Corporate Hiring

Corporate hiring

For seminars and training for corporate or business functions, please contact us by email.

Many of our workshops are not only theory-driven/evidence-based with full of psychological elements, but also very much hands-on to practice transformational tools to transform your mind, behaviours and awareness for better quality of life/work. Our workshops are organized leveraging various methods integrated such as NLP, hypnosis, meditation, EMDR, CBT, psychological, energy transformation techniques and more.

For financial and NHS, any traditional organizations, we change our terminologies and speak only from the evidence-based approach. If your organization accepts spiritual matters, we will be fully incorporating spiritual elements and energy work.

If you or your employer is interested in, please contact us.

We can offer the following, but not limited to;

  • Rewire Your Brain Series Workshops (For example,)
    Under the current situation, it is more expected to manage our emotions, stress levels and behaviours by developing more person-centred approach and awareness with kindness and compassion to each other especially in very busy working environments.

    The following content is just for your reference to give you some ideas.

    The basic contents will be the same but the workshop flow will be customised depending on your participants’ needs and it will be very much hands-on practice and interactive during workshops to make a change, bring harmony, peace of mind and desired outcomes for your participants.
    • Series 1 – Emotional IQ & Mindfulness meditation introduction workshop
    • Series 2 – Stress Transformation workshop – Building up Your Resilience & Power
    • Series 3 – Bodywork – Learn how to release tensions from your back and neck – bodywork and light exercise. Self-care body workshop.
    • Series 4 – Understand and heal the relationship with yourself for your life transformation
    • Series 5&6 – Understand the influences you receive from parents to transform your identity
    • Series 7– How to reduce sugar cravings by understanding your psychology, your emotions and mental wounds

  • Emotional management and rapport making (with difficult people/clients/boss/colleagues)
  • Mechanism of bullying and ‘being bullied’, and action plans to have a fantastic life
  • Exercise event for stress combat, fitness and better health,

    and more.

Past seminars and workshops we offered

  • Mindfulness Meditation, Emotional Intelligence, and Stress Management Workshop at NHS in London (2019)
  • Detox Meditation and Voice-work for mental health at Day centre in London (2014)
  • and many other group seminars and workshops we hosted and provided to our clients. 

How to proceed
We will tailor-make and produce content and materials to meet your needs based on the standardized contents.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about the standardized course contents (outline) and discuss your needs to book a workshop.

Once we agree to run a workshop, we will need the following Information from you in advance, for example

  • Who is the audience
  • Topic area
  • Series 1- 7: up to which series you would like to have?
  • Aim – education, hands-on practice to make changes, reduce stress/anger, etc.
  • Frequency of the workshop – e.g., Series 1 x 3 times for different audience.
  • Preferred times and dates
  • Length – Minimum from 2.5h. half a day, a whole day, hours, etc.
  • Participant info – number, gender, age, position, issues they have, what to achieve
  • Format – face-to-face, Zoom
  • Location – meeting room, studio, hospital setting, school, company, etc.  
  • Equipment on the site – PC screen, WIFI access, table, chairs, yoga mat availability for bodywork, music equipment, etc.
  • Any other information  

Please note –
Due to the volume of work, we need to know your interest in advance. It would be great if you could contact us soon and let us have enough time to prepare for your workshop (we need at least 7-14 working days excluding weekends to produce and prepare one workshop). The last-minute request may be accommodated but it will incur a surcharge