Ancestor & Family Lineage Healing

Ancestor & Family Lineage Healing – Karma Release (Face to Face and Skype)
–  1st two session – Standard Session with a cord cutting: £220 (110 mins)
–  After two sessions, standard Session with a cord cutting : £180 (85 mins)
* With Skype Payment, £236 for 110 min, and £190 for 85min session.

Without our ancestors, we cannot exist here. We have inherited  their experiences, thought patterns, behaviour patterns, karma, traumas, belief  system, health conditions, programmes as good and bad assets. They have been passed on down the generations and we are affected by these without our awareness.

The session focuses on your ancestors, and releases the negative energetic inheritance and their patterns, and heals your ancestors and you. Its positive healing effect may flow to your families and offspring too if needed.

During the session ancestors sometimes give messages and make requests on how to heal them. In addition to your human ancestors, all of us have a spiritual family called Monad. This session also cuts off your spiritual family’s ancestor’s karma cord, and you  can be released from their karmic influence.

This session will bring the positive light to your ancestors, your family lineage, your family, you and your offspring dynamically.

This session is not a one off session and it has to be completed till ancestral healing reaches to the certain level to release negative energies and karma. It cannot be said clearly how many times it will take to finish the first round (to reach to the certain healed level) but it is about 6-10 sessions as a reference. However if negative inheritance and karma is heavy including demonic energy release, spells and black magic removal on your ancestors, it may require more than 10 times as there is an individual difference.

If you haven’t received a Karmic cord removal from your spiritual family called Monad, this cord cutting is also included at the first session.


Please note – important
–  If you start a session, you need to complete the first round (about 6-10 sessions) for sure, otherwise, this session request will not be accepted.
– Please pay the first three sessions in advance. (and then another three sessions in advance, and rest will be instructed as needed). You can book a session with 3-7 days interval.
– Currently we accept bookings only starting from March, April and May as it takes minimum 3 months weekly to complete the process. We aim to finish before end July (end July to end Aug, sessions will not be available).
– After August, we don’t know yet currently when we can offer this session for another year, therefore, please do book and start receiving this session soon if you would like to clear ancestral’ negative energies and healing for them.

 Required Advance Preparation
– Before you book a session and start, please prepare below.

Please draw a diagram for each of your Mother’s side and Father’s side’s Family tree, at least 3 generations up, including

  • Must information to provide
    • Your brothers and sisters
    • Your ancestor’s names including their partners – where they were born and lived, occupation, dead with reason at what age, at least for your parents and grandparents, and also grand-grandparents level.
    • Their brothers and sisters names, age they died including miscarriages and abortions at least for your parents and grandparents level.
  • Info to provide as much as possible
    • 3 generation and above info
    • If there was any inheritance troubles, debt, marriage divorce, love affair, adoption, early death, murder, suicide, cold relationship, illnesses, and other issues.
    • Please give at least one paper for each side (Mother and Father)
  • Please bring a copy for me for each for your mother and father side.
  • You can receive this session over Skype. If you live in the UK, it is better to have this session face to face.
  • Only when you are ready with all the info, please book a session.
  • This session should be finished by mid/end July 2015 (In August, therapist will be most likely away).


  • Brief counseling –please bring a copy of your family tree paper with your three generations ancestors’ names, profession and where they were born and brought up.
  • Monad Ancestor’s cord cutting (usually you need only one cut in your life. If you already had one,  time will be dedicated to your ancestor healing)
  • Access to your ancestors, consultation for them, ancestor healing, pattern and karma release. Special work and interactive session.
  • Share what the learning was, what was inherited to your lineage as a negative inheritance and karma, pattern and more.
  • Clearing the energy and healing your ancestors and family lineages.
  • Release negative energies, karmas and patterns as much as possible from you and your current families. (please note: sometimes there maybe karma and negative energies which may not be lifted if it is meant to be completed only by you, or if it is really deep, you may need the second round for these. Everything else will be removed.)
  • After the ancestral healing session’s first round completed, we will remove negative influence and heritage from you as much as possible. It is recommended to receive medical intuition and etheric healing Deep Healing session 1-3 to clear your energy.
  • Brief Feedback

Please read before you book a session.
* Please make a commitment to complete this course until your therapist tells you it is finished as it is related to karma and incompletion works very negatively and you may have negative karmas on you without completing it.
* In prior the Ancestral Healing, please work on your energy first and click on the Basic course information and start working on you.
* On each side, mother/father, it takes at least 3-5 sessions to clear. At each session, negative energies will be release and your ancestors will be healed or go back to the spirit world, it is effective but the volume of work is massive and often it is dangerous for therapists to conduct this. Please receive this session regularly and allow this session to be completed 100% until your therapist tells you it is finished.
* This session does not guarantee you to contact your preferred ancestors and get messages etc. It is done by the Higher Dimension and they do the work where healing and negative energy removal is required.
* Please be aware that you may not be able to work and heal with a specific ancestor. Work will be conducted with the ancestor(s) who need healing most, and contact to us.
* This session is interactive and your therapist tells you what is happening and what is released during the session. Sometimes there is a request from your ancestors and they will be also passed on to you such as visiting their graveyard with flower.
* This is mainly for your ancestors, not for you and your immediate current families healing. Focus is your ancestors to be healed and go back to the spirit world if they haven’t. * If there is a deep karma, black magic and spell casted, etc., you may need a proper exorcism for that. If it is found, your therapist will let you know with suggestions to solve
* If you finish the minimum level sessions (1st round, about 5-10 sessions), you can choose if you would like to continue further on specific family lineages and ancestors as the next level.
* Cancelation policy –  After the session start, no refund is available. To re-schedule, please allow minimum 3 days. within 2 days, 50% and within 24 hours 100% fee is charged.

– Coming soon.
– In the meantime, please visit the Japanese site with many testimonials.