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★ April 8th Night New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse Breakthrough Zoom Live Session

On the night of April 8th (morning of April 9th in Japan), there will be a powerful energy influence due to the total solar eclipse, where almost all planets of the solar system and Chiron gather in Pisces, Aries, and Taurus.

If you look up at the sky, you may likely see them almost aligned in a row. This phenomenon, also known as the Solar Flash, conjuncts with the new moon, particularly a Balsamic Moon, marking a significant time for letting go of the past and embracing new beginnings. It’s an optimal day for healing deep emotional wounds and addressing things that have been hidden or avoided.

However, there is a possibility of phenomena such as storms, earthquakes, tsunamis and emotional bursts, so you may need to be mindful.

Based on the alignment of the new moon and major planets, you can participate in our live Zoom session to receive support in releasing past energy, healing, and starting anew.

This rare and powerful alignment is particularly significant for those who feel called to fulfil their roles.

Total Solar Eclipse Breakthrough Session
Session Overview:

Live Group Zoom Session – Participants will receive the Zoom link by Monday 6 PM.

Date & Time: UK – April 8th (Monday) 21:40  – 23:00 / Japan – April 9th (Tuesday) 5:40 AM – 7:00 AM

Booking Deadline: Booking and payment must be made by Monday, April 8th, 18:00 UK time (2 AM Japan time on April 9th).

– Explanation of energy, emotions, and physical effects based on astrological alignments
– Effects of the total solar eclipse, Balsamic Moon, etc.
– Energy work: releasing energy and emotions, mental decluttering, (trauma) healing
Accessing and transforming the subconscious mind
– Breakthrough planet meditation
– Subconscious work for manifesting dreams
– Bonus! Exclusive offer only for live Zoom participants, related to ancient effective methods of manifesting dreams. You’ll need a pen and paper.
Bonus! – Background music with Solfeggio frequencies to enhance energy effects. It’s recommended to use earphones for better results.
– Q&A

Preparation: Pen, paper (several sheets), something to drink, tissue/handkerchief, etc.

Participation Fee: Early bird discount available. Instead of £100, now £45 via Paypal from here.
– Prices will increase over time, so please make your payment in advance and inform via email.

– We’ll tailor the energy work based on participants’ energy. Please turn on your camera if possible.
– There are no refunds.
– Prices will increase closer to the event time.
– Please choose a quiet and private location. It’s also recommended to use earphones for better audio quality.
– Latecomers are allowed to join. If you’re unable to enter once the session starts (e.g., if your name can’t be confirmed upon entry), there will be no refund. Please enter in advance to avoid any issues.- You don’t need to share your privacy, so rest assured. If you wish to share, you can do so.

★ Additionally, for those interested in private sessions:
– If you prefer individual sessions over group sessions, you can choose any of our sessions on our website.
– If you want to release the past and embrace new energy, you can also receive the eclipse work in an individual session. In that case, choose the Quantum Empowerment session.

Cognitive Behaviour Hypnosis (CBH)

What is Cognitive Behaviour Hypnosis?  -> Hypnosis is integrated into CBT

Receiving only a conventional CBT session, there is a limit to its effect as it does not work on the energetic aspect of you and your subconscious mind, past painful memories including past life, as it mainly works on your mental and behavioural aspect based on what you share and think and a conventional CBT practitioner can only analyse your psychology based on what you share.

It’s good to have an analysis from someone professional, but our mind and brain can recognize only 5% of the entire consciousness. It is merely the tip of the iceberg. The subconscious mind is said 95% of the entire consciousness. If the client is not aware of his/her subconscious patterns, auto-pilot and automatic negative thought, or does not want to accept/avoid “a harsh unwanted reality” and his/her own weakness and not-recognized patterns and ‘illogical’ beliefs, the client would be struggling with getting over their challenges and issues. This is why a conventional CBT is said effective only about 50%, especially if your conditions are severe such as addiction, severe obesity, suicide, self-harm, chronic depression, eating disorder, OCD, substance addiction and more.  

In order to solve issues, it is vital to integrate and work on the subconscious aspects energetic aspects of you as you accumulate stress, trauma or painful thoughts, emotions, memories, and energies in your physical body and energetic bodies.

Therefore, after the psychological, emotional and behavioural analysis is made by CBT, it is recommended to add and receive an energetic session (Types 2-6). In this way, your transformation process is much quicker to reach your goal.

Psychological research has been made by Kirsch et al (1995) and it found that clients who received CBT AND Hypnosis showed 70% improvement over those who received only CBT.

★Inner Peace Guided Meditation – Zoom Video

– Anyone can attend

Even though the pandemic seems to be ceased for now, mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, have been increasing worldwide by +26% (WHO, 2023).

Our guided work offers you time and space to become connected with your inner peace, balance your mind, and release carried-over emotions and energies. You will gain peace of mind through your neurology, energy and breathing work in our group session.

– Brief QA
– Guided Meditation for your inner peace.

Time and Date
20th of July, Thu, 2023, 21:00 – 21:45, UK time.
– by Zoom video

– Early Bird offer – £5 by Paypal payment here ( On the day, it will be £15).
– The fee will go up closer to the event.

Terms and Conditions
– Please login in time. We will start on time.
– Fee is non-refundable and not transferable unless we cancel the event.
– After you make a booking and payment, you will receive a payment confirmation email (receipt).
– A Zoom link will be sent later to join the event. Please confirm if you received it or not after you make a booking at least a day before.
– It will be difficult for us to deal with your request to resend a link right before the events.
– Booking and payment notice will be sent to the organiser so you don’t need to email us to book your seat separately.

How to join the event
– Please use the Zoom link you receive to join us.
– PLEASE USE THE SAME NAME WHICH YOU USED TO BOOK YOUR SEAT WHEN YOU ATTEND THE EVENT. If the name is different, please email us and let us know in advance. Otherwise, you may not be able to join our event.
– You can join before we start the meditation. Even if you are late, you can join us but there will be no refund.

*** Clients’ Feedback***

“Thank you for the energetic and powerful meditation! Your voice has a Magic!”(European female, 30s)

“I received various visions, colour and light and am feeling relaxed.”(Russian female, corporate, 30s)

“I feel cleansed and my energy is lighter”. (English male, psychic healer, 20s,)

’I had a good impression on Kei as she speaks positively and uplifting. I was also impressed by her experiences and knowledge as I found there were many techniques incorporated for this meditation event.’ (Japanese female, 30s)

’My hands became so heavier towards the end and I felt my blocks got released. My energy flows better now.’ (English female, 30s, Reiki practitioner, London)

“Clearing meditation makes me feel calmer. I could release heavy emotions.”(Japanese female, 40s)

★ June 21st Wed – Summer Solstice Transformation Group Session for Better Life (Zoom Live)

This Summer Solstice Day is another turning point for many of us to transform our lives. You can proactively choose to transform your life for better life, or you can stay in the same cycle.

 In order to transform your life, you need a couple of important ingredients activated to move forward in life.


  • Learn 3 key essential ingredients to transform your life and evolve your spiritual self to the next level.
  • Pair up and talk about a specific theme you will be given to transform your consciousness (Something positive. You can control what you want to talk about and keep your privacy).
  • Guided meditation/energy work to transform your subconscious mind.

Time and date: 
UK time – Wed June 21st 18:30 – 19:30.
Japan time – Thu June 22nd 2:30 –

Event attendance: 
– Live video Zoom – You need to turn on your video and have your microphone ready to join this event.
– You will receive a Zoom link to the email address you used for Paypal payment.

Booking and Payment
– Please pay by Paypal from here.
– Fee will go up closer to the solstice day.
– An early bird offer: £20 till June 20th 23:30.
– From Jun 20th 23:30 – Wed till 17:30: £25.
Booking deadline: 21st 17:30

Terms and Conditions
– Fee will not be refunded after payment unless we cancel this session.
– Please be ready with your video and microphone as we will pair up and interact with each other. If a video camera is not on, you will be removed from the event for security reasons.
– Please check your video and microphone functions in advance.
– Please be respectful to each other. If you criticize others badly or behave abusively to other participants, you will be removed from the event and the fee will not be refunded.
– You can participate in this event even if you are late.

★ Face to face session fee – will be revised


Due to the pandemic and Covid-virus, all the therapy centres’ room hiring
fees have been increased like other costs. Unfortunately, it will be reflected in
our face-to-face session fee and will be revised.

We have been revising our website one by one and it may take some time to
complete this process. The online fee will stay the same for now.



★Sacred Womb Healing & Goddess Feminine Energy Empowerment

There is a data that many couples break up after Christmas or New years’ days in order to have a peaceful end of the year as much as possible.

If you had a difficult relationship, breakup and heart broken, this session is for you (ladies only).

★Sacred Womb Healing & Goddess Feminine Energy Empowerment

If you are a man, you can book a quantum empowerment session or psychic consultation.

Have a good day.


★Dec 25th Sun 2022- Christ Consciousness & Energy Transmission – Aura clearing, Spirit Release, Healing & Protection – Group Sessions.

★Dec 25th – Christ Consciousness – Aura clearing, Spirit release, Healing and Protection.

Christ consciousness is very strong during the Christmas time, and it is the time for us to become connected with this energy, become healed and receive support for us to become who we want to be and fulfil our life purpose.

On this special day, we will work with him and support you to clear your energy, release spirits out of your auric field, heal and protect you. It is a very special session including spirit release for you to be ready for 2023 and fulfil your life as YOU, no body else.

Part 1 – Clearing Group Meditation – 50 minutes by Zoom (live)
You will learn a simple but powerful clearing method and we will practice it together. It does not have an individual consultation time and it is very much hands on to raise your vibration and clear unwanted energies at the end of the year to prepare your energy for 2023. You will use the learned method anytime anywhere after this session to raise your vibration.

Part 2 – Christ Consciousness Remote group session (non-live) – 60 min
– Receive the Christ Consciousness energy transmission to clear unwanted energies, heal and protect you. We will also clear your auric field’s attachments and dwellings.
– This school is under the Hierarchy of Light including him and he is one of the divines who is helping the humans. Our school practitioner and trainer, Kei, will become an intermediator between him and you.
– After the session, you will receive a brief group message.

This is nothing related to any religions and anyone can receive this session on this special day.

Become ready with a clearer energy, stable emotional and mental state by getting rid of unwanted energies for the new year!

  • Date and time:
    • UK time – Dec 25th Sun, 2022,
      Part 1 – 12noon – 12:50 by Zoom – You can join only Part 1
      Part 2 – 13:00 – 14:00 – Remote – You can join only Part 2, or Part 1 & 2 both

      Deadline; email booking and payment all together by Dec 24th Sat 20:00.
  • Payment: Please pay from the Paypal link below.
    Part 1 – Early bird offer 25 pounds – from the Paypal link here.
  • Part 2 – please pay from the Paypal link below – 111 pounds and email us the info below
  • Important – Please email us below by email for Part 2.
    • 1) Your full name, birthday, your country and city where you will be at.
    • 2) Your wishes – please make it within 2-5 sentences, not too long. We will communicate it to him for you.

Client’s feedback
” Your remote sessions are very powerful and I have booked this one too.”
(British female, 40s, London, 2018 Dec)

Please note 
– Once you make a payment, it is not refundable.
– You can give it to someone as a present with advance permission from the receiver.
– Please avoid driving a car or using a heavy dangerous machinery. You can do anything during the session. Just intend to receive it. The best way is to sit somewhere quietly, meditate or stay somewhere indoor, not in public space

★ NEW – 7 Sense Development Session & Class in one 

★7 Sense Development Session & Class in one 

We humans are born with a built-in psychic feeling, but 99% of people forget it the moment they are born, and most of the time they end their lives relying only on human senses. Don’t you think it’s such a waste without knowing your other amazing side? The invisible world is 99% and the physical reality is only 1%.

We have an inherent ‘seventh sense’, and by utilizing this sense, it becomes easier for us to live a life full of love and joy and fulfilling the purpose of life. However, because we have already forgotten this sense and we are not aware of it, we become confused, get lost at the crossroads of our lives, we make choices that are far from our divine essence and run into troubles.

It’s fine to experience troubles and issues which is part of a life experience, but you also need to activate and empower your positive aspect to live a life with joy and happiness.

Life is a balance but if the balance is lacking, how is your life looking like?

For more information, please click here.

★Dreams come true – First Black (Ghanian-British) Tailor in the UK, Ozwald Boateng

Ozwald Boateng, the man behind the brand – YouTube

While I was researching related to obesity and the poverty in the most deprived area in the UK and at the same time watching Brian Cox’s TV programme on money tonight, this Ghanian-British shop came up, Ozwald Boateng on the luxurious street in London Mayfair.

Brian Cox was born in a poor family and in the poor area, and this guy was not born rich either but both of them have made their dreams come true in a massive scale using and developing their talents with passion.

I was reading about the poor health conditions in the most deprived area and it was refreshing, I thought about such a contrast in life.

Some achieving dreams irrespective of their undesirable circumstances and social disadvantages, and others cannot get out of alcohol and drugs, misery or poverty.

What makes a difference?

Ozwald Boateng, the man behind the brand – YouTube

★ Limited Offers in Pluto Month – Transformation in Energetic Mind, Body and Psychology


How have you been?

Pluto’s energy is very strong in this month related to destroying old patterns and energies and rebirth.

Since a face-to-face session is available at the moment, some people received the Egyptian Goddess Isis Energy session to release old energies and rebuild wealth and happiness patterns. Usually, the standard Isis session finishes here but energy and messages from the Hierarchy of Light and the Galactic Federation came down as well for one client as they wanted to enhance the energy further for this client to realign with them (this is something extra).

This is a typical example of energetic work. Energy is energy and we need to feel the energy rather than thinking and defining in our head what the energy is about.

Since there was a massive energetic shift that started happening in Sep and we are in Pluto month, it is recommended in Nov., to
– Release old patterns,
– Destroy/transform them and
– Move onto the next stage of your life by acquiring new energy in Nov.

We support you with the energy of transformation in the energetic mind, body, and psychology.

If your energy is changed, your reality is changed.
If you are not aligned with yourself on various levels, your reality would not be changed.
If your energy is changed, your life is changed.

Shape your energy and your mind, shape your life in Nov.

Our special offer for you.
Since Pluto energy is available, you can utilize our offer and transform your life.
For further details, please see below.

Offer till the end of Nov.
– Please choose one menu out of the special following offers.
– It is valid till the end of Nov. to receive a session. If you want to have two sessions, please leave at least 5-7 days in between sessions.
-The available number of sessions is limited. Once they are all booked, the fee goes up accordingly.

Online session: Wed 11 am- 20:00

– One person can use one offer.

– Please choose one offer from the following menu. Details of the session can be read from each link of each session.
– Some offers include two sessions.

Type 1 – Online Offer at £70 (Within 72h, by Paypal, £75)(Standard fee £100)
– Spiritual/Psychic consultation 50min

Type 2 – Online Offer at £260 (Within 72h, by Paypal, £270)(Standard fee £310)
– Spiritual/Psychic consultation 50min
Spark of Life 80 min to activate your energetic DNA from the Spirit realm.

Type 3  – Online Offer at £260 (Within 72h, by Paypal, £270)(Standard fee £310)
– Spiritual/Psychic consultation 50min
– Quantum Psychosomatic emotional and energetic detox  80 min

Type 4 – Online Offer at £290 (Within 72h, by Paypal, £300) (Standard fee £380)
– Spiritual/Psychic consultation 50min
– Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation 110 min to open up your gift and power.

Terms and conditions

  • A 50% fee will be charged within 72h of your appointment and a 100% fee within 24 hours. Please email us to notify us.
  • The above fee is for a bank transfer fee. If it is within 72h, please pay by Paypal with an additional Paypal charge.
  • If you change a schedule more than once, an additional £10 fee per change will be charged.

Please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.