★Awaken Your Divinity Within Programme

★Awaken Your Divinity Programme

How is your life?

There are many causes probably but the huge cause can be your own blockages and your subconscious and conscious mind, causing all the problems in your life. In this programme, you will experience to make a change from the cause, set you free from your own mental prisons with restrictions, and transform your life.

This programme offers you some sessions and courses to make a positive impact on your life. This programme leverages different tools such as energy work, divine connections, psychological work, guided meditation, NLP, hypnosis, coaching, CBT, Ego therapy, bodywork, energy healing, visualization and more to offer the highest possible effects for you.

If you would like to have an energy session to transform your life, our recommendation for you is below (If you need to choose a limited number of sessions).
– Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation with cord-cutting 110 min session (Skype/Zoom).
– Class 1- level 1 – Energy Management and Protection (Online)
– Spark of Life Remote session to activate your energy (Remote session).

Life is a choice.

What would you choose to make your life better?

Aim of this course (it’s all online).
– Find your happiness as the most important priority
– Be YOU with love and abundance.
– Set your own values and build a fantastic, balanced life.
– Awake the inner divinity within you.

If you can achieve these, relationship, money, business, career, etc would follow you.

Courses in the Programme – You can receive all or partially.

  1. Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation

    Japanese Goddess Amaterasu is said to be the founder of the imperial family and is a goddess who rains the heavens called Takamagahara. Many Japanese people visit her shrine in Mie prefecture in Japan, which is like a Mecca for the Japanese. She is the Sun Goddess and supports us to create Heaven on earth (Shamballa creation).

    If you have not yet found the meaning of your life, what is the purpose of your life, what is the role, your gifts and talents may not have blossomed yet.

    Amaterasu oversees all the gods of Japan, so when activated in energy, she will help you to create a connection with the gods you originally have a relationship with and the existence of the heavens, and it will lead to the flow in which you play a role.

For further information, please click here.

2. Learn the Galactic Clearing, Protection and Transformation Technique Handed down by the Galactic Melchizedek

Galactic Melchisedek is one of the core beings in the Galactic Federation and very wise, advanced spirit for the universe creation. Since the Air Era started with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Dec 2020, it seems it is his time to join the transformation process of the earth and the human.

He has handed down some of the Galactic techniques for us to clear our energy, protect against unwanted ET-beings and transform our consciousness as a necessary tool at this ascension time and the Air era. Additionally, he would like us to use his techniques as the pandemic is spreading so much. For further information, please click here.

3. Secret Message and gifts from a difficult relationship with your parents.

Many of us have issues with parents and some people are very unfortunate to have very difficult parents. Many conventional therapies recommend to cut the tie with difficult parents and become independent. However, unless your life is threatened and you need to be away from your parents to be safe, cutting a tie with your parents is not our advisable suggestion. You have a reason why you are with your parents no matter what, and they are the ones bringing a secret message and gift for you to transform your life. If you keep avoiding improving a relationship with them, or at least to have a neutrally peaceful relationship, your life would not prosper.

In this course, you will learn some psychological theories, how to access your emotions, reflect your situations, clinical element of personality, 15 flag signs, transformational tools to change your relationship, spiritual meaning, metaphysical psychology and more. Once you transform your relationship with your parents, it can influence other areas of your life such as money, career, business, relationship positively.

This course goes deeper and intensively to heal from the cause, so it is recommended to attend this course if you want to make a change from the roots.

Further information, please click here.

4. Quantum Re-Birth Session

Ascension is being in progress even though its process is slow. There are various sessions we offer and this Quantum Re-Birth session works on the very roots of your existing as a human, a soul and a spirit and transform your consciousness and your mind. We are more than a human and are energetic-beings, though many of us have been trapped in the physical reality mostly.

Why were you born in your country?
Where are you here as a human?
Why did you come to the earth?
Where are you from?
and such.

Most of the people cannot answer these questions as they don’t remember who they really are and they have lost the divine connections within themselves. That’s why we fight, kill others, bad-mouthing on social media, work for money without passions, and don’t stop and think why things are happening for us.

-IF you haven’t awakened your inner divinity,
– IF you don’t know why you are here and you are not on your divine path.
– IF you don’t know what you want to do and wonder what life is about
– IF you feel stuck and cannot move on in life with passion

what do you want to do?

For further information, please click here.

5. Boost Your Feminine energy and raise your self-esteem
– In the old days, women suffered as a second citizen. Many women were supposed to be a housewife in old days and just managing household such as cooking, cleaning, raising kids without that much help, and they could not have time to pursue their dreams and wishes as an independent person unlike modern women can do. They were supposed to play a role as a mother and a wife, not so much as an independent lady to pursue their dreams.
– In the modern days, women have more opportunities. They can build their own career, make money, do some hobbies, and can pursue their dreams and wishes. However, many women are distressed about what choices they need to make under the pressure of family and society. In a sense, choices are available but some women can be stuck between choices and expectations from others, rather than pursuing what they want freely.
– If this rings a bell, this course is for you.
– This course is the base for you to build a good relationship with self and others, and helps you to find a good date, boyfriend and a partner, good career, and pursue your dreams.
– This course offers you 4 private sessions to release effect from your mother, enhance your feminine energy, your self-esteem, radiate your Goodness energy, release the fear of living as you, raise your standard, and more.
– At each private session, we will work on a certain set of elements and provide tailor-made customised content for your needs. There will be much psychological work, NLP and energy work in this. At each session, you need to allow the therapist to do the 40 min energy work at least. The remaining time will be used for psychological work.
Fee: 4 x 80 min session at 760 pounds by bank transfer (by Paypal, 800 pounds). If you have deep-seated issues, you can add more sessions or choose any other preferred sessions.

6. Subconscious mind Transformation by Mind Revolution Course
– if your life is not working well and continue to have troubles and issues, there are major patterns people usually have in common. In this course, you will learn esoteric wisdom and metaphysical psychology, and make a change from your subconscious mind.
– We’ve already offered the Mind Revolution course to make a change at the conscious level. In this course combined with it, you will additionally learn how to establish your values and make a change in your subconscious mind.
– Part 1 Mind Revolution Course – 7 lessons. You can start with this.
– Part 2 – TBA. how to establish your values and make a change in your subconscious mind.
– Part 3 – Optional. 80 min/110min x 3 private sessions to work on your subconscious mind to transform. If you would like, the past life regression session is highly recommended. The private session works better after you do parts 1 and 2 for this.

7. Feel comfortable with your own skin.
– My clients tell me sometimes, “I don’t feel I belong to anywhere”. It literally means they don’t feel fitting in any groups or don’t feel comfortable even at home.
– Reasons can be anything and you will have a session to find out why and what is causing you and transform that feeling to feel comfortable with your own skin.
Fee: 110 min at 230 pounds (By PayPal 240 pounds),

In the old days, women suffered as a second citizen. Many women were supposed to be a house

Important – Terms and conditions – Please read before you book our programmes.
– Please choose a quiet place and quiet time as much as possible as depending on your needs, we will do hypnosis during the session.
– Cancelation policy: 50% charge within 48 hours notice. 100% charge within 24hours.
– If you have any mental and physical illness, please consult a doctor as well and receive our sessions at your responsibility, especially if you have epilepsy, heart attack and stroke.
– If you have any physical and mental illness, major traumas, and addictions, substance usage, please let us know in advance and we would like you to fill in the form in advance to prepare for your session.
– Even though we are experienced and have many successful cases to have transformed the client’s life for better, we are not here to guarantee any desired results. We understand you agree with this and book our programmes and courses.