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How are you?

There are many coaching and mentoring courses out there. Question is even if your passion and action plans are set, will it work if it is not following the Principle of the Universe, non-religious Kabalah wisdom?

For example, about the money.. 
You had a coaching session and set your goals to earn 100k with action plans. It may work and it may not work to earn 100k. Money is not only money, and it is pure energy. If you don’t know the universal rules on money, basic universal principles, money may not flow into your bank account.

If you were a football player and wanted to win a football game, you would need to learn the football rules and also develop your skills to win a game.

Same is applied to your life.

Karmic Debt..
The other day I briefly saw a guy coming in a seminar, who didn’t pay me back the money couple of years ago.  I had completely forgot about him and this by then but memory just came back in my mind, how upset I was at that time.

Do you owe money to someone? If that is the case, whatever your reasons and feeling are, it is better to pay back the money and clear your ‘financial debt’ and also ‘’ Karmic debt” you are creating. If you have hard time making money, owing/stealing/cheating/taking money you did in the past, can be one of the reasons your money flow is bad.

This is just one example of learning the Principle of the Universe.

Without learning the universal principle, you may psychologically resist if someone is telling you off to do something like you have to pay back the debt, and you may not grow spiritually and consciously.

We have our unique system where you can learn the universal principles through our mentoring sessions. This will help you through your life that you can make a better judgement and decisions for your better life. Kei has been learning the Universal principle over 35 years and apply them to her life for better constantly, and also helping out clients based on the Universal Principle.

Along with a mentoring session, coaching session is also available for you to achieve your goals.

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