Initial Offer

Initial Offer – First-time Assessment

For those who wish to have their first session and are unsure about which session to choose, you can take advantage of the First-time Assessment session. We will listen to your concerns, such as energy, psychological state, environmental factors, and conduct an assessment to help you select the session you desire.

**Please note:
In this session, you can discuss your concerns and undergo an assessment to select the most suitable session based on what you are looking for. Therefore, please be aware that this is not a session for guidance or advice on your concerns in spiritual consultation or psychic consultation.

If you want to receive a Spiritual Consultation, please book a Spiritual Consultation. If you also want guidance from the spiritual realm, please book a Psychic Reading & Consultation.

Reservation Method:
– Please inform us of your preferred 3 or 4 dates and times by email.

– Phone/Skype for up to 30 minutes: £10 up to 72 hours in advance, or £15 via PayPal afterward.
– Phone/Skype for up to 45 minutes: £20 up to 72 hours in advance, or £25 via PayPal afterward.
(For those outside the UK, sessions will be conducted via Skype.)

Please read the following in advance:
– Cancellations or changes made within 48 hours will incur a 100% charge, so please be aware of this and notify us by email.
– This offer is available for first-time customers only. If you have already had a session, please book a Psychic Consultation or a Spiritual Consultation.
– Your personal information will be kept confidential.
– When making a reservation, please provide your UK phone number/Skype name.
– Our Skype name is Kayandrksps.