Counselling Training Class

Counselling Training Class – Foundation

This is part of the Reiki practitioner course level 2’s training. Before therapists start healing or actual holistic therapies, therapists need to have a consultation time to ask problems, symptoms, history, and give feedback before ending the session.

In order to have a smooth consultation or brief counselling session, therapists need to understand how to deal with clients, how to listen, and how to treat their issues suitably.

This class covers the basic counselling or consultation contents, so therapists start utilizing it for their practices.

If there are two persons attending together, paired-up practice will be integrated so, you need extra 30 mins time to end the class.

1.What is a counsellor?
2Definition of Counselling by UKCP
3Suitable place for a counselling
4. Counsellor’s role, counselling flow.
5. Counselling’s key points including how to deal with mental and physical illness.
6. Reading the Body Language / Reading non-verbal communication
7Personal Space
8.Others  –  tools, trouble shooting, etc.
9. paired-up
practice if there are two persons attending. 

Time and Date: please book within 1 month after the Reiki practitioner seminar level 2.

Fee: 110 min. 180 pounds by bank transfer, 190 pounds by Paypal.

Terms and Conditions
– Please arrive in time, 5 min before and wait in the reception area.
–  Cancelation and rescheduling charge: 50% charge within 48h of your appointment, 100% charge within 24h. Please contact us soon by email if you need to change or cancel.