★7th Sense Galactic Portal Activation & Development Session and Class (Class1 ‐ Level 2a)

★7th Sense Galactic Portal Activation & Development Session & Class (Class1 ‐ Level 2a) in one 
We humans are born with a built-in psychic feeling, but 99% of people forget it the moment they are born, and most of the time they end their lives relying only on human senses. Don’t you think it’s such a waste without knowing your other amazing side? The invisible world is 99% and the physical reality is only 1%.

We have an inherent ‘seventh sense’, and by utilizing this sense, it becomes easier for us to live a life full of love and joy and fulfilling the purpose of life. However, because we have already forgotten this sense and we are not aware of it, we become confused, get lost at the crossroads of our lives, we make choices that are far from our divine essence and run into troubles.

It’s fine to experience troubles and issues which is part of a life experience, but you also need to activate and empower your positive aspect to live a life with joy and happiness. Life is a balance but if the balance is lacking, how is your life looking like?

This session is for those who have previously received our DNA activation and Class 1 level 1 (energy management and protection) to develop not only the five senses but also the seven senses. The session also includes the energy work which opens your (7th) gateway to develop the seven senses.

This energy session is a special work using Kei’s unique gift as a gate keeper of the  Zephyrus group (Air elemental Group) working together with her dimensional twin and no one can copy this work.

This is open to everyone. If you are starseed, psychic, healer, HSP or starseed, it is highly recommended to receive.


  • A quick review of Class 1 Level 1 (Purification & Protection) – Please review the meditation method at home first and bring the materials. If you have lost the materials, please let us know.
  • 7th Sense Galactic Portal Activation & Development – > it is an energetic and Galactic portal activation you will receive by Kei.
  • Open and develop your 5 senses – energy work included
  • Open your develop your 6 senses
  • Learn how to develop YOUR 6 senses and 7th sense 
  • Practice
  • There will be assignments. Those who have submitted their assignments and are energetically prepared can take Class 1 Level 3 after an assessment.

– These sessions will prepare your energy for this session.
 Class 1 level1 – energy management and protection (Online or face to face).
- 26DNA Activation (face to face only) or Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation (Online of Face to face)– we recommend the Amaterasu DNA activation as the latest version.

After the session
– If you would like to develop your senses further more precisely and enhance your psychic and intuitive sensors, psychic development course is recommended.

- 110 minutes  
- Online – £240 by UK bank transfer (By Paypal £250)
- Face to face – £290 by UK bank transfer (By Paypal £300)

Terms and Conditions
– Advance booking and payment are required.
– Face to face session – Corona prevention care is required. Please read the What’s on Page for further information when you book.
– We are not a doctor and a psychiatrist. If you have any severe psychological issues, personality disorder and physical illnesses, please continue to see your GP or consultants. We will work from the energetic aspect combinations of different modalities.
– There is an individual difference on how you feel and what you sense during and after a session.

Cancelation and rescheduling Policy:
– Within 48 hours of your appointment date there is a 50% cancellation charge, within 24 hours there is a 100% cancellation charge. Please email and notify us as soon as possible when you need to make a change. (Farringdon is from 8 days before if it is after 4pm on weekdays).
– Please arrive on time, 5 min before. If you are late, you will waste your session time as the session will be conducted as scheduled.
– We recommend you to travel with plenty of time as you know how dysfunctional the public transportation can be in London.