★Dec 21st 2021 Winter Solstice – Heaven-On-Earth Air-Creation Transmission & Heavy Earth Energy Clearing

Dec 21st 2021 Winter Solstice – Heaven On Earth Energy Transmission with the Air Creative Energy and Karma Clearing.  

In Dec 2021, there is various major planetary movement happening in the sky. On this day, earth energy is quite strong to clear old patterns and manifest what you want.

On this special day, the veil between dimensions is thin, which will allow streams of high-frequency energies to come down for us. It is also a day to start a new season and new cycle. The Air Era started last year, the Air Mutation Era, which means we will have a total transition elemental-energy-wise, and we will transcend our consciousness and our view to the world and more.

It’s already happening more and more and anything becomes possible, and impossible becomes possible, and we are operating more and more from the collective consciousness and its support.

Aquarius-based Air era will propel us to shift our consciousness further and transform our consciousness. How?

  • We will shift our mindset and feel more comfortable with ‘intangible’ matters such as spiritual wisdom, metaphysical lifestyle, collective consciousness and such.
  • The shift from the material life such as seeking power, money and status, to your own uniqueness-driven lifestyle with quality of life and work-life balance.
  • Allow yourself to be unique you and you do not need to place a ‘fake’ mask anymore.
  • People will realize more and more the end of Capitalism, and allow them to live more in a comfortable life-style matching to their preferences and needs such as community-based living. ‘Bigger business, bigger fame, more power, more money, more luxurious possession’, will be fading-away as people will become more aware that the capitalism is not necessarily bringing true happiness and joy for them.
  • This is manifested people move away from the big city, but move to the countryside, closer to nature, live by the sea and such.  
  • It will promote further the Oneness consciousness and people will realize a joy of sharing and joy of creation from the higher consciousness.
  • Connection at the heart will be promoted further rather than the material connection of capitalism.

Therefore, this is another new cycle for all of us to move into a new life, new energy further.

In one word, the time has come for us to realize and manifest our own divinity as;

Heaven on Earth from your Micro Cosmos Level.

On a special day like this, Kei, as a gatekeeper of the archetype ‘Zephyrus’ group which is the Creative energy and Archetype of the Great Air, does support the ascension process and bring down the energy of the high energy and the God for each individual to awaken the divinity as she is part of the great universe creation working with him. You will receive the energy to align yourself with your own truth from the Air elemental and God, to create the Heaven on Earth Creation Energy for your Microcosmos creation with higher awareness, and awaken who you really are at a deeper level.

The following remote group sessions for this special time are arranged for you. Join us to awaken your divinity from the deeper level to fulfil your life purpose.

There are some options available, so you can choose what you would like to receive.

Important – On the date, what you need to be aware of…

  • Since it is a remote session, there will be no interaction. If you prefer, you can book an individual private session you like separately.
  • Please set the intention to release any old energies and receive the transmission
  • Stay somewhere quiet and intend to receive energy.
  • Please avoid driving a car, or using machinery during the session.
  • Meditation is the best but you can do anything you want.


Time and Date-Dec 21st 2021 UK time (Japan time is 9h ahead)

  • Due to the energetic harmony and transformation, you need to book step by step, i.e. event 1-3, event 1-5. You cannot book only event 3, 4 or 5 as a stand-alone session.
  • All of them are group session by non-live remote energetic transmission.
  • For event type 2-5, you will receive brief group feedback by email.
  • Anyone booking the event type 2-5, you will receive the type 1 for free.
  • Session 114:00 – 14:30 – Clearing the old energy and patterns of the Earth Era from you and your energy field.
    • Fee: free of charge for anyone as a Christmas present!
    • How to Attend
      • Booking: by email to us with your full name, city, country and your birthday info all together.
      • Your privacy will be protected and it will not sold or given to any third party.
    • There will be no email feedback or QA sessions so we will not answer any personal questions and queries on this.
    • Enjoy the transmission on the day.

  • Session 2)16:00 – 16:50 – Winter Solstice Energy & Air Creative Energy Transmission
    • At 15:39  the Winter Solstice will be happening. You will receive the winter solstice energy and the Air energy transmission with from the Zephyrs group and her energetic twin to clear your energy and manifest what you want.
    • What you will receive is higher consciousness, Oneness shift, awaken your divinity, unlock the key to be unique and divine you, greater collective consciousness, creativity, great intelligence, and more to create your new life and perform your life purpose, and more. Set your intention to receive it.
    • Fee: £80 Early Bird Offer (Full price £130)
    • How to Attend
      • Please pay from the Paypal link below.
      • Email us with your full name, city, country and your birthday info all together.
  • Session 3 – 17:00 – 17:50 – Air Era’s High Vibration Energy Transmission and Your Energetic Body Adjustment and Fine-Tuning
    • After you receive the transmission from the opened portal, what you will receive is to clear some stuck energies, adjust your energetic bodies for your chakras and you to be able to integrate the energy better to accelerate its transformation.
    • Fee: £90 Early Bird Offer (Full price £130)
    • How to Attend
      • Please pay from the Paypal link below.
      • Email us with your full name, city, country and your birthday info all together.
  • Session 4 – 18:00 – 18:30  God energy transmission to create Heaven on Earth Micro Cosmos
    • The Zephyrs group will be there to hold and protect the space, and you will receive the energetic transmission from God.
    • Every one of us is on the divine path and we need to awaken our divinity from the deeper level, truly align it with your conscious mind.  
    • You will be supported to receive the divine transmission to awaken who you are and create the Heaven on Earth Shamballa energy.
    • Please note – this is nothing related to any religious groups.
    • Fee: £70 Early Bird Offer (Full price £200)
    • How to Attend
      • Please pay from the Paypal link below.
      • Email us with your full name, city, country and your birthday info all together.
  • Session 5 – 19:30 – 20:30 Karma clearing
    – This may be conducted video Zoom online as a group session if you would like to attend. Otherwise, you can receive it as a remote session. It will be decided on the day. If it is done by video Zoom, there will be group feedback for Zoom video participants.

Release the massive karmic debt from the end of the Earth Era Planetary Karmic.
– We were in the Earth era for a long time and anything tangible has been regarded better than anything intangible. For example, many people believe surgery can cure cancer, medication can cure mental illness, a 4-carat diamond ring is better than a true love as a present, million dollars can make them happy, CEO status and its power are a representation of the person, etc.  These are related to karmas of massive desires, greed and attachments to power, money, sex, fame, security, etc., if it is excessive. 

We would be able to shift gradually from now getting into the Air Era, however, if you are attached and desire strongly the material matters such as power, money, sex, and luxurious lifestyle, your brain energy has been and will be eaten by the shadow aspect of the Earth Era continuously.

If you do not let go of the old Earth Era energy, it is difficult for you to get out of the old karmic patterns and not to move forward as you keep repeating the same old loop.

If you decide to set yourself free, you will become more open, receive new energy of high vibration, make a change in your mind patterns, and create a new life that is more aligned to your divine-Self.  Essentially, the frequency of the planet is expanding. Higher frequencies are coming down here more and more as part of the ascension time. If you stick to your old ways of living and lifestyle with its mental pattern, you are not flexible enough to get out of the old patterns, not adjusting your energy and mind to the new beginning, which means ultimately you are not living your divine life and cannot prosper with joy and happiness.

In this group session, we are releasing old energy of the earth, your old mental patterns, karma which are allowed to release, old energetic contracts, and more, and support you to have a smoother transition to the Air Era and fulfil your life purpose and mission.

  • Fee: £135 Early Bird Offer (Full price £350)
    • How to Attend
      • Please pay from the Paypal link below.
      • Email to us with your full name, city, country and your birthday info all together.
      • Email us together especially what kind of karma you want to release. We will speak with the Karmic council. It does not guarantee what you want to release will be released, but approved ones will be released.
      • You will receive a brief group feedback after the event.


Booking &Payment

  • Booking Deadline: Dec 21st 6 am UK time (Japan time 15:00)
  • Please note the fee is non-refundable.
  • UK bank transfer is accepted before Dec 19th’s payment (if you are an existing client and know the bank account info).
  • Payment by the Paypal link from the Online Payment page.
  • If you prefer, you can pay by bank transfer.

Type 1Free. Please email your information all together – address, birthday, name.
Type 2 – £80 Early Bird Offer (Full price £130)
Type 2&3 – £175 Early Bird Offer (Full price £260)
Type 2&3&4 – £260 Early Bird Offer (Full price £460) – by £200+ £55 combination.
Type 2&3&4&5 all – £395 Early Bird Offer (Full price £810) – by £300+ £90 combination.

Terms and Conditions

  • Unless we cancel the event, there will be no refund.
  • If you have any mental and physical illness, please consult your GP and take full responsibility for attending our events. We will not be responsible for your health and well-being.
  • After the event, you may feel tired, emotional or sleepy, so please drink plenty of water and rest well.
  • You will receive group feedback after the events for the event type 2-5.
  • Our intension and offer are genuine to generate the maximum effects for you, however, we don’t guarantee how you feel and what you want to generate as you wish. There is an individual difference in sensation and outcomes.  
  • It would be great to hear from you about how you felt after the sessions.

Clients’ Feedback from 2020.

”Thank you! The experience was more than I could have asked for and the result was quite unexpected. I was filled with warmth and surrounded by vibrant energy. This feeling remained after work. Doubts and self-negativity that I had been working on this year with the astral shift in mind, just vanished. I couldn’t get rid of it. Now it’s gone and literally, for the first time since I was a child, I feel like “me” as I knew I could and should be. Absolutely blown away. Thank you again.”
(American female, Japan, Dec 2020)

”My chest’s irritation was gone! Thank you!”
(Japanese female, 50s, London, Dec 2020).

”I felt very calm and relaxed all today after the remote sessions.”
(English male, 20s, London, Consultant, Dec 2020).

”Thanks very much for the sessions today and all of the feedback, it all resonates and is greatly appreciated and understood.”
(English male, 30s, London, business owner, Dec 2020).