of time as you know how dysfunctional public transportation can be in London.