Massage Therapy & Detox Healing

Enjoy our various Massage with warm and caring hands through your skin and five sensors. It brings a warm relaxation and relieves pain and tension with gentle but firm pressure on your body.

We are specialized in the energy work as well thus you can also enjoy our massage with combination of Reiki healing if you prefer.

You can choose a type of a massage from below.

  • Swedish Relaxation Massage – if you would like to relax your mind and body.
  • Deep Tissue Massage – if you would like to have firm pressure and release pain and tension for better blood circulation.
  • Indian Head Massage  – if you would like to clear your mind, stress and tension from your head and shoulders mainly. (on a chair)
  • Acupressure Chair massage – If you would like to have  a massage on the chair mainly on your shoulders, neck and upper back.