Cognitive Behaviour Hypnosis (CBH)

What is Cognitive Behaviour Hypnosis?  -> Hypnosis is integrated into CBT

Receiving only a conventional CBT session, there is a limit to its effect as it does not work on the energetic aspect of you and your subconscious mind, past painful memories including past life, as it mainly works on your mental and behavioural aspect based on what you share and think and a conventional CBT practitioner can only analyse your psychology based on what you share.

It’s good to have an analysis from someone professional, but our mind and brain can recognize only 5% of the entire consciousness. It is merely the tip of the iceberg. The subconscious mind is said 95% of the entire consciousness. If the client is not aware of his/her subconscious patterns, auto-pilot and automatic negative thought, or does not want to accept/avoid “a harsh unwanted reality” and his/her own weakness and not-recognized patterns and ‘illogical’ beliefs, the client would be struggling with getting over their challenges and issues. This is why a conventional CBT is said effective only about 50%, especially if your conditions are severe such as addiction, severe obesity, suicide, self-harm, chronic depression, eating disorder, OCD, substance addiction and more.  

In order to solve issues, it is vital to integrate and work on the subconscious aspects energetic aspects of you as you accumulate stress, trauma or painful thoughts, emotions, memories, and energies in your physical body and energetic bodies.

Therefore, after the psychological, emotional and behavioural analysis is made by CBT, it is recommended to add and receive an energetic session (Types 2-6). In this way, your transformation process is much quicker to reach your goal.

Psychological research has been made by Kirsch et al (1995) and it found that clients who received CBT AND Hypnosis showed 70% improvement over those who received only CBT.