Covid Healing

Too many ppl suffer from Covid /Long Covid. Have a look at this video. Ivermectin is effective against Covid-19, especially at the early stage. Texas has granted to use it as a medical treatment against Covid.


Covid-19 Contraction & Long Covid Healing Support

More than two years have passed since the pandemic began in the winter of 2020, and more and more people are suffering from Covid-19 infection and Long Covid. It is reported that the symptoms of Omicron are mild compared to Delta, but the symptoms of Long Covid are diverse. Since coronavirus originally develops symptoms of multiple dysfunctions (various symptoms and diseases occur), the following symptoms appear or sudden symptoms may appear repeatedly.

– Severe fatigue
– Loss of smell, with Abnormal smell
– Taste loss  with abnormal taste sensations
– Brain Fog
– Anxiety, feeling depressed
– Hear difficulties
– Shortness of breath, out of stamina
– Hair loss
– Lack of concentration
– Decreased appetite
– Reduced social and interaction with others
– Depression
– Vision loss, visual impairment, etc.

Whilst some people have these symptoms resolved at an early stage, more people have been suffering for 1-2 years. Research in the UK has reported that about half of people infected in the UK are suffering from Long Covid. A couple of doctors stated that once the sense of smell/taste is lost, it may not come back fully, and people often suffer from unexpected and distorted abnormally stinky smell and smell as time goes by. It causes loss of appetite and fewer social activities, which is a risk of depression and other mental illnesses.  

Because of this situation, we provide healing sessions to support corona’s recovery from sequelae.

Our Support to Long Covid and Covid contraction
As with any disease, psychosomatic disorders and physical symptoms are not just a matter of physical level. Since human beings are energetic beings, there are areas such as emotions, thoughts, and energy across quantum dimensions in addition to the body, and they affect each other. As a result, it affects the physical level and you get symptoms.

We have been treating various mental and physical illnesses with this approach and have had many successful cases to improve or cure their conditions, and we will apply the same principle, however, more specific for this.

Therefore, in this healing session, we will work on areas such as emotion, thought, and energy to support the improvement of symptoms. We offer an illness treatment with an approach from energy, emotions, thoughts, and psychology.

However, we do not perform medical practice, so please continue to consult with the hospital or GP for medical care.

One treatment case (online) – as a reference
In the session for those who lost their sense of smell and taste, the following session was offered (80 minutes). And after a week, the taste improved by about 40%, and the sense of smell improved by about 20%.

– Identifying the situation, environment, and psychological situation at a high-risk exposure situation
– Psychological work
– Past life energy work
– Covid related attachment release, clearing and purification
– Galactic healing, Usui Reiki
– Supported by the presence of galactic light, and more.

There is no fixed treatment method because there are individual differences. Sessions are all tailor-made.

Session Outline
As a standard flow, it follows the treatment policy below, but the treatment will change according to the needs of the individual. Please refer to this for reference.

– Identifying the situation, environment, and psychological situation during a high-risk exposure
– Spiritual counselling (Please note it is not a psychic reading)
– Guidance from heaven (if coming down)
– Advice on what you can do at the physical level
– Scanning and healing at an energy level
– Healing and energy work with the galactic and Reiki energies
– Exorcism and purification if Covid-related attachment is identified
– Pattern changes in emotions, thoughts, energy, etc. that may have caused corona infection in psychological work

Please contact us by e-mail with 2-3 preferred times and dates.

Fee – online session
– First session – OFFER 80 minutes £175 (By Paypal, £185)
– 2nd and subsequent 80 minutes sessions –  £210 (By Paypal, £220).

Please note
Preparation time is required – This session includes our preparation time to maximize the effect of the session for you. We will send you a questionnaire form in advance, and please fill in the form and send it back to us a minimum of 3 days before. In case you don’t want to fill out the form in advance which is fine, but we will ask you the questionnaire form’s questions so please book 110 min session @ £200 in that case as the first session.
– We need the actual energy session time, a minimum of 45-50 min. If you need a longer counselling time of more than 20 minutes, please add 30 min counselling time at +£40. 
– For this session, we need to have spiritual counselling to assess your conditions. If you need a psychic consultation or reading, please add 25-30 min psychic consultation at +£50.

★ Terms and Conditions – Please read them before booking.
We do not provide medical practice, so please consult a GP for medical care.

– Although this session offers support for your conditions, it does not guarantee a complete cure. Please note that there are individual differences in how you feel.
– Since we will prepare for a session, please contact us as much as possible 4-7 days in advance, not last minute. We will send you a simple questionnaire form in advance and please send it back at least 2 days before.
– Please be assured that your personal information will be kept confidential.

– Cancellation fee: 50% within 48 hours and 100% within 24 hours.

– Please have a pen and paper ready.

Client Feedback
‘80% of taste, 40-50% of smell is back! It’s no longer hard to hear, and my appetite is coming back. Strange tastes and smells are gradually disappearing. Thank you.’
(English male, 30s, consultant, London, April 2022)

’Been much better thanks, been practising (what you taught me to clear) each day since we spoke, and really committed to the healing.
(English male, 30s, business owner, London, April 2022)


Other resources for you


Many people in the UK don’t know but GP and private clinics can prescribe off-labeled Ivermectin medicine (for human use) which has been used to reduce drastically the Covid cases and death, i.e. by 90% in India, in many other overseas countries.

Source: Epidemiologic analyses on Ivermectin in COVID-19 | FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (


Even though all the restrictions have been ditched in the UK, it is not quite like this in other countries as the virus is still out there. It is best to take a precaution as much as possible regardless of the government policies to protect your health and your loved ones.
– People may think the current mutated viruses are not leading to ‘Endemic’ but the survey shows that about half of the people who got contracted have been suffering from Long-Covid.
– We suggest you consult your GP for mental and physical symptoms as we are not doctors.
– Especially regarding Ivermectin, please contact a GP first.

– It is your responsibility to how you utilize what you read and learn from the information posted here. We understand you agree on this and take responsibility fully.

Ivermectin reference

Since a lot of censorship is going on in the major media and social media, many of us in the UK and Japan don’t know what Ivermectin is about. I heard about it but I didn’t become convinced until June 2021, when I found what had happened in India and some of the testimonials coming from Japan by Ivermectin for Corona prevention and treatment.

If you want to know about Ivermectin further,
– Why the current vax is not enough
– Future vax and medicine options
– What scientists and doctors say
– Success cases abroad,
– Why it is an option for a Corona prevention and treatment, benefits, side effects, contraindications,
– How to get it from GP, private clinic, and more,
you can have a reference as a PDF version.

Offer For clients who had sessions with us, and if you can cooperate in the Covid research to answer Questionnaires, you can have this free of charge.

Format – PDF, 21 pages as of April 2022

Your privacy will be protected as anonymous to answer your questions.