Cord Cutting – Full/Max

Emotional Cord-Cutting in a Customized Healing – Full Cord Cutting (Skype, Remote, Face to face session)
* 3 important key points of this Cord Cutting Session –
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– Online Standard session – £210 (80 min) (£220 by Paypal 96h/4days before).
– Online Combination with Standard 28 DNA Activation – £280  (110 min) (£290 by Paypal, 96h/4days before).

– Face to face Standard session – £250 (80 min) (£260 by Paypal 96h/4days before).
– Face to face Combination with Standard 28 DNA Activation – £330  (110 min) (£340 by Paypal, 96h/4days before).


While you communicate with people, you automatically exchange energy with each other. Good energy connection and exchange are healthy, but bad energy connections drain your energy through energetic emotional cords. This treatment will eliminate negative emotional drain and multiple cords fully, by cutting psychic and emotional cords, and regain your power for you to use, not for others.

This session is highly recommended especially
– If you have finished a relationship,
– if you are bullied,
– If you become redundant
– If you want to move on in life, and more,

for you to regain peace of mind and energy.

Usually, most of the cord-cutting sessions by New-Age modalities, cut cords only one by one, not fully.  But our Mystery School’s ancient modality cuts multiple cords as many as possible at that time up to the maximum level, and lets go of whatever ready-to-go multiple cords by one session. This is based on our authentic Galactic energy and its mystery school lineage. This is our unique and effective cord-cutting session, and many clients shared their feedback with its fantastic effects.

This session is really popular and at a big exhibition, many people choose this session as it cuts so many cords at once. People tend to choose this session because
– they want to get divorced and move on.
– they want to get healed from a relationship breakup and troubles.
– they can regain power and feel lighter and clearer.
– they want to finish the past as the past, and more.

– Brief consultation: please bring any questions to the session, share your situation and distresses, and please do not send them by email in advance.
– Energetic assessment
– Cord Cutting – most likely you will be requested to be standing during a cord-cutting
– Healing to clear your energy and integrate. – on a chair or on a treatment table.
– If time allows, any other healing, energy integration, mindset transformation can happen. Taylor-made for you.
– Brief feedback.

Expected benefits:
– Helps you get over a relationship break up.
– Helps you unlock negative hooks from family members.
– Stops people draining your energy.
– Gives you a better chance for new relationships.
– Takes away some of the pain from the death of a loved one.
– Helps to make pregnancy loss easier to cope with.
–  Become lighter and more positive/happier.

Client Feedback

”I feel so much lighter as a whole and more positive and focused and my shoulder feels lighter too”.
(English male, 30s, business owner, London, 2021 Jan)

”I’ve actually met a lovely guy since our session.”
(English female, 30s, health, 2020 Aug)

“Thank you for today. I feel positive that this is helping”
(British female, 30s, London, Finance, 2018 June)

“Thank you, wow, powerful!. I don’t feel anger so much anymore and feel stronger (against bullies) ”
(British female, 30s, London, Corporate, 2018 June)

“Last year, I received a full cord-cutting session and it really shifted my situation. Even though it was a short session, it was so powerful”
(English female, 40s, London,  2018 May)

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