Aura Healing, Aura Repair &Emotional Healing

Aura Healing and repair, & Emotional Healing and Balancing
Face to Face
–  50 mins at £120 / 80 mins at £180 (10 pounds off if you pay by Within-UK bank transfer 96h/4days before).

– Remote Healing Session
-30min at £60 / 50 mins at £120 / 80 mins at £180
Including short feedback by email.
 (10 pounds off if you pay by Within-UK bank transfer 96h/4days before).

* Please book and pay in advance.

All of us have the divine template, Blueprint, within our energy field.  However, while we are living here as a human, we are exposed to various external stimulation which can cause mental, emotional and physical suffering and pain.

Each of your seven energy centers is tuned into and assessed against your Blueprint which is the original you. We will then locate any trapped emotion and energy, which is a potential cause of your symptoms, and release them. After that the healing process will start. Chakra assessment, clearing and healing will help you to feel better and become healthier emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically.

We can focus and work on your specific needs or scan to find where in your body and energy have to be worked on most and subsequently healed. We will work on where help is most needed, or your requested needs. It can be customized but a standard generic healing includes the following:  

– Brief counseling
– Scanning your 7 chakras and your energy field, and assess them.
– Chakra Check, Cleansing, Rebalancing and Healing.
– Healing techniques are selected and combined from below according to your needs if needed.
– If you have a pacemaker and problems with any magnet, please let us know in advance.

Booking, Cancelation Policy and Terms and Conditions
– Cancelation and rescheduling charge will be placed from 48 hours of your appointment (Farringdon is from 8 days before if it is after 4pm on weekdays).
– please read the contact page for further information when you book.

Clients’ Feedback
”I felt the energy was flowing in my body, and felt filled with the light. I feel lighter emotionally.”
(European female, London, March 2020).