CBH & Hypno

There are various hypnotherapies for you to receive.

Hypnosis is a proven intervention to work on your subconscious mind and subconscious patterns to make a change and get rid of unwanted memories, thoughts and emotions.

Whether you believe or not, there are intangible beings such as angels, demons, ET, earth-bounds, etc.  We highly recommend you to release all these attachments first and book a Quantum Block release private session 2-3 times in prior hypnosis sessions as they can be part of the cause of your issues. If not, it is fine you can book any hypno session.

Please choose from the menu below.

– Cognitive Behaviour Hypnosis  – Combination of CBH approach, EMDR and NLP.
– Spirit Release Hypnotherapy – if you are aware you are already attached and have a symptom.
Past Life Hypnotherapy with Karma Release & Realignment
Other Hypnotherapy – about 30 of them. – These can be approached with CBH intervention.