Class 3 – Be YOU with the Higherself Connection – Learning Self-Guided Meditation For Your Life Creation and Psychic Development

  • Assessment will be conducted first

Many people are asking us questions of how to connect with the higher light-beings as they want to become connected with them such as higherself, angels, ascended masters, Asthar and Higher-beings.

They are out there but their energy and vibration is higher than ours. If you don’t clear your own negative emotions and energies, attachments, and heal your wounds, your connection would be most likely with none-light-beings, the dark-beings and so called “shape-shifters” as pretenders. I saw so many cases where many people become connected with non light-beings, and their energy or sometimes their lives are messed up.

This class offers you three important key learnings; how to clear your energy field and expel non-light-beings, align with your divine yourself as being you, and how to become connected with the most important light-beings for you, your Higherself, safely and properly.

She/he stays with you all the time and manages so much stuff for you. You will learn some energy work.

In any energy work,

there is no short cut.

In order to have a higher light-beings’ guidance and connection safely and properly, you need to learn how to discipline yourself and clear your own energy field first and for most as a preparation step by step. You need to reach to the certain vibration without a huge ego, dishonesty, lies, arrogance, competitiveness, rudeness, judgements, manipulation and a sense of taking care of other people beyond your self- centeredness and desires to seek for a short-term gratification without a mental disorder, substance use and alcohol addiction.

We help you to transform your vibration and build up your energy step by step.

This level 2 helps you to build up your energy step by step and become connected with your higherself, not being disguised by other shape-shifters, and receive guidance and support from the light. If you want to develop your psychic senses, this is the first gate-way for you to become connected with the higher dimension in a very safe manner.

This course is designed to heal your wounds and develop your vibration, and raise your awareness. Higherself connection helps you to guide you, heal you and live as who you are.

Our school method requires a proper meditation to clear and manage your energy with a regular meditation practice as the essential daily practice. If you are interested in signing up this class, please sign up from the class 1 level 1.

If you are interested in becoming a psychic or a channeller, this training class helps you. School offers the psychic development course and the channeling basic workshop.

If you are a psychic healer or a psychic
– Many people believe that they are connecting with the light-beings, but I saw even some professional tarot readers/psychics were not connecting with angels, but with ghosts in the past, sometimes with dark-beings.
– Since meditation makes your energy field open and you can absorb anything if you don’t properly protect you and your space.
– Even if it is not dark-being, your psychic sense would not be sharp if you have emotional wounds, ego, arrogance, dishonety, criticism, addictions, , judgements, etc.
– Once your energy field is contaminated, it is difficult to clear your energy easily. So it is rather better for you to protect your energy as your own prevention and maintain your energy.

Aim of this training Class is
– Learn how to manage your energy
– clear your energy daily as a self-maintenance as a next step with a new skill which is also used for the energy clearing procedure.
– be at the centre of your being at all times
– create a firm and strong energetic foundation for you not to get swayed even under the crisis.
– receive guidance and manifest your wishes and dreams into reality
– make sound judgments
– have peace of mind, and to be less influenced by external forces and events
– maintain your energetic health and then improve your physical and mental conditions
– not be attached by undesirable entities
– not be intruded upon by others, thereby draining your energy.
– Proper and safe psychic development gateway

Outline of the Class – 2 stages

Part 1

  • Who is Your Higherself
    • Understand the concept of the Higherself and its function, metaphysically.
  • Space Protection
    • You need to properly protect your space before you become connected with the higher-self. Then you will learn the basic space protection and how to clear the space energy.
  • Hands on practice – How to balance your energy and prepare to accommodate your higherself.
  • Hands on protection practice 2 – Applied protectionon yourself with variations
    • it is essential to know various methods to protect yourself in order for you to deal with different energies and situation.
    • Especially, how not to be affected by others, negativity and dark-beings
    • You need to learn the class 1 level 1 for the basic protection first.
  • Understand Your Own Energyand Hands-on Sense Developments
    • You need to understand your own energy first.
    • Understand the subtle energy via 5 senses.
    • Practice sharpening up your 5 sensors.
  • Specific Clearing & Repairing from your energy field.
    • to become connected with the Higherself safely, you need to expel all the non-light-beings around you. You will learn the basic clearing from your energy body.
  • Assignment to clear your energy to prepare for the part 2 to become connected with the higherself.
  • Part 2
    • Who is Your Higherself
      • Clear your mind as a regular practice.
      • How to become connected with your Higherself.
      • Discern the energy and assure the higherself connection
      • Practice connecting with your Highself
      • strengthen its connection and further practice
    • How to be yourself – remove noise mentally and emotionally.
    • Receive Guidance from Your Higherself.
      • Practice receiving guidance from your higherself.
    • Practice to communicate with your Higherself, and receive support to manifest your wishes and change your reality.

Part 3 – Follow up and practice session.

Time& Day:
– Private session only:
You can book anytime at your preferred time. Please contact us with 2-3 preferred time and dates.

By Skype: 75 min monthly session x 3 times at £390 by UK bank transfer (£410  by Paypal Online Payment within 72 hours).
By Face to face session – 75 min monthly session x 3 times at £510 by bank transfer (By Paypal, £530).

Follow-up session
– If you would like to have more follow-up sessions to ask questions, It is 50-60 min at 80 pounds by Skype (by Paypal, 90 pounds).

Please prepare
– a pen and paper to write down the contents.

Pre-requisites for this Class
- In order to become connected it is important for you to release negative emotions, mind patterns, spirit attachments and awaken your divine essence by the DNA Activation and our Mystery school healing’s modalities. If there is a huge ego and judgmental mind within you, it becomes an obstacle for you to become well connected with the higher dimension and cannot receive divine guidance accurately. Therefore, these pre-requisites are the foundation for you to prepare your energy.

– 26 DNA Activation / 40 DNA Activation
– Class 1 – Protection and Energy Management, with assignment submission.
– Regular Clearing Meditation and protection – minimum 120 times x 15 min after the class 1 assignment submission.
– Quantum Psychosomatic emotional detox session 1-3/4
– Spark of Life remote session
– Class 2 Level 1 – assignment submission
–  Mind Revolution course – assignment submission
– Class 2 Level 2 – assignment submission
– Healer & Psychic Training Level 3  Lecture 1 – 3 (minimum)
– Deep Healing 1-3
– Desirably, Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar
– Depends, but Sanatokumara Exorcism course

– Please book in advance with payment.  
– Cancellation & rescheduling policy:
—- 50% fee for cancellation within 48 hours of the appointment. Within 24 hours, 100% fee will be charged including re-scheduling the class.
– Please contact us by email as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule.