Galactic & Amaterasu DNA Activation (Remote/ in-person session)

”Until you receive the DNA activation, your gifts and divine power are dormant.”
by King of Israeli, Solomon, King Solomon

  • Activate your divine essence to create Heaven on Earth in your unique way with the support of the Goddess Amaterasu.
  • Anyone can receive this.
  • ** We are nothing to do with any religions and cult organizations. **

– Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation VideoAmaterasu 28 DNA Activation Introduction – YouTube

– Free Amaterasu Energy Transmission Video Goddess Amaterasu Transmission for Purification/Clearing – YouTube


Additional free videos below for your reference about the DNA Activation

- Before the 15-minute quick DNA activation – Most of the chakras are off-balanced.

-> Even after the short 15-mins DNA activation, almost all of the chakras are aligned at the centre.


Goddess Amaterasu
Goddess Amaterasu is a universal goddess and is very famous in Japan. She is said to be the founder of the imperial family in Japan and resides at the Ise Shrine. Amaterasu reigns over the heavens called Takamagahara and sits at the highest position in Japan among various goddesses and gods.

Many Japanese people visit her shrine in Mie prefecture in Japan, which is like a Mecca for the Japanese. She is the Sun Goddess and supports us to create Heaven on Earth (Shamballa creation).

If you have not yet found the meaning of your life, what is the purpose of your life, or what is the role, your gifts and talents may not have blossomed yet.

Amaterasu cooperates together with the Galactic Federation for the ascension and the divinity awakening in the humans.
Goddess Amaterasu cooperates with the Galactic Federation to support dimensional ascension.

Many of us came down to the earth to create ‘paradise on earth’ in your unique way. There is a perfect energetic template to create paradise on earth and it is activated by this Amaterasu DNA Activation and awakens your divinity within.

Now, how do you proceed with the creation of the earthly paradise in your unique way? Some people have awakened already and they are spreading the paradise energy in their unique ways, such as a worldwide popular BTS singing group as well as psychic people and therapists.

If you haven’t yet found
– the meaning of your life,
– what is the purpose of your life,
– what is the role,

You may not be connected with your inner divinity or you haven’t cleared your energy well and you haven’t had enough steps to awaken your divinity.

Amaterasu DNA Activation unlocks your gifts and power, helps you to awaken your divinity and to evolve you to the next stage in life. it will lead to a flow in which you play a role.

Amaterasu DNA activation includes the 24 DNA activation of the King-Solomon-lineage.
Amaterasu DNA Activation downloads the high vibrational energy and it also activates your energetic 24 DNA strands based on the King Solomon Lineage, which is the ancient and old modality handed down from King Solomon over 3,000 years ago.

King-Solomon-Lineage based DNA Activation is to connect you with the light and unlock the power and gifts you have within you (If you intend to have the Light body activation, please receive Amaterasu 56 DNA Activation / the AK2 DNA Activation after Amaterasu 40 DNA Activation).

Wise and spiritual king, King Solomon tested and verified the energetic DNA Activation as a universal modality over 3,000 years ago in Israel. It works for everyone irrespective of race and nationality. This was secretively handed down to kings, high priests and high priestesses over 3,000 years, but in this modern world, it is now open and available to everyone to awaken the power and utilize it.

Since energy is changing and the ascension is being processed, the King Solomon lineage’s DNA Activation is not up-to-date anymore and upgraded Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation is the first recommended session which is supported by the Hierocracy of Light and the Galactic Federation.

Energetic DNA Activation works on your energetic DNA strands within your Etheric body, and your energy body will be poured with the Light. Energetic DNAs are dormant before you receive this activation. This will awaken your true-essence, true-self, gifts and power within you for you to access them, and from this, you will gain the ability to transform your life. Thus you will be guided to walk on your divine path with your divine gifts and power.

Important – Additionally, your “Shambala Code” to create Heaven on Earth, your divine purpose and the contract of your life which you have with God, will be activated by a Japanese DNA Activator, Kei. In our mystery school tradition, it is said that we Japanese DNA Activators already have the Shambala code within us embedded, such as peace, harmony creation, discipline, respect, love, honesty, etc.   This gift is to be yours today and you can begin to experience your life from a new perspective:

On the other hand, Amaterasu DNA Activation has the same principle but more focused to activate the divine promises and the energy of the paradise creation of the earth in your unique way. It will additionally support you to enhance the essential quality to create the heavens on earth, such as honesty, humbleness, harmony, sincerity, compassion, nurturing, love, respect, joy, peace, care for self and others and dedication.

This session processes on raising awareness of your purpose and role with the essence of God, so that you can wake up from a deeper spiritual part and the flow of your life will change.

General effects

  • Your divinity awakens with energy from Amaterasu and Galactic lineage
  • Strengthen the connection with the divine energy within you
  • support to change your reality and to realize your role
  • Awaken and enhance your gifts, power, mate contract, and divine contracts
  • If you receive 40 DNA Activation and above, you will awaken your gifts and power for the next stage of your life.
  • Remove negative energies, spirit/evil attachments and heal you
  • Become able to accept a large amount of light in the body and maintain it
  • The high volume of divine energy goes in.
  • Improves intuition
  • Increased brain use (usually only about 5% used)
  • You will be able to see things clearer
  • Abilities and possibilities that you have not yet noticed come to the surface
  • Patterns in the unconscious are released
  • A sense of purpose is activated
  • An accelerated pace of learning

<Outline of the session>

  • Brief counselling
  • Cord cutting -> from 28 DNA activation
  • Connection strengthening between the 7th chakra and the Higher Dimension, removing an obstacle there for you to become connected
  • Powerful protection and negativity release by Goddess Amaterasu
  • Balance the entire body energy
  • Energy gate clearing and balancing -> from 28 DNA activation
  • Removal of negative energy
  • Basic Aura Clearing – including emotional healing -> from 28 DNA activation
  • Connect and download your essential energy from the higher dimension -> from 28 DNA activation
  • Galactic & Amaterasu DNA Activation
  • Energetic activation on 26-72 DNA Strands
  • Shambhala Code (Heaven on Earth Creation Code) Activation by Kei
  • Your life force energy activation -> from 28 DNA activation
  • Protection
  • Feedback

Please note
– After you receive 28 DNA Activation, Spark of Life remote session is recommended as it activates the spirit aspect of your energy. 

– Please email all together with the necessary information  – your name, which session, how long, 3-4 preferred times and dates to book.
– Payment is required by bank transfer/Paypal within 24-36 hours of the booking confirmation or by the specified due date to complete your booking. If not confirmed within time, your slot will be given to someone else.

Location for a face-to-face session
– Most likely at Moorgate/Bank (with window)
– Please note Covid prevention terms and conditions will be applied.


1) Amaterasu 26 DNA Activation Session – Short session > You can skip this session and start from 28 DNA Activation.
This is a short 50 min session which includes a brief consultation, minimum healing elements and feedback. If you can, the standard 28 DNA Activation is recommended to start, which has all the components and cord cutting.
– Remote/Skype : £160 (60 mins) by bank transfer (within 72 hours, £170 by Paypal).
– Face to face: £200 (50 mins) by bank transfer (within 72 hours, £210 by Paypal).

2) Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation Session & Cord Cutting – Standard session
– Remote/Skype : £280 (110 mins) by bank transfer (within 72 hours, £290 by Paypal).
– Face to face: £330 (110 mins) by bank transfer (within 72 hours, £340 by Paypal).


*) Top-up or maintenance session after you received Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation Session.
– if you would like to have a maintenance session as a top up after you received the first Amaterasu DNA Activation, you can have a top up DNA Activation, energy balance and cord-cutting including 10-15 min consultation/counselling as a maintenance session.

– Remote/Skype £210 (80 mins) by bank transfer (within 72 hours, £220 by Paypal).
– Face to face: £250 (80 mins) by bank transfer (within 72 hours, £260 by Paypal).


3) Amaterasu 40 DNA Activation Session & Cord Cutting – 1 session
– Remote/Skype £330 (110 mins) by bank transfer (within 72 hours, £340 by Paypal).
– Face to face: £380 (110 mins) by bank transfer (within 72 hours, £390 by Paypal).
– This includes the whole contents of the full 40 DNA Activation.

In order to receive this 40 DNA Activation, you need to complete below first to raise your vibration higher.
– Spark of Life remote session: 40 DNA Activation is the DNA strands activation related to the physical dimension whilst Spark of Life is the energetic activation related to the spirit dimension. They are a set.
– Class 1 level 1 – Energy Management and Protection
– Reiki Seminar level 1 – Learn how to heal yourself

4) Amaterasu 56 DNA Full Activation Session & Cord Cutting (2 x 75min session)
– Remote/Skype £540 by bank transfer (within 72 hours, £555 by Paypal).
– Face to face: £620 by bank transfer (within 72 hours, £635 by Paypal).

This level is transforming your energy as a light body which is a very high vibration. Thus, you need to clear and balance your energy as well as heal your mind, emotions and body to prepare your energy. Please attend the following classes before proceeding.

Preparation for the Light body transformation to receive Amaterasu 56 DNA Activation (AK2 DNA Activation). In order to receive this AK2 DNA Activation, you need to complete below first to raise your vibration higher.
– King solomon healing sessions
– Deep healing 1-3
– Mind Revolution course
– Class 2: level 1 and 2
–  Quantum Empowerment  1-3
to clear your energy as much as possible.
–  the AK2 Light body Theory Seminar to learn how to treat and manage your Light Body.
– Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar

– You can start developing your psychic senses by the psychic development course. Especially if you would like to activate up to 72 DNA Activation, it will help you your activation and awareness development.

5) Amaterasu 64 DNA Full Activation Session & Cord Cutting (2 x 80min session)
– Remote/Skype £580 by bank transfer (within 72 hours, £600 by Paypal).
– Face to face: £660 by bank transfer (within 72 hours, £680 by Paypal).

– Energy assessment will be conducted first.
–  Quantum Empowerment 80 minute session including cord cutting
– Galactic healing session – 80 minute session
– Amaterasu Clearing Session and Class – stage 1 and 2
– Transformation consultation 80 min
– Qabalah & Galactic Transformational Energy course

6) Amaterasu 72 DNA Full Activation Session & Cord Cutting (2 x 80min session)
– Remote/Skype £620 by bank transfer (within 72 hours, £645 by Paypal).
– Face to face: £700 by bank transfer (within 72 hours, £730 by Paypal)

– Energy assessment will be conducted first.
–  Quantum Empowerment 80 minute session including cord cutting
– Transformation consultation 80 min
– Galactic healing session – 80 minute session
Ancestral Healing course


Terms and Conditions
– Advance booking and payment are required.
– Please read the contact page for further information when you book.
– We are not a doctor and a psychiatrist. If you have any severe psychological issues, personality disorder or physical illnesses, please continue to see your GP or consultants. We will work on you from the energetic aspect with the combinations of different modalities.
– There is an individual difference in how you feel and what you sense during and after a session.

Cancellation and rescheduling policy:
– Within 48 hours of your appointment date there is a 50% cancellation charge, within 24 hours there is a 100% cancellation charge. Please email and notify us as soon as possible when you need to make a change. 
– Please arrive on time. If you are late, you will waste your session time as the session will be conducted as scheduled.
– We recommend you to travel with plenty of time as you know how dysfunctional public transportation can be in London.

Clients’ Feedback
”After the session, I felt lighter and have been calmer since then. Due to xxx, I still feel emotionally up and down but I am able to focus better gradually. I’m more motivated to apply for jobs and sent my CV to some companies.”
(Japanese female, 40s, web, London, March 2023)

”During the session, I felt such a bright light everywhere and felt I wanted to return to the universe. I had a supernatural experience and went home feeling like I was somewhere in a dream. I could not help smiling on the way home. I felt tired the following day and tears came up but I became calm and peaceful after that. I noticed I am not feeling shameful of myself anymore. I think I can focus on where I want to be. Thank you very much.”
(Japanese female, 50s, creative, London, March 2023)

(64 DNA Activation) ”I have been doing well since the DNA. Lots of significant shifts have been taking place, thank you! ”
(English male, psychic consultant, 30s, London, Mar 2022)

’’Relationship with my young daughter has improved straightaway, somehow. Thank you. ’’(Japanese female, 40s, London, UK, July 2021)

”I am approaching life work and the relationship with myself differently and noticing what’s working and what isn’t and listening more to my body. ”
(English male, business owner, London, Mar 2021)

”I felt a lot of expansion and warmth during the Amaterasu DNA activation. Particularly my heart, head, hands and feet. I also sensed lots of activity at the back of my neck, like air sensations. Was very energised and yet calm after the session. I feel a much stronger almost physical awareness of the spirit guides and higher self, which is really nice. Also, feel even more connected with Amaterasu. She has really uplifting and pure energy.  I had a bit of sore throat etc but it went for the first few days and cleared now. I am noticing a warm energy from people, I see this as a mirror to see what must be shifting within me too. What I really like is Amaterasu washes off heavy energy so quickly and replaces it with joy and vitality. It is definitely a different feel to the King Solomon lineage’s DNA Activation and AK DNA Activation.”
(English male, psychic, 30s, London, Feb 2021)

“I usually don’t feel that much but this time, even from the beginning at the cord-cutting time, I felt so much wind and energy getting released from my heels and the back. Then Amaterasu DNA Activation was so powerful as I felt that my connection with the higher dimension was adjusted, my third eye was so active, and I was recharged. I noticed my shoulder was lighter and my arm pain was gone. I even felt Ise shrine energy and I was in that sacred space. Even after the session, I still feel the energy around my head and feel great. This energy is purifying me and also shines my energy. For many years, I didn’t do any energy work so this session motivated me to sign up for a seminar to develop my psychic senses. Thank you. ”
(Japanese female, 50s, business owner, Japan, Feb 2021).


Kei’s experience with DNA Activation and practical advice after you receive it.

I first received the energetic DNA-strands activation of the King-Solomon lineage in December 2006, and then I was trained as a DNA activator and an Adept initiate in April 2007. Since then, I’ve been supporting people to awaken by the DNA Activation for over 16 years.

After the DNA activation, it usually takes 3-6 months to start changing your consciousness and your vibration gradually. It can be a very subtle change and people may not notice it. In my case, I thought I wasn’t feeling any changes during the session and after that, but it was February 2007, three months later, that a noticeable change appeared. This was the first major change but very subtle. At that time my working hours were very long till even after midnight, but I announced to my boss that I would go home around 6 or 7 pm as anyone else does, not working after midnight any more as a corporate slave.

Since then, I took my career change more seriously from finance to psychic healing work and signed up with various training intensively to go along with my life purpose. My mission is to support people to awaken their divinity, empower them to go along with their life purpose and to create their universe.

After the DNA Activation I received, my life was changed very quickly. First of all, I hit the bottom of my life, very bottom, as my beliefs and my identity I thought as to who I was, was all falling apart, as I came to realize deeply that the finance field was not my life purpose and I faced possible death.

However, after my reality was totally crashed, reconstructing and recovering were so fast with the support from the higher dimension. So much new development was happening so fast and I even could receive the visa to move to the UK only within a month after I applied for it. Within a year, I moved to the UK in 2008. Like this, so many small miracles happened to be where I am right now. All the things I wanted and dreamed of were happening only after I had received the DNA Activation, which is why I recommend this session as the priority for everyone from my own experiences.  I could manifest a career change, lifestyle as a self-employed person, more time, soulmate opportunities, MSc psychology degree, living overseas, permanent residency, etc.

I’ve been offering the DNA activation for over 16 years to over thousands people, and know how it is like energy-wise. In the meantime my connection with the Hierarchy of Light, the Galactic federation were getting stronger and solid, and this Amaterasu DNA Activation was handed down by them and the Goddess Amaterasu to support the delayed ascension process on this planet.

After you receive the Activation,
I recommend you to do anything you are interested in and experience it as a self-investment. Since it is a universal modality, it works for everyone to open up your gifts and power. BUT one pitfall you need to be aware of is you may be feeling nothing is changing IF you are not doing anything, or if you are chasing after material gain as your priority such as fame, money, sex, power and status. This is not to satisfy your greediness if that is the case, but this is to awaken your essential divine power and gifts.

Find out what you want to do and invest your time and passion 100%. Life is too short to waste your energy and time. If you are motivated and know what you want, that is great!

If you feel stuck, avoid problems and don’t do anything, then, take your time, explore what you want to do and take actions to move forward. If you do all the things you can do, then the divine power can come in and help you. You need to be persistent and do what you can do, not depending on the divine power or someone else.

First and foremost, come and receive the Amaterasu DNA Activation, and open up your gifts and power as the first step to transform your life.

If you want to accelerate your dream manifestation process and raise your vibration continuously, you can have Class 1 level 1 for energy clearing and activation, Galactic Spark of Life, other healing sessions, coaching and such.

Testimonials – for the previous DNA activations
– Over 16 years of practices and popular demands, there are loads of testimonials and you can refer to some of them below. You can have more testimonials from the link from the past. 

”Since the activation, I have had so much more energy and have been having much less sugar cravings’.’
(English male, 30s, consultant, London, Oct 2022)

”In ways like I am speaking out more and from my heart. I feel like am going through a transformation like am crying for no apparent reason and I think of it as some sort of cleansing where I am releasing with love a lot of negativity including people that I was carrying around. And as a result am feeling light like a feather and having a much calmer spirit.”
(British female, 40s, medical professional, Oct., 2019).

”I had 2/3 major business issues which have been going on for some time which have suddenly become resolved. Extraordinary really! thank you so much for your help.”
(English male, 50s, business owner, Oct., 2019).

”I have been implementing what you mentioned and this seems to have been working well as business is going really well and we have signed a life changing contract. ”
(English male, 20s, business owner, Sep, 2019).

“Amazing  and such a beautiful work. I’m also a professional healer and Reiki master, but  this DNA activation should be received by everyone. Highly recommended.”
(English,  Reiki master, 40s, London)

“I  had a DNA activation before but today I needed to have more light as things  were happening and I was so drained. This activation is flowing so much light  into me and I feel much better and calmer. I knew this was the one for me.  Thank you.”
(Irish male, 40s, therapist, London)

Kei’s own experience –
I was a marketing manager working in the finance professionally going up the career ladder step by step back in 2005, but working for long hours as a corporate slave. There was an awakening moment happening in 2005, and I was guided to have a DNA Activation and become a psychic healer and a Guide to work together with the Higher dimension since then. I never imagined I had gifts and had a mission to work as a psychic healer before but my dormant gifts were opening up.

Now, with 16 years of experiences as a DNA Activator and professional holistic trainings, I’ve been serving as a psychic healer, teacher and a trainer to help others to awaken and transform their lives by establishing this school with Galactic Energy and the Galactic Federation.

This is not a religion or cult. You will become connected with the light and start maximizing your potential to fulfil your life purposeS. This is not a coincidence you came to our website and you are now reading this page. It often happens at a turning point and you are guided to visit our webpage.  Take this opportunity and receive this popular DNA activation from us to transform your life. 

My life is completely changed by the activation. There are similar techniques available all over the world but this is based on the from King Solomon’s tested modality and has the pure connection with the light which comes from the Hierarchy of Light which governs this earth as the spiritual organization.  Purity and authentic connection matters for the energy work.