Autumn Equinox Ancestral Healing & Dream Manifestation Support Remote Group Session

The Autumn Equinox Day in 2023 is on September 23rd, and it is said to be the day when the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the deceased is the closest. It is a day to honor our ancestors and remember those who have passed away.

Although our ancestors cannot be seen with the naked eye, they often support their descendants, such as yourself. Among our ancestors, there may be some who have not found peace or who cannot let go of attachments and emotions, preventing them from moving on to the next stage in the spiritual realm.

Our remote group session will support to heal you and your ancestors, and then for you to receive support from your ancestors to manifest your wishes and dreams. On the 23rd, our remote session will offer two types of energy work.

In Part 1, you and your entire ancestral lineage will receive high-frequency Galactic light through our special method, and will enter into a transformational flow of various attachment and emotional release.

In Part 2, as it is the season of autumn harvest, you will receive support to strengthen the relationship with your ancestors to help you manifest your dreams. Though it is invisible, ancestral support is powerful as they wish their offsprings` happiness.

Date and Time: September 23, 2023 (Saturday), UK Time 11:00-12noon (19:00 – 20:00 Japan Time)

Session Type: Remote Group Session

– Please notify via email the followings;
– Provide your full name, date of birth, country and city of residence.
–  (Optional) If known, please provide the names and the prefectures of your deceased maternal and paternal grandparents.
– (Optional) If your parents have already passed away, please provide their names and where they were born.
– List three dreams or desires you would like to fulfill.

Booking and payment:
– Please make a payment via PayPal below. The session duration may take longer depending on the flow.

– Deadline of payment and preparation: UK time – Until 7am on September 23rd.

 – Part 1 only: Early Bird £50 (On the day: £100)
– Part 1 & 2: Early Bird £100 (On the day: £210)

Please read in advance:
– You may feel drowsy on the day, so refrain from driving and using heavy machinery.
– If possible, it is recommended to visit your family graveyard within September.
– The session will begin at the scheduled time. Simply set your intention to receive the energy and send gratitude to your ancestors. After the session, group feedback will be provided via email within a couple of days.
– There are no refunds after booking.
– There is an individual differences on how you sense the energy.