Online session (By Phone or Skype)
* First time session includes 20 min Induction session.
- First time:80min @ £99-> £70, 110min @ £139 ->£110  for now
- After:        55min @ £80,   85min @ £120
- 5 session course: :60min x  5 session @ £400 / 90min x 5 sessions @ £600

Face to Face session
* First time session includes 20 min Induction session – by bank transfer
- First time:80min @ £130, 110min @ £170 (after 15:00. it will be plus £10).
- After:        50min @ £100, 80min @ £160  (after 15:00. it will be plus £10).
- 5 session course: :50min x  5 session @ £475 / 80min x 5 sessions @ £770 (after 15:00. it will be plus £ 50).

* Payment is by bank transfer.
* Paypal payment is also accepted with +4.5% Paypal charge.
-You can combine the coaching course with NLP or the Mind Revolution

For the Coaching Course, you will also receive below as the info package
– 20min intake session prior to the coaching sessions by phone
– Coaching Course Agreement Form
– Goal worksheet
– Historical Personal record Sheet
– Profile form
– Coaching record sheet for you to keep a record.

When you hear the word ‘Coaching’, what comes up in your mind? You may think about a football coach or tennis coach. These are one of the coaching styles in the sports field. Coaching identifies current issues, is future-focused, and enables individuals or organizations to move forward and support them to achieve their goals.

With the support of an experienced coach, you will be able to explorer
– what your current situations,
– where there are limited beliefs located, and
– what options are available in your current life and in the future.
– redirect your focus on achieving goals and take action.

You will be supported to unlock your potential, clarify where you want to head to, and take actions to achieve your goals.

If you wonder if you have a limited belief, here is an example.
– I’m not good enough.
– I’m useless.
– I have no value.
– I cannot do xxx as I’m not talented / not good-looking.
– No one wants me.
– People don’t like me.
– I have no power to change xxx / my life/relationship.

Coaching can support any issues as below, but not limited to;
– I want to become more confident.
– I want to clarify what I really want to do as I’m confused, lost.
– I want to have more financial gain / higher income.
– I want to change job but am not sure what is good for me.
– I want to progress in my career but cannot negotiate more salary.
– I want to get healed and have a better relationship/marriage.
– I want to meet someone as an ideal life partner.
– I want to lose weight and become fit.
– I want to work on my alcohol/drug/smoking/sex/shopping addiction
– I want to become a holistic therapist/artist/musician but don’t know what to do.

What is the difference between Coaching and Healing/Psychic Reading?
Healing and psychic reading are working together with the Higher Dimension. Based on their guidance, healing and psychic reading are conducted and you receive messages for you to decide what you want to do. Therefore, a healing or psychic reading session is not necessarily focusing on entirely exploring what’s within you, but focuses on healing your energy bodies and heart by the Higher dimension, and you receive divine guidance for you to make a choice in life.

Whilst coaching entirely focuses on you.
It does not matter who says what to you but you will be supported to the explorer within you, release blockages emotionally and mentally called “Limited beliefs” if there are, and explore what YOU really want to do to achieve goals. If needed, in order to shift your mental and emotional patterns, NLP and deeper psychological work will be used accordingly to release blocks within you to move on further.

Hence, we don’t give you any suggestions and advice at a Coaching session, as it can waste your time to explore and find out WHO YOU Really are and What you really want. Our coaching offers triggers for you to shift and unlocks the power within you to manifest what you want in life. You are the Creator of your own life and you will be supported entirely during a session to reveal your Creation.

What is intuitive Coaching?
Since your coach is a psychic practitioner, Kei is connected with the higher dimension and asks you questions intuitively for you to realize options, see situations from different views, align what you want with what your soul plan is, even though she would not give you any guidance, suggestions, and advice. In this way, you will awaken your power without being told “to do something”, come up with your own ideas, test them, adjust your ideas and behaviours, and create a healthy functioning lifestyle for you. 

Who is Your Coach?
Your coach, Kei, has rich experiences in life. She worked for well-known global and international companies for a total of 15 years in the finance, banking, production and marketing sectors as a professional marketer. Since she started a major career shift in 2005, she has over 15 years of experience as a holistic therapist and teacher in healing, channelling and metaphysical matters, and as a coach to shift people’s life.

She also has had various mentors and coaches internationally for her growth and learned a lot about how to coach and mentor people over 20 years. She supports your psychology at conscious and unconscious levels during your coaching session for you to achieve your goals. She is passionate about awakening people’s true gifts and power along with their divine purpose in life.

You can have a one-off coaching session however, we recommend you to attend a regular private coaching course over 5-8 times to build the energy, transform your psychology and shift your mental patterns, and produce results.

Coaching Session Outline – Sample
– Grasp the reality in the current situation.
– Explorer your “Inner world”, your “map of the world”
– Psychological work to shift your patterns
– Identify ways to resolve issues and/or achieve goals.
– Come up with your own ideas to move forward.

* Approaches of Coaching vary so your session is a tailor-made session.
*   If you have heavy emotional issues, it is highly recommended to receive NLP sessions combinations with the energy and psychological work such as Quantum Psychosomatic Emotional Detox Session. 


Please read in the prior booking.
– You can book a session or a course anytime.
– Sessions don’t include psychic reading and channeling, though your coach asks you intuitive coaching questions. This approach supports you to build your system based on what you want to do and what you value. Even if the outcome is not what you want after you execute your plans, you will learn from that and can make adjustments from your learning. If you want to have guidance and psychic reading, please book a psychic consultation.
– If you booked a face-to-face session, please come to the venue and wait in the lobby 5 min before. If you are late, your session will become shorter.
– Our coaching session goes deeper psychologically and emotionally, please choose a place and time for you to keep your privacy for your skype or phone session.
–  Please choose a place for you to have a stable reception/connection.

Session cancellation and change:
— Within 48 hours of your booking cancellation and changes, 50%, within 24hours, 100% will be charged. Please notify us by email.

Course payment and cancellation:
— Please make a payment in advance by one payment or two.
— Cancelation and change request within 3 days of your course start, it will charge £100.Once course starts, there will be no refund.
— Each date of your session in the course can be scheduled. Once we set a date and if you request to change the date or chancel it within 48h £40、within 24h £60 will be charged.

-” The session allowed me to gain clarity and insight into my situation. It gave me a direct pathway of awareness into what actions I needed to make. It also has motivated me and given me the structure and action plan.
(English male, Consultant, 20s, London, Jan 2018)

-” I couldn’t continue what I decide to do for my target. However, I feel I will be able to do this time. Thank you very much.”

(Japanese female, mother, 40s, London, Jan 2018)

- ”The coaching session allowed me to get rooted in my belief/reality surrounding my goals. It showed me where I need to prioritise my life. It also gave me confidence and self-actualisation into the building and creating my life forwards for the new year of 2018.
(English male, Consultant, 20s, London, Dec 2017)

“I had a very thought-provoking session with Kei and have come out part of my plan” that I agreed with her. I found Kei’s listening and questioning skills reflected back what I had said very effectively.” (English female, Corporate Trainer, 30s, London, April 2016)

 ”I am writing to thank you for the lovely experience of this afternoon. It was absolutely my first coaching session and I find it very useful. Still now, after a few hours I am thinking of the next steps and the practical actions that I decide to realise for achieving my short-term goals. I feel excited to start soon.”
(Italian female, law, April 2016)

”It was really an enjoyable coaching session with you. You are so organized and I liked you helped me finding answers smoothly and completed action plans.I will definitely make time for the next session”
(Romanian male, 20s, Real estate, April 2016)

“This was my first coaching session and I would like to have another one. The session aimed to clarify what I wanted and reach goals. It was good Kei helped me explore options and make plans to achieve my goals step by step. It was efficient and organized. ”
French male, massage therapist and Reiki healer, 20s, London, Apr 2016)

”Kei asked me many questions and I really deeply explored within myself. I liked the fact that she is also a holistic therapist as I felt so supported and comfortable. I found out what I really need to do to enhance my career. I need to learn deeper and do more self-development. I want to have another coaching session. “
(European female in her 30s, Feb 2015)

 Coaching Course
”I feel highly motivated with more clear ideas on the further steps. With the help of Kei, I was able to make a plan of strategies based on my real potentialities” (Italian female, lawyer, 30s, London, July 2016)

“Thought-provoking, but in a structured concise manner. Enabled me to think of various options on how to achieve my goals. Overall, nice, relaxed and useful coaching session.”
(Australian male, 30s,  project manager, London June 2016)

“I didn’t know anything about coaching but after I started sessions, I started to do things at a higher speed. I found Kei to be friendly, trustworthy, helpful and sincere. I have no hesitation in recommending her. ”
(Romanian male, 20s, Real estate, July 2016)

“During a coaching session, I realized that if I am not going to finish my NLP and coaching training in London, then it will probably never happen. After the session, I felt a lot more motivated to actually finish my studies. Kei was great as always.”
(Romanian male, 20s, IT software consultant, July 2016)

“Coaching session was really helpful and we concentrated the discussion on the importance of communication, the importance of investing time, and also the importance of being present. ”
(Italian female, Corporate, manager, 30s, London Jun 2016)

“I was unsure about being coached as I have always been good at achieving my goals and wasn’t sure I needed any ‘help’. However, I found the sessions more useful than I had anticipated. Kei was really good at keeping us on track and helping me explore alternatives to those I had already thought up. She used very thoughtful and thought-provoking questions which often sent me down a different thought path than I would have managed on my own. Kei was also very encouraging and helped build my confidence in my ability to see through the plans I had made. She is a very friendly and caring individual and this helped me to follow through on my commitments as I didn’t want her to be disappointed in me!”
(English female, 50s, finance, Greater London, 2016 July)