Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing  Private Session

Online course: Family Tree Diagram consultation + 80min  x 15 sessions (1 set) = £3,700 (By Paypal, £3,850)
– If you need more, 80min  @£240 (By Paypal,  @£250).
– Highly recommended once you receive the Sanatokumara Exorcism & Spirit Release session first to get rid of the attachments on yourself.
– Pre-requirement session: Class 1 level 1 – Learn how to clear your energy and protect it and Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation.


Do you believe there is a huge influence on us with positive and negative energetic, emotional and mental inheritance and carried over karma and spells from your ancestors? We have a vast range of energetic inheritance from our ancestors and quite often they are operating in the background and disturbing our dream manifestations as troubles in many areas of our lives in relationship, marriage, sex, money, fertility, mental and physical health, spirituality, study, career, and more.

Some of the ancestors committed suicide or attached by demons and evil spirits, cursed, spelled, so not all of the ancestors cannot go to the designated spiritual dimensions where they are supposed to go and need help.

Kei has been dealing with ancestral healing for over 10+ years. Since there are a vast number of ancestors, she deals with the maximum numbers as many as possible to send them back to the light and get healed and also dealing with them one by one if they need it. If ancestors still need to talk to her and get healed, she talks to them, treats them and sends them back to the light.

After the ancestral healing sessions, you can have a session by the Quantum Mind Body Emotion Psychosomatic Detox & Restructuring session to release ancestral effects out of you. This session aims you to get healed and transformed.

In order for you to manifest your full potential and live your life along with your Soul Plan, we help you realize what is blocking you at the conscious and unconscious levels, multiple dimensions and parallel world, and remove them.

<Please prepare and bring the below in advance>
In advance, please work on your family tree both on your mother side (mother and father) and father side (mother and father) with a minimum of three-four generations and higher. Their siblings and kids, etc. And put all the information on the excel sheet as simply as possible. The template will be provided.
–  Once you get the names of your ancestors, please also research and add the information below. Especially the red ones are pretty important.
–  where they were born, age when they died, why died, illness, married, divorced, love affairs, killed, murdered, suicide, war death, rape, heavy abusiveness and bullies, mental illness especially a personality disorder, prisoned, no kids, money issues, any other specific issues they had.
– Please neatly assemble all together on one piece of paper/A4 as a diagram, and email it to me.  Once one side is ready, i.e., mother’s mother and father sides, we can start the work.

Each ancestral healing session differs depends on a person but the following contents are for you as a reference.  The basic flow will be customized out of the following elements but not limited
- Short counseling session to understand your situation and your mental, emotional state.
- Consultation to understand what you would like to solve, achieve and reach as a goal.
–  Ancestral healing –  you will be sitting quietly or may assign something to do.
– feedback.

We have many blockages, unwanted energetic contracts and karmas, so it is recommended to receive this session at least once.

<Session booking>
– Since there are many ancestors, we offer this course as a set menu. One round session is 15 sessions;
– At the beginning of the session, you will be asked to explain each ancestor.
– Mother’s mother side x 3,
– Mother’s father side x 3,
– Father’s mother side  x 3,
– Father’s father side x 3,
-Overall x  3, on both sides, and release karmic energies out of you.
– Please be aware that a session is basically booked every week to complete the one round, within 3-4 months.
– If you finish the first round, you can book anytime the second round, but usually, the first round is good enough to transform your life.

Booking and fee. 
– Online session.
– please read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page when you book. 


”I have throughout my life had a very difficult, and often traumatic relationship with my mother. Following the ancestral healing course, our dynamics have changed and the relationship is healing and changing for the better. I have never met many of my family and had little knowledge of my ancestors, so this course helped me feel more connected to them. I also now have a better understanding of my parents, our relationships and why they act the way that they do!”
(English male, 30s, business owner, July 2021, London)

“Since receiving the ancestral healing step by step, I noticed it has shifted and healed so much, looking back now. My connection to my roots and physical lineage seems stronger I feel more grounded and connected to the earth. I have seen it has had an impact in healing and shifting relationships with family and friendships for the better. Each session would release a different set of energies and i could feel them come out of me and be healed and released. My mental and emotional state is a lot more balanced now. The unhealthy patterns and blockages in relation to the ancestors cleared and I feel much more aligned with them now.

I have experienced a huge mental emotional and spirituals shift in myself. I have noticed positive improvements with work with regards to opening up new networks. I feel it has greatly supported me to be express and communicates with others much better than before. Also my mind has been a lot sharper and much more focused. I have been able to accomplish more than i thought was possible almost like the limitations got totally cleared.

I feel very connected to who I am but without all the confusions or indecisions I may have had before. Ancestral healing has deeply healed and supported me to better understand where I have come from on the physical level.

It has supported me to balance, organise and command my world, also manifesting and psychic senses are a lot sharper. I have noticed so much more understanding and compassion for others on much deeper levels.

Regarding relationships I have made new friendships which feel in much more alignment on the consciousness level. Over all the ancestral healing has helped me see clearly who i am , where i have come from and what I truly want. It has healed those patterns and wounds in my ancestral lineage, I was not completely consciously aware of until it got released.

Since the ancestral healing i feel a huge sense of peace, strength and support coming from my ancestors and with in myself.”
(English male, 20s, June 2019, London)


“ヒーリング終わった2-3日は非常に背中が軽くなった感じがしました。 また、仲直りができたんだっていう感覚があって、何か説明が難しいですけど、安心感があります。 背中の感覚がとてもいい感じです。 先週の日曜日に父側のいとこと弟で飲みに行く機会があって、一緒に食事をしている時に非常に嬉しい感覚がありました。 一人のいとこに結婚の可能性も出て来て、別のいとこは彼女ができ、改善されてきたのかなと思ってます。ヒーリングありがとうございます。”

Note – please read before you book a session.
- Please read a cancellation policy, payment method and available booking time from the contact page.

– Cancelation and rescheduling policy: within 48 hours of your appointment, 50 % cancellation charge, and within 24 hours of your appointment is 100% charge.
– Once we start the ancestral healing, we will complete the whole set of 15 sessions.
– Please make a payment in advance by one payment. If preferred, two instalments are possible.