Amaterasu DNA Activation (Remote/ in-person session)

  • Activate your divine essence to create Heaven on Earth in your unique way with the support of the Goddess Amaterasu.
  • Anyone can receive this.
  • ** We are nothing to do with any religions and cult organizations. **
  • Due to the Pandemic, this is offered on Skype/Zoom only at the moment.

– Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation Video – Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation Introduction – YouTube

– Free Amaterasu Energy Transmission Video –Goddess Amaterasu Transmission for Purification/Clearing – YouTube


Goddess Amaterasu
Goddess Amaterasu is a universal goddess and is very famous in Japan. She is said to be the founder of the imperial family in Japan and resides at the Ise Shrine. Amaterasu reigns over the heavens called Takamagahara and sits at the highest position in Japan among various goddesses and gods.

Many Japanese people visit her shrine in Mie prefecture in Japan, which is like a Mecca for the Japanese. She is the Sun Goddess and supports us to create Heaven on Earth (Shamballa creation).

If you have not yet found the meaning of your life, what is the purpose of your life, or what is the role, your gifts and talents may not have blossomed yet.

Amaterasu cooperates together with the Galactic Federation for the ascension and the divinity awakening in the humans.
Goddess Amaterasu cooperates with the Galactic Federation to support dimensional ascension.

Many of us came down to the earth to create paradise on earth. There is a perfect energetic template to create paradise on earth and it is activated by this Amaterasu DNA Activation and awakens your divinity within.

Now, how do you proceed with the creation of the earthly paradise in your unique way? Some people have awakened already and they are spreading the paradise energy in their unique ways, such as a worldwide popular BTS singing group as well as psychic people and therapists.

If you haven’t yet found
– the meaning of your life,
– what is the purpose of your life,
– what is the role,

You may not be connected with your inner divinity or you haven’t cleared your energy well and you haven’t had enough steps to awaken your divinity.

Amaterasu DNA Activation unlocks your gifts and power, helps you to awaken your divinity and to evolve you to the next stage in life. it will lead to a flow in which you play a role.

Amaterasu DNA activation includes the 24-40 DNA activation of the King-Solomon-lineage.
Amaterasu DNA Activation downloads the high vibrational energy and it also activates your energetic 24-40 DNA strands based on the King Solomon Lineage

King-Solomon-Lineage based DNA Activation is to connect you with the light and unlock the power and gifts you have within you (If you intend to have the Light body activation, please receive the AK2 DNA Activation after Amaterasu 40 DNA Activation).

Wise and spiritual king, King Solomon tested and verified the energetic DNA Activation as a universal modality over 3,000 years ago in Israel. It works for everyone irrespective of race and nationality. This was secretively handed down to kings, high priests and high priestesses over 3,000 years, but in this modern world, it is now open and available to everyone to awaken the power and utilize it.

Since energy is changing and the ascension is being processed, the King Solomon lineage’s DNA Activation is not up-to-date anymore and upgraded Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation is the first recommended session.

Energetic DNA Activation works on your energetic DNA strands within your Etheric body, and your energy body will be poured with the Light. Energetic DNAs are dormant before you receive this activation. This will awaken your true-essence, true-self, gifts and power within you for you to access them, and from this, you will gain the ability to transform your life. Thus you will be guided to walk on your divine path with your divine gifts and power.

Important – Additionally, your “Shambala Code” to create Heaven on Earth, your divine purpose and the contract of your life which you have with God, will be activated by a Japanese DNA Activator, Kei. In our mystery school tradition, it is said that we Japanese DNA Activators already have the Shambala code within us embedded, such as peace, harmony creation, respect, love, honesty, etc.   This gift is to be yours today and you can begin to experience your life from a new perspective:

On the other hand, Amaterasu DNA Activation has the same principle but more focused to activate the divine promises and the energy of the paradise creation of the earth in your unique way. It will additionally support you to enhance the essential quality to create the heavens on earth, such as honesty, humbleness, harmony, sincerity, compassion, nurturing, love, respect, care for others and dedication.

What is a unique way? People use
– sound
– colours, numbers,
– words, communication
– creative work, writing, painting, dance, etc.
– energy
– 4 elements
– bodywork
and so on.

This session processes on raising awareness of your purpose and role with the essence of God, so that you can wake up from a deeper spiritual part and the flow of your life will change.

General effects

  • Your divinity awakens with energy from Amaterasu
  • Strengthen the connection with the divine energy within you
  • support to change your reality and to realize your role
  • enhance your gifts and power
  • remove negative energies and heal you
  • Become able to accept a large amount of light in the body and maintain it
  • The high volume of divine energy goes in.
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Improves intuition
  • Increased brain use (usually only about 5% used)
  • You will be able to see things clearer
  • Abilities and possibilities that you have not yet noticed come to the surface
  • Patterns in the unconscious are released
  • A sense of purpose is activated
  • An accelerated pace of learning

– Brief consultation (about 15min. If you need longer, please add 25 min@42 pounds)
– Connection strengthening between the 7th chakra and the Higher Dimension,
– Balance the entire body energy
– Energy gate clearing and balancing
– Removal of negative energy
– Basic Aura Clearing –  including emotional healing
– Connect and download your essential energy from the higher dimension.
– Energetic DNA activation on 28-72 DNA Strands
– Shambala Code (Heaven on Earth Creation Code) Activation by Kei
– Your life force energy activation
– Protection
– Feedback

Please note
– After you receive 28 DNA Activation, Spark of Life remote session is recommended as it activates the spirit aspect of your energy. 

– Please email all together with the necessary information  – your name, which session, how long, 3-4 preferred times and dates to book.
– Payment is required by bank transfer/Paypal within 48 hours of the booking confirmation or by the specified due date to complete your booking. If not confirmed within time, your slot will be given to someone else.


Fee (Skype/Zoom session):
1) Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation Session & Cord Cutting (Remote or Face to face): £280 (110 mins) by bank transfer ( within 72 hours, £290 by Paypal within 72h/3days of your appointment from here).

2) Amaterasu 40 DNA Activation Session & Cord Cutting (Remote or Face to face):
‐ £330 (140 mins) by bank transfer ( within 72 hours, £350 by Paypal within 72h/3days of your appointment from here).
– This includes the whole contents of the full 40 DNA Activation.

3) The next levels are very high vibration and you need to clear and balance your energy first. Please attend the following classes before proceed.
– Amaterasu Clearing Session and Class – stage 1 and 2
– Class 1 Energy Management and Protection
– Class 2, level 1 and 2.
– Quantum Psychosomatic session 1-3

4) Amaterasu 56 DNA Full Activation Session & Cord Cutting (Remote or Face to face): £540 (75 min x 2 sessions) by bank transfer ( within 72 hours, £560 by Paypal within 72h/3days of your appointment from here).

5) Amaterasu 64 DNA Full Activation Session & Cord Cutting (Remote or Face to face): £580 (80 min x 2 sessions) by bank transfer ( within 72 hours, £600 by Paypal within 72h/3days of your appointment from here).

6) Amaterasu 72 DNA Full Activation Session & Cord Cutting (Remote or Face to face): £620 (80 min x 2 sessions) by bank transfer ( within 72 hours, £640 by Paypal within 72h/3days of your appointment from here).


Terms and Conditions
– Advance booking and payment are required.
– Please read the contact page for further information when you book.
– We are not a doctor and a psychiatrist. If you have any severe psychological issues, personality disorder or physical illnesses, please continue to see your GP or consultants. We will work on you from the energetic aspect with the combinations of different modalities.
– There is an individual difference in how you feel and what you sense during and after a session.

Cancellation and rescheduling policy:
– Within 48 hours of your appointment date there is a 50% cancellation charge, within 24 hours there is a 100% cancellation charge. Please email and notify us as soon as possible when you need to make a change. 
– Please arrive on time. If you are late, you will waste your session time as the session will be conducted as scheduled.
– We recommend you to travel with plenty of time as you know how dysfunctional public transportation can be in London.

Clients’ Feedback
(64 DNA Activation) ”I have been doing well since the DNA. Lots of significant shifts have been taking place, thank you! ”
(English male, psychic consultant, 30s, London, Mar 2022)

’’Relationship with my young daughter has improved straightaway, somehow. Thank you. ’’(Japanese female, 40s, London, UK, July 2021)

”I am approaching life work and the relationship with myself differently and noticing what’s working and what isn’t and listening more to my body. ”
(English male, business owner, London, Mar 2021)

”I felt a lot of expansion and warmth during the Amaterasu DNA activation. Particularly my heart, head, hands and feet. I also sensed lots of activity at the back of my neck, like air sensations. Was very energised and yet calm after the session. I feel a much stronger almost physical awareness of the spirit guides and higher self, which is really nice. Also, feel even more connected with Amaterasu. She has really uplifting and pure energy.  I had a bit of sore throat etc but it went for the first few days and cleared now. I am noticing a warm energy from people, I see this as a mirror to see what must be shifting within me too. What I really like is Amaterasu washes off heavy energy so quickly and replaces it with joy and vitality. It is definitely a different feel to the King Solomon lineage’s DNA Activation and AK DNA Activation.”
(English male, psychic, 30s, London, Feb 2021)

“I usually don’t feel that much but this time, even from the beginning at the cord-cutting time, I felt so much wind and energy getting released from my heels and the back. Then Amaterasu DNA Activation was so powerful as I felt that my connection with the higher dimension was adjusted, my third eye was so active, and I was recharged. I noticed my shoulder was lighter and my arm pain was gone. I even felt Ise shrine energy and I was in that sacred space. Even after the session, I still feel the energy around my head and feel great. This energy is purifying me and also shines my energy. For many years, I didn’t do any energy work so this session motivated me to sign up for a seminar to develop my psychic senses. Thank you. ”
(Japanese female, 50s, business owner, Japan, Feb 2021).


How Amaterasu DNA Activation came down to Kei

I first received the energetic DNA-strands activation of the King-Solomon lineage in December 2006, and then I was trained as a DNA activator and an Adept initiate in April 2007. Since then, I’ve been supporting people to awaken by the DNA Activation for over 13 years.

After the DNA activation, it usually takes 3-6 months to start changing your consciousness and your vibration gradually. It can be a very subtle change and people may not notice it. In my case, I thought I wasn’t feeling any changes but it was February 2007, three months later, that a noticeable change appeared. This was the first major change but very subtle. At that time my working hours could be very long till even after midnight, but I announced to my boss that I would go home around 6 or 7 pm as anyone else does, not working after midnight any more.

Since then, I took it more seriously to make a career change from finance to psychic healing work and signed up with various training intensively to go along with my life purpose. My mission is to support people to awaken their divinity, empower them to go along with their life purpose and to create their universe.

After the DNA Activation I received, my life was changed very quickly. First of all, I hit the bottom of my life, very bottom, as my beliefs and my identity I thought as to who I was, was all falling apart, as I came to realize deeply that the finance field was not my life purpose and I faced possible death.

However, after my reality was totally crashed, reconstructing and recovering were so fast with the support from the higher dimension. So much new development was happening so fast and I even could receive the visa to move to the UK only within a month after I applied for it. Within a year, I moved to the UK in 2008. Like this, so many small miracles happened to be where I am right now. All the things I wanted and dreamed of were happening only after I had received the DNA Activation, which is why I recommend this session as the priority for everyone from my own experiences.  Wishes related to career, lifestyle as a self-employed person, more time, soulmate opportunities, MSc psychology diploma, living overseas, permanent residency, etc.

Anyway, leave my story aside…

I’ve been offering the DNA activation face to face for over 13 years, but I received a message from the Hierarchy of Light that I can do this as a remote session back in 2014. However, I didn’t go for it whatever the reason it was.

From around 2018, I felt my life stage was somehow changed but I wasn’t sure what was changed or changing in details.

Something is different…
Something is missing…

I started exploring and tried to find out what I wanted and needed to do next. I tried various things, especially getting into 2019 and under the pandemic, I went into the inner work more, exploring my psychology, energy, sub-conscious mind, bodywork, ancestral work, relationship work with my parents, energy work, etc, not only receiving the bodywork, NLP session or advice from my psychic mentors. I’ve done whatever I could do.

In the meantime, I was trying to find out, a brief and simple message came down from Amaterasu. She said simply to me, ‘get ready’. I wondered ‘Get ready for what?’ and I continued to do what I needed to do like energy work and meditation.

Even whatever I did, I still didn’t get the feeling of “yes, this is it!”, so I went inner completely. Then, within 2 weeks, all the dots and lines were all connected very fast after it took so many years. I had to gather all the dots and lines but the final key points were to work on the relationship with my parents and also to recognize the energetic promises I had made with my parents and my ancestors at the spirit level. Without this final one, Amaterasu work wouldn’t be able to come down to me.

Then several months after, finally, she handed down the info of the Amaterasu DNA Activation and more. 

You may think it was so easy to get the info from Amaterasu only within a couple of years, but it is not the case. Since her vibration is so high and the DNA Activation is also such a highly powerful tool that was handed down only to the kings and queens before, Amaterasu DNA Activation is such a divine tool. I’ve been working on my psychology, energy, vibration, sub-consciousness and meditate every day for over 13 years, with dedication and commitment. Amaterasu work is not easy remote work at all. I had to work on myself a lot, healing wounds of mine and ancestors’, etc, raise awareness and vibration, as well as I had to have enough hands-on energy experiences to be able to do a remote psychic healing session.

Do you think any therapist
who does not meditate,
who does not have years’ of hands-on healing experiences,
who does not have any approvals to provide energy work from the higher dimension to work with them, and
who does not have any connection with the higher dimension and the light,

can do this Amaterasu work? No, right?

A couple of people have already asked me to teach this energy work to them, but it is not possible. This happened only after 15 years of my dedication and holistic  work, and only after 30 years of self-development. This is done by the Hierarchy’s intention, not by human desire and wishes.

A bad example is the modified Usui reiki as there was no permission from the higher dimension to make a change to the original but people copied and modified the original Reiki with their ego, and it was spreading worldwide without a proper light connection and lineage. 

So if someone thinks this Amaterasu work is cool and starts copying it, all the karma is their responsibility. Each person needs to focus on their unique work and develops it. It needs meditation, dedication, healing and balancing.  

I’m not writing this to self-praise myself. Many people want to have something quick and easy, and see the next grass is greener than yours and envy it.  I’m just sharing my experiences as it didn’t happen overnight at all, and I’m not introducing this work with a superficial intention.

In any field, if you want to master skills or create something fantastic, you need to dedicate your time to work and work on yourself. 

Having said that, whilst, there was also the restructuring happening in the higher dimension and that was another reason why this Amaterasu DNA Activation came down to me. I assume various dedicated therapists must be receiving different gifts now as it happened to me. At least one of my students does, the other day. He does meditate every day and dedicates his time to develop himself and his skills over some years, and he earned it.

Anyway, after I did what I could do and became connected inwardly completely, things happened as below just for your information. I share this as higher dimension does not give you a straight answer mostly even if you want to have it easy, and you need to take actions and experience all the dots and lines to make sense.

Me: ‘’Ummmm. I know I have the Galactic connection, no doubt but something is missing…. Ummm, what is missing… .I’ve done whatever I could do. OK, let’s just leave everything for now, and just visit the Miwa shrine in Nara in Japan. It’s a day off.‘’

After I visited the Miwa shrine, I was exploring the area and found a very shabby tiny hut/lodge. There were some signs on the wall and it says a psychic reading is available. I was curious who was a psychic reader in this small town and opened the door.

A middle-aged Japanese guy was sitting inside. His vibration was not bad. I said ‘I’m just curious as I’m also a psychic. Is it ok for me to enter?’

He said to me, come in and close the door.

Me: So, do you offer a psychic reading?
He: Not really. I’m a prayer.
Me: (What is a prayer??). Oh, that’s a shame. I was interested in a reading…
He: …. I do a tarot reading.
Me: (But you don’t have a tarot reading energy at all.. and no table..). Sorry, not interested in a tarot reading.
He: ……
He: I’ve been working with the Japanese god called xxxx. and xxxx….over 25 years. Which god are you working with?
Me: I work with the Galactic Federation for the ascension and offer a psychic reading and healing,
He: (?????). What?
Me: They are the light-beings helping the ascension from the Galactic universe.
He: (?????). How long do you live in this area?
Me: I don’t really but my parents are not far from here, about 20 years now.
He: You have to study Japanese gods. I’ve been studying the Japanese gods for over 20 years. There are plenty of shrines here and come back to me once you study them and you become famous. I have some celebrities coming here to see me. See you! (He kicked me out lol).

I left there but thought there are many different ways and approaches people do their development and his way is his way, not my way, and it does not work for everyone. I’m not after power and popularity as a priority at all either. It was obvious power and fame matter to him. It made me feel there is still a massive chauvinistic culture in Japan in which I need to support women’s self-esteem and transformation, which was given as a sign.

After this, I also visited a couple of shrines.

In the meantime, I happened to find a Youtube video of BTS. They are the South-Korean pop singers and they are world-wide popular now, especially with the song called Dynamite. Their level of dance with the fire-element, synchronicity, and high-tone songs, their playful energy were all impressive and the energy is from the galactic level. ‘When I watched their dance performance video, it made sense to me suddenly with a reading contents back in 2007,

‘You will develop your path by connecting with the Archangel Sandalphone.’

Words and the energy got connected finally, and it made sense to me.

I wanted to become an amateur dancer 20 years ago and had so many dance lessons. I used to have a lesson 5 times a week at one point before the audition and the shows, and I even went to Paris, NY, LA, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico, etc to dance and received dance lessons. I could also dance on the stage in the dance team in Tokyo in Japan and London, but looking at my dance videos at that time. I looked a bit robotic as my senses at that time were so suppressed under pressures and stress working for the financial companies.

BTS dances hip-hop well and their dance style are so sharp with speed and cleanliness in their movements. I also had hip-hop dance lessons but I was very bad. You need to have good muscle and train your body to dance hip-hop well. Their performance is amazing because they are so flexible in dance and appealing to your emotions.

Because of BTS, I was motivated to attend a vocal lesson and a piano lesson which I didn’t do much under the pandemic. I booked sessions at the Yamaha music school (in Japan).

The teacher of my vocal lesson is an active opera singer. After we had a brief conversation, she asked me questions.
She: Have you done a vocal study or stage shows before?
Me: I belonged to ESS (English Speaking Society) at uni and had to dance and sing a song as a Gamby cat in the Cat Musical show in my first year. After that, I did Latin dance shows in the dance teams after I became an adult. Vocal lesson-wise, I had only 2-3 times. I cannot sing a song but would love to.
She: I thought you did something before. You have a good voice and good volume, and you should be able to sing at a high tone if you practice. I recommend you to go to show business and keep practising singing.
Me: Really? I was dealing with the show business a little bit but that industry is very hectic. It was a bit too scary for me. My parents just tell me off about my voice as it is too high and too loud. Thank you for your encouragement and I will keep practising!

Like this, she was really good at motivating me, and it made me realize I can download the high vibrational energy via sound and voice. I booked another lesson.

After this, I watched the TV programme about the Ise shrine and paid attention to Goddess Amaterasu. Until then, I had so many signs from her, visited her shrine, and she even appeared in my dream. When I was thinking about her, I saw the vision of the Amaterasu coming out of the rock door. She appeared as she heard the music and songs. At this point, everything got connected within me. Amaterasu, music and songs. Then when I channelled her, it brought down the Amaterasu DNA Activation.

I love dancing and music but gave up as I thought I had no talents in them, but I came to believe that it is possible to sing and dance and download the galactic energy here.

For example, BTS is now so successful and they are world-wide popular, however, they practice to dance and sing 12-16 hours a day for 10 years. They shared one small bedroom among 7 members 10 years ago, and even now have intensive practices in dancing and singing not giving up their dreams. The lesson here is, if you don’t believe in yourself and stop practising, you cannot get to where you want to reach. 

So for them, it’s a dance, song and stage performance rehearsal like at Wembley stadium.

Then for you, what practice do you need to do?

My journey as a psychic healer and trainer was not a smooth ride and I kept committing to myself, invested time for my practice and study even my friends went out and had fun, and feel I finally reached the point where I work with Amaterasu, then filling the missing point. It took so many years but things happen at the right time and nothing is wasted.

Additionally, my previous teacher gave me guidance months ago that some huge change would happen in the latter half of 2020. There were no details and I wondered what it was but it makes sense. It is good to have support. If it is not meant to be and if you don’t seek out, you cannot even get support sometimes. All the dots and lines need to be collected but at the end of the day, you need to figure out from all of your experiences and collected information, and find what is the best for you. This figuring out process cannot be done by anyone else. 

I have shared my experiences. You can receive support from Amaterasu by the Amaterasu DNA Activation. Let’s open up your gifts and power, and open the door to the next chapter of your life.

After you receive the Activation, I recommend you to do anything you are interested in and experience it as a self-investment. Since it is a universal modality, it works for everyone to open up their gifts and power, BUT one pitfall you need to be aware of is you may be feeling nothing is changing IF you are not doing anything, or if you are chasing after material gain as your priority such as fame, money, sex, power and status. This is not to satisfy your greediness if that is the case, but this is to awaken your essential divine power and gifts.

Since the pandemic has now prevailed world-wide, we are supposed to stay home, have plenty of time for ourselves to review our life. Find out what you want to do and invest your time and passion 100%. Life is too short to waste your energy and time.

If you are motivated and know what you want, that is great!

If you feel stuck, avoid problems and don’t do anything, then, take your time, explore what you want to do and take actions to move forward. If you do all the things you can do, then the divine power can come in and help you. You need to be persistent and do what you can do, not depending on the divine power or someone else. Even if you don’t get the divine support in the end you feel, there should not be any regret after you did it all.

First and foremost, come and receive the Amaterasu DNA Activation, and open up your gifts and power as the first step to transform your life.